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We use a recorder in our English class every day. A recorder is used in our English class by us every day.

We will cover the ground with trees in a few years’ time.
The ground will be covered with trees in a few years’ time.

被动语态的构成:be +done. 一般现在时 — am/is / are +done. 一般过去时— was/were +done. 情态动词— (must/can/could/may…+ be + done.) 一般将来时— will be+ done. 现在进行时— be(am、is、are)+being +done. 现在完成时— have/has +been+ done.

A camera is used for taking photos. The medical group was made up of seven doctors and nine nurses. Your homework must be done first. They will be sent to the hospital right now. The old buildings are being pulled down now.

The food has been eaten up already.

Turn the following sentences into the passive voice:

1. Many people speak English. English is spoken by many people. 2. He bought me a new bike yesterday. I was bought a new bike yesterday.

A new bike was bought for me yesterday.

Turn the following sentences into the passive voice:

3. The boss made him do the heavy work in the old days. He was made to do the heavy work in the old days. 4. Tom must hand in the composition after class. The composition must be handed in after class. 5. The rain stopped. 6. The soup tastes delicious.

happened A traffic accident ________(happen) just now.
2. 连系动词不用被动语态。如:be、look、 sound、smell、taste、get、turn、become… seem、 feel、 sounds Peking Opera _________ (sound) beautiful. 3. 当此动词表示事物的自然属性特征的时候 ,不用被动语态 。 writes e.g. The pen __________(write) very fast. sells This kind of sweater _______(sell) well.

D 1. If the work ___,you can go and play games. A. finished B. has finished C. will be finished D. is finished 2. It was raining heavily outside, the children B were made ______in the classroom. A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed 3. Kate _______ the letter before her mother C came into her bedroom. A.has written B. was written C. had written D. is writing

4. To make our city more beautiful, rubbish ______ into the river. B A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown C. can’t throw D. may not throw A 5. I like my bike. It ________ very well. A. rides B. is riding

C. is ridden

D. has ridden

6.—I won’t come to the party unless Tom __, too. D —You mean if Tom comes ,you’ll come. A.will invite B. invites
C. invited D. is invited

7. Everyone who heard Mr. Green’s story ______ it. A A.laughed at C. laughed B. was laughed D. was laughed at

8. The children must _______. D A. look after B. be taken good care C. look the same D. be taken good care of 9. The woman still doesn’t know what B _____ in her hometown he was away. while A.happens B. happened C. will happen D. was happened 10.— I saw you were on foot this morning. —Yes. My bike ____. B A. is mending B. is being mended C. is mended D. is bein

g mending

Fill in the blanks using right forms:

1. —What are on show in the museum? —Some photos _________(take) by taken American children. washes 2.This coat _________(wash) easily. be spoken 3. Must the old people ____________(speak) to politely? 4. He couldn’t explain why dinosaurs disappeared ___________ (消失). mended/repaired 5. I’ll have my bike __________________(修 理) tomorrow.

Make dialogues or short passages accroding to the following information(using the passive voice as much as possible):




where …



To make our school more beautiful, what things must∕mustn’t be done? pick up throw throw draw collect use plant spit grow …

must: mustn’t:

… cut down

Reading comprehension:
Now scientists are trying to turn deserts into good land again. They want to bring water to the deserts, so people can live and grow food there. However, more and more land is becoming the deserts. Why is this happening? There are two reasons—land and wood. In many places the trees have been cut down because the land was needed for people. In other parts, the trees are cut down because their wood is wanted. But many people don’t know that in most places the trees won’t be replaced(取代). The soil in the forests is very thin, but it is protected by the trees. When the trees are cut down, the soil is washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind. Soon nothing can grow on it. The land becomes a desert. Who is to blame(应负责、责备)for this? The answer is easy: all of us. There are just too many people in the world. The world’s population is now six billion. You might say: We don’t cut down trees. Yes, but just look around. You’re probably using its products(产品) right now.

( C ) 1. Scientists are trying to bring __________ to the deserts. A. food B. planes C. water D. animals

( B ) 2. The _________ are important to protect the soil. A. rain B. trees C. land D. wood

( B ) 3. In most places after the trees are cut down, ____________. A. they can grow again B. they will disappear forever

C. new trees can grow better D. new forests will appear ( D ) 4. The reason for the bad cycle(循环)is that _________. A. people need more land to grow food B. wood is needed for building houses C. there are too many rich people on the land D. there are too many people on the earth

A great deal of water is needed in large cities. Some cities pump(抽水) water from wells. Some cities g____ water from lakes or rivers n______. et earby But some cities have to bring water from lakes or rivers many miles away. Water is usually b_________ to a city from a place higher than the rought city itself. When water is f________ only in the lower place, it must be ound pumped up to the city. Then it is s________ to each home. ent uilt Dams(水坝) are often b_______ in a river to keep the water from flowing away. Then a new lake is formed. The city knows how much eeded water wi

ll be n________ and allows the extra(额外的) water to flow below the dam. I ___ this way, the city stores water for its use. n There is usually a b_________ near the dam. Much important uilding

work is d_______ there. For example, the water is tasted before it is one piped to the city.

Fill in the blanks with the verbs using right tenses and voices:
are used 1. Large numbers of plastic bags ___________(use) in the supermarkets every day. Did send 2. _____ our country ____(send) up another man-made satellite last year? be spoken 3. Must the old people ____________(speak) to politely? 4. Her grandma was still alive when he _________(take) to the hospital. was taken is spoken speak 5. English __________(speak) in many counties, but the Chinese ______ (speak) their own language. are written 6. Three quarters of the world’s books______________(write) in English. sells 7. This kind of sweater ___________(sell) well.

Will be taught 8. _________ Lesson 50 ___________(teach) next week?

你们学校附近有一个大图书馆,馆内有各种各样 的书,请你将这个图书馆的要求向你的同学作一 介绍,以便他们去那儿看书时能遵守规则。 1. 不要把包带进图书馆。 2. 看书时保持安静。 3. 一次可借四本书,不能将书转借给别人, 要按时还书。 4. 图书馆每天早晨8:00开门,必须在下午6:00前 离开图书馆。 要求:用英文写一篇60—80词左右的短文。

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