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Unit 2This year we are training more carefully.学案

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Unit 2This year we are training more carefully.学


1. To skim the text on sports and understand its main idea

2. To learn some key words and useful expressions

3. To describe and games, using the comparative forms of adjectives and adverbs


Words: beat, careless, coach, against, train, practice, warm, usual, pleased, pass, pity, chance

Phrases: cheer sb. on warm up have a chance of… Patterns: What a pity!

It is difficult to…

We hope to…

…so that…


一、 课前读词

Read the new words

二、 课内探究:


教师问:Do you like watching the Olympics?How many Olympics champions(奥运冠军) do you know?(出示奥运冠军的图片) They trained very hard for the gold medal.Now let’s enjoy a piece of video to see how top football players train.


一层读:Read the passage and do the exercises:

1. I am going to school to __________.

A. study lessons B. have a party C. play football D. play


2. It is more difficult to practice in _______.

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

二层读:Read the passage and complete the table.

三层读:Read the text and complete the passage with the words in the box.

We all know (1)_______ makes perfect. But it is more difficult to practise in winter because the days are (2) ______ and it is cold. The term is training harder than (3) _____. Their (4) ______ is pleased with them. They are going to play (5) ______ a team from another school next week, and they have a good (6) ______ of winning.


1. I am in our school team and we are going to play against another school next week.


1) in our school team 在校队

2)against 为介词,表示“反对,与……对抗” 。例如:

①Germany are _______________ Brazil in the World Cup final tonight.


②They are strongly ________ the idea.


2. as…as sb can =as…as possible 尽可能。。。


We should speak English _______ much _______ __________.

==we should speak English _______ _______ _______ ________ _________.

3. so that 为了,以便。(表示目的)如:


He got up early _______ ________ he could catch the early bus. ②为了赢得比赛,他们认真训练。

They trained carefully ________ ________ they could win the match.


这两个词都有“获胜, 打败”的意思, 但其后宾语不同。beat是“打败, 优于”的意思, 后面接人或队。如:

We _________ them. 我们打败了他们。

win 指“赢, 获胜”, 后面接比赛、名次。如:

We ___________the match. 我们赢了这场比赛

He ___________ the first place. 他获得了第一名。


have a chance of doing sth. 表示“有做某事的机会” 。例如: You will _______________________________ the exams if you work harder.

如果你们再用功一点,通过考试的机会就更大一点。 5. That means we have a better chance of winning.

6. It is good to have our fans around. They cheer us on loudly and we feel more confident to win the game. 有我们的球迷在周围真好,因为他们为我们欢呼加油。

cheer sb. on 的意思是“为……欢呼加油” 。例如:

Peopie _________ their favourite singers _____.




1. We trained ___________ ( hard )this year than last year.

2. The team played __________ ( good ) on Saturday than on Tuesday.

3. They practised _________________ (careful) this year at the club than in the park.

4. Playing football is _______________ (exciting) than watching it.

5. Tennis is ________________ (expensive) than swimming.



1. Read and retell the text.

2. Write down the main phrases.

3. Preview Unit 3.

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