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九年级上册Module 8 知识点解读

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Module 8 知识点解读

一:trouble “麻烦”

trouble 作名词如下:

1.疾病、故障 (不可数) what’s the trouble with you?

2.苦恼、困难、痛苦 (可数+不可数) She tells me her troubles. I tell her mine.

3.麻烦、不便 (不可数)

You've caused us a lot of trouble.

短语搭配: have trouble (in) doing sth 作动词:麻烦、打扰 [套语] 对不起打扰您了,他在哪里。

1.Do you have any ____this task?

A trouble in fishing B trouble to finish

C troubles to finish D troubles for finishing

2. Would you please ___me?

A not trouble B not to trouble

C to not trouble

D don’t trouble


I am __ ___ to seeing him.(期待) expect “期待、盼望” 强调客观上可能实现的。

look forward to “以一种愉快的心情期待着”。


1. expect + n. / pron. 预计??可能发生;期待某人或某物

2. expect + to do sth. 料想做某事

3. expect sb. to do sth. 期望某人做某事

4. expect +that 从句 预计 / 料想?? Did you go to Guangzhou to have a look last year? -No, but i expect___.

A so B it C to D to have

We didn’t expect __you.

A see B to see C seeing D saw


I expect __________________ even harder at your English.

三、...gets everyone dancing... 【精析】 get sb doing “让某人一直做某事”。 My father got us laughing all through the dinner. 我爸使我们在吃晚饭时自始至终笑个不停。 注:get sb to do / have sb do “让某人做某事”。

【练习】 同义句转换。

1. Father kept my brother standing at the corner for two hours.

Father ____________________ at the corner for two hours.

2. I’ll get two boys to help me with my work. I’ll ___________________ me with my work. 四:pick Tony up

【精析】 pick... up 在此意为“接……”。 I’ll pick you up at the hotel. 我会到旅馆来接你。 注:pick... up 还有“捡起”的意思。 He picked the money up and gave it back to me. 他捡起钱还给了我。

My daughter is only 6 years old, so I have to ________ when school is over.

A. pick up her B.pick her up C.look her up

4. There is a watch on the floor. Please ________.

A. pick up it B. take it up C. pick it up 五:compare with “比较”

compare with +比较的对象 与〃〃〃〃作比较 ,mine need to be improved.

辨析 :

compare···to·· 表示“比喻为?”、“比拟”,是指出两者之间的关系或相似。(两种被比较的事物往往截然不同)

Books can be compared to friends.书可以比喻为朋友。


He compared his camera with mine.他把他的照相机跟我的比较。

Teacher are often compared___candles.

A to B with C at D from

My oral english can’t compare __Wang Tao’s.

A with B to C for D on

六、even though ,even if, though

even though:即使,尽管 引导让步状语从句=even if(有退一步设想的意味,引导的句子所说的不一定是事实)

He won’t tell me about it even though /even if he knows the news.

though:虽然 引导让步状语从句(所说的是事实) He will not tell the secret though he knows it.

1.The workers have decided to finish the task on time ,____it means they would have no weekends these two months.

A after all B even though C as if D now that


try out 试用、尝试

be pleased with...对...满意=be satisfied with far from 离....远

Thanks to+名词、doing、代词“多亏、幸亏” at the end of 在.....终点“指时间或者位置” worry about 担心,忧虑

a place of interest名胜

七、manage和try to do sth

manage常用于manage to do sth.结构,意为“设法成功做到某事”,强调动作的结果。 try to do sth.,意为“设法或试图做某事”,强调动作本身,不涉及结果。

We ____ ____ get to the airport in time.


Wang Hong___ ____catch the cat, but she failed. 王红试图抓住那只猫,但失败了。


1.____ a student ,you should study hard.

A For B As C With D Of

2.Do you think English is more important than Chinese?

---I don’t think so .I think English is ___important___Chinese.We should study both well.

A too, to Bas, as C so, that Dso,as

3.Mother was worried because little Lucy was ill, especially___father was away in ShangHai.

