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(Units 6-9)


( )1. I think a parrot is a good pet for ______

eight-year-old child. A. a B. an C. The D. /

( )2.This T-shirt is too small. Could you pleas

give me _____ one?

A. other B. another C. the other D. else

( )3. Look! There is much ______ in the

classroom. Let’s clean it.

A. work B. Litter C. Freedom D. pollution ( )4. Some of the buildings in the town are

________ Russian style.

A. on B. with C. in D. to

( )5.--Lisa,I think we should make some

______ for the old man there. --OK. Please ask him to come here and take my seat(座位).

A. ground B. place C. seat D. room ( )6. He raised nine ______ dollars for the

charity to help the poor children. A.thousand of B.thousands of C.thousand D. thousands

( )7. Zhang Li is always the first ______ home.

A. get B. to get to C. leave D. to leave ( )8. --Which park would you like to visit,

People’s Park or West Hill Park? --____. I would like to visit Seaside Park. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. Both

( )9. --Your father is sleeping. Would you mind

turning down the TV? --______ . I’ll do it right away.

A. Not at all B. Of course C. No way D. Sounds good

( )10. My teacher ______ this morning

because I was late for class again. A. got tired B. got away C. got annoyed D. got excited

( )11.You can’t enter the reading room if you

don’t ________ your cigarette.


A. put on B. put away C. put out D. put off ( )12.You should speak to old people _______ .

A. polite B. impolite C. friendly D. politely ( )13. I’m waiting for my friend. If he _______,

I will go swimming alone. A. doesn’t come B. won’t come C. will come D. is coming

( )14. I also like swimming and diving ______


A. except B. besides C. but D. beside ( )15. -- ______ clever girl she is! -- So she is.

A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

( )16. I got a nice watch on my ______


A. nine B. nineteen C. ninth D. nineth ( )17. Our teacher always encourages us

______ as much knowledge as possible. A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learned ( )18.—I feel a bit hungry now.

—Why not ______ for dinner with us? A. go B. did you go C. to go D. do you go ( )19 China is a great country ________ a long


A. have B. has C. in D. with ( )20.—Is Mr. Smith still in Shanghai?

—Yes, he _____ there for two months. A. has been B. has gone C. has been to D. has gone to

( )21. —I’m sorry, Lucy. I ______ your

computer for such a long time. —Never mind.

A. have borrowed B. have lent C. have kept D. have returned ( )22. –Where’s your teacher? --He ______

the library.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in D. went

( )23. In the factory, _____ of the workers

____ women.

A. one third; is B. one thirds; is C. a third; are D. one three; are

( )24. China has the ____ population of the


A. larger B. most C. many D. largest ( )25. --I’ve been to the space museum.

--______ It’s really great.

A. Me neither. B. Me, too.

C. So I have. D. Neither I have. ( )26. -- _____ did you start skating?

--Five years ago.

A. When B. How long C. How often D. How soon

( )27. –Do you like our English teacher?

--Yes. ________ I learn from her, ________ I like her.

A. Longer; more B. The longer; the more C. The longer; more D. Longer; the more ( )28. There ______ a pair of sport shoes

under the bed.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

( )29. ______ is really hard for them _______

the mountain at night.

A. This, to climb B. It, climbing C. This, climbing D. It, to climb ( )30. -- Could you tell me _______?

-- Sorry, I can't

A. where does Holly live B. where Holly lives

C. where Holly lived D. where did Holly live 二.完形填空.(10分)

Last weekend, my four-year-old daughter, Tina, was invited to a children’s party. I decided her there by train. Tina was very because she had never traveled before. She sat next to the and asked questions about everything she saw.

Suddenly, a middle-aged lady the train and sat across from Tina. ―Hello,little girl,‖she said.Tina did not answer,but looked at her strangely. The lady was a blue coat and a large,funny hat.After the train left the station,the lady opened her handbag and her cosmetics(化妆品).She began to make up her face.“you doing that?”Tina asked.“Because I want to make myself more beautiful,”the lady answered.She put away her compact(小粉盒)and smiled kindly. “But you are ugly,”Tina said.Tina was amused. But I was very didn’t know what to say to


the lady.

( )31.A.to bring B.to take C.take D.bring ( )32. A.sad B.happy C.kind D.friendly ( )33. A.on a train B.in a car

C.on a boat D.on a bike

( )34. A.car B.bus C.bike D.window ( )35. A.got off B.put on C.got on D.got to ( )36. A.putting on B.wearing

C.putting up D.dressing ( )37. A.took out B.took away

C.asked for D.put on

( )38. A.What B.When C.Why D.Where ( )39. A.also B.so C.yet D.still

( )40.A.interested B.excited C.sorry D.happy 三.阅读理解(10分)

(一)My name is Alan. I live in Beijing. Now I am sitting at the window. I often sit here. I can look at the street. In Beijing the buses are blue. A bus is coming now.

There is a bus stop in front of our house. A lot of people are waiting for the bus. Look. An old woman is coming. She often misses the bus, because she never runs. Today she is lucky. The bus driver is waiting for her. ( )41.I often sit ________ .

A. at the door B. behind the window C. at my window D. near the table ( ) 42.There is a bus stop ________ .

A. under our house B. near our house C. in front of our house D. far away from my house

( ) 43.________ are waiting for the bus.

A. A few people B. A lot of people C. Old woman D. Young people

( )44.The old woman often misses the bus

because she _______ .