A as B that C during Dif

4.Old__he was ,he still worked very hard.

A although B though C however Das 1.作“在-------期间,当----的时候”引导时间状语从句.注意与when、 while的用法区别。

1)用于表示同一个人的两种动作交替进行,指一边----一边. 如:

The girl sings as she goes to school.

2)表示两个同步发生的动作或行?意思是随着-----的发展.如:As time went on / by, she became more and more beautiful

3)表示两个短暂行为或事情几乎同时发生.如:I watched her as she read the book.


③ while常表示一段较长的时间或一个过程,强调主句谓语动词与从句谓语动词同时发生。

2.As =Since 作"既然"、"由于" 常用来表示已为人们所知或显而易见的原因或理由。如: As he’s been ill for ages, I will help him.

3. 用于as--- as或not / so/ as ---- as中,前一个as是副词,后一个as是连词,引导比较状语从句

I don't speak English so/ as well as she does.

4.表示虽然,尽管 等,引导让步状语从句,常用倒装语序,模式为:

。 如: Young as he is, he knows much.

5.as作介词表示作为、当作。如:As a child , she was sent to abroad.

九、A collection of photos called “The Many Faces of Our City” ... won the prize for the Most Unusual category.


(要点解读)called “The Many Faces of Our City” 是过去分词短语,在句中作定语修饰主语a collection of photos,相当于一个定语从句that is called “The Many Faces of Our City”。一般情况下,若从句是被动语态,可将“关系代词 + be动词”省略,使全句更加简洁,突出中心,这部分内容今后还会学到。

The trees that were planted last year are

watered every day.

The trees _____ last year are watered every day.


1. Our class has won the first place of the friendship basketball match!

____!I was impressed by the performance of your team.()

A That’s OK B Nothing much

C All right D Congratulation

2.It’s exciting to be a chairperson , but I’m ___my ability to do all the extra work.()

A looking about ()

B learning about ()

C quarrelling about()

D worrying about()

3.Tony,tell me the result of the discussion___you had with your dad yesterday.()

A what B which C when D who

4.____the bad weather,the swimming match had been put off.()

A Because B Thanks to

C With the help of

5.Karin found some waste paper on the floor. She ___it ____and threw it into the dustbin.

A put ;up ()

B picked ;up

C turned;up ()

D looked;up()

6.Mr Green is very happy because ’ work today.

A is moved by ()

B is good for (对···有好处)

C would like to

Dis pleased with

7.Jane is one of the students in the class ____have ever been to China .()

A who B whose C which D whom

We were very p___1___ with the photo competition. C___2____ with other years, we received many more photos. Even though all of the photos are excellent, we can't give p___3___ to everyone. There are four prizes, so read on to find out who the w___4___ are. The person who won the prize for the Most Beautiful Nature p_____5____ is fifteen-year-old Li Wei. Li took photos of the mountains in Xiangshan Park. The park isn't far from his home, about 500 metres, and he knows it very well. The photo which we liked b___6__ in the Historic China group was taken by Zhao Min. Zhao is only 12 years old. Her photo is of Tian'anmen Square, the l___7___ public square in the world. It's 880 metres from north to south and 500 metres wide at the n___8___ end. Her photo shows

the size and beauty of the square p____9___. The best photo in the Music c___10____ was taken by He Zhong. His photo of this year's best band Crazy Feet s___11__ the singer, Becky Wang, and the band playing at a concert in Shenzhen. He Zhong m___12___ to show the movement and the sounds of this great new band, and the fun which their fans are having. A c____13____ of photos called "The Many Faces of Our City" which f____14___ Beijing won the prize for the Most Unusual category. Three pupils at the same school worked on this e___15___. It i___16____ photos of different parts of the city, old and new. It s____17____ shows the rich culture which makes Beijing so famous. C_____18____ to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered the competition. We are very lucky that the famous photographer John William is in China to talk about his new book. He has

agreed to p____19____ the prizes at the prize-giving c___20____ at the end of this month.

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