A. never runs B. doesn’t come C. can’t come D. runs quickly

( )45.The buses in Beijing are ____________. A. too big B. too small C. black D. blue (二)Every afternoon, hundreds of thousands of young people go to Internet cafes (网吧) to play computer games. They play Counter Strikes, Diablo, and others. These games can be fun and exciting, but it is bad when this pastime becomes

an addiction (瘾).

Computer games are often exciting and great, but students don’t learn as much from them as they would by simply reading a book. Spending too much time playing them can take away students’ study time. If young people spend too much time playing them, they will have little time to study. Besides, computer games can also be bad for young children, because many computer games are violent (暴力的) and the goals in most of them are to kill the other player(s). This does not send the right message to the children who need to be told that violence is not good. Young people may do the same in real life as they do in computer games. Of course, playing a computer games in spare time is not a bad thing. Games can be a great way to rest after studying. However, they should not become the focus of our life.

( )46.From the message we know that young people_____.

A. don’t like computer games at all B. like computer games best

C. like computer games very much D. are good at computer games ( )47.The writer doesn’t think _______.

A. students can learn as much from computer games as by reading books B. computer games are exciting

C. students can learn more by reading books than playing computer games D. games are necessary

( )48.What does the word ―focus‖ mean here? A. way B. center C. direction D. wish ( )49.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.Spending too much time playing computer games can influence students’ study.

B. Violent computer games can make young children follow them in real life.

C. Playing computer games in free time is a bad thing.

D.We should break the habit of playing computer games.

( )50.The best title for this passage is ________.

A. Don’t play computer games


B. Dangerous to play computer games C. How to play computer games D. Be away from computer games 四.用所给词的适当形式填空。(10分)

A: 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的单词填空:

Tim and Amy are cousins. They are are getting on 51)_________ with each other all the time. But one day, Amy 52)_________ his computer without permission (许可). This made Tim very 53)_________. He wanted to argue with her. But his mother stopped him. After several days, Amy 54)_________ the computer to him. And she said sorry to him. From then on, they become good friends again. And Amy becomes 55)_________ than before.

B: 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的单词,并用其适当形式填空:

Dear Mary,

Thank you for 56)__________ me to your birthday party. But I’m sorry I can’t go. Yesterday my grandma 57)__________ ill, and she was taken to the hospital. So I think I’ll have a busy weekend. On Sunday, I have to help my mother 58)__________ my sister, and on Sunday I 59)__________ a music lesson. I enjoy 60)__________ it. I hope you have a good time. 五.改写句子。(共10分, 每空0.5 分,) 61. I have already read this book.(否定句) I ________ ________ this book ________ . 62.He’s just returned from vacation.(一般问句) _______ he _______ from vacation _______? 63.I’提问)

________ ________ ________ you ________ at this school?

64. My home isn’t far from school. (同义句) My home is ________ ________ school.

65. I bought my computer three years ago.(同义) I ________ ________ my computer ________ three years.

66. I bought a computer for about 3 thousand

yuan last week. (同义句)

My new computer ________ ________ 3 thousand yuan last week.

67. Mary said to Ann,“Why do you want to do this?”. (改为间接引语)

Mary asked Ann __________ ___________ __________ to do that. 六.完成英语句子。(共15分,每空1 分) 68.我没能按时完成作业,因为我把时间都用完了。

I couldn’t finish my homework, because I ________ ________ ________ the time.

69. Would you mind ________ your voice ________ ? (压低声音).

70.The movie was too boring. I ______ ______ (睡着) half way through it.

71. I like ________ ________ friends (和?交朋友)the people who are like me. 72. 昆明一年到头都很温暖。

It is warm ________ ________ ________ in the city of Kunming.

73. 你听说过新加坡的“夜间动物园吗”?

________ you ________ ________ the ―Nigh Safari‖ from Singapore? 七.任务型阅读(共5分)

Jackie Chan is one of the most Chinese action stars now. However, he was not born rich and famous. In fact, his childhood was not easy at all. Jackie Chan was born on April 7th, 1954. At that time, ① They thought about ②________(sell) him for about $1,500. Of course they didn’t. In 1961, his parents sent him to a Chinese opera school. At the age of seven, Jackie began to learn Chinese opera dancing, singing, acrobatics(杂技) and kung fu. At the opera school, and he learned a lot there. Jackie still uses this training in his film today.

Jackie Chan uses a special mixture (混合) of action and comedy in his films. He first did it in Drunken Master (《醉拳》)in 1978. it was his first successful film. People loved his action comedies. Today his fans around the world know that they can trust Jackie to give them great



74. 根据①句,保持句意改写句子。

? his parents were ________ poor ________ ________ ________ him.

75. 在②用所给单词的适当形式填空。________ 76. 将划线部分③翻译成英语:

_________________________________________ 77.从文中找出能用well-known替代的词,并将其填写在横线上:_______________________ 78. 根据短文内容回答问题: What does Jackie Chan do?

_________________________________________ 八.书面表达。(共10分)根据所给图片写一篇80词左右的英语短文,要求完整叙述故事内容,可以适当想象。 提示词: a cigarette case 香烟盒 a garbage bin 垃圾箱

73 、 Have; heard of

七、任务型阅读 74、too to 75、selling 76、Jackie Chan had to work hard. 77、famous 78、He is an action star. 六、书面表达: (略)


51、well 52、took 53、annoyed

54、returned 55、politer

56、inviting 57、was 58、babysit

59、had 60、learning

五、 改写句子

61、haven’t read; yet

62、Has; returned; yet

63、How long have; worked

64、close to

65、have had; for

66、cost me

67、why she wanted


68、ran out of

69、keeping; down

70、fell asleep

71、making friends

72、all year round


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