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新概念2 1-10课精选测试题

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1.私人的___________ 2.去看戏_______________ 3.转身____________


7.服务员___________8.作为报答______________ 9.倒立_____________

10.容忍_______ 11.无礼地________ 12.重复_________

13.损坏_________ 14.震惊____________15.明信片_____________


19.在国外____________ 20.信息___________ 21.期待__________

22.珍贵的_____________ 23.偷________ 24. 比赛________________


28.琴键________29.钻石________________ 30.乞丐__________


( ) 1.____did the girl feel? ---Angry.

A. Where B. Why C. How D. When

( ) 2.He is so rude that I can't _____him.

A. suffer B. lift C. carry D. stand

( ) 3.He____a book from me a few days ago.

A. take B. lent C. borrowed D. steal

( ) 4.He made a big decision .he _________

A. made a wish B. changed his mind

C. made up his mind D. thought about it

( )5.--I will go there____. ---Good luck.

A. in air B. through air C. by air D. with air

( )6. Please move this chair. It is _______

A. on the way B. in the way C. in a way D. on my way

( )7. He has two house, one is in shanghai, and______ is in Beijing.

A. another B. other C. the other D. others

( ) 8. He _____the boy was a beggar.

A. told B. said me C. told to me D. said

( ) 9. The bag ______ stones and sand.

A. full with B. full of C. full by D. full in

( ) 10. The thieves wanted to_____ the diamonds.

A. rob B. steal C. take from D. take to

( )11.--Must I do my homework now? --No, you_____

A. mustn't B. don't have to C. haven't to D. mustn't to

( )12. His father _____the car for two years.

A. bought B. has bought C. has had D. had

( ) 13. My sister has _____to Beijing twice.

A. gone B. been C. got D. come

( )14. There many trees on _____side of the street now.

A. all B. both C. two D. each

( ) 15.I have ______to tell you .

A. something new B. new something C. anything new

( ) 16.Great changes ______since liberation.

A. was taken place B. have taken place C. have been taken place

( ) 17.It’s not polite to laugh _____others.

A. on B. in C. at D. with

( )18. We will _____for Beijing at 6 this morning.

A. set up B. set off C. set out D. set down

( )19.____exciting news it is!

A. What an B. how C. What D. How an

( ) 20. You can get much _____about sports on the Internet.

A. picture B. information C. ticket D. book

( ) 21. My dog is gentle and never bits,so you needn't be _____.

A. interested B. excited C. frighten D. satisfied

( ) 22.It has belonged to our family for years.It’s the _______

A. families B. families’ C. family’s D. family’s’

( ) 23.--I'm sorry for breaking your cup. ----_______.

A.Good idea B.That's all right C.I don't think so D.You're welcome

( ) 24.____Browns were having dinner when the telephone rang .

A.A B. An C. The D./

( )25.I was so tired that I could ____walk any farther.

A. nearly B. really C. hardly D. suddenly

( ) 26. Make sure you’ve got the passport and tickets and before you leave.

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

( ) 27. --What do you think of the performance today?

--Great! But musical genius could perform so successfully.

A. All B. None C. Anybody D. Everybody

( ) 28. What time did it stop? A. On B. At. C. In D. During

( ) 29. This is Ted’s photo. We miss him a lot.

He trying to save a child in the earthquake.

A. killed B. is killed C. was killed D. was killing

D. is being built ( )30. A new cinema here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built C. has been buit


1. He lent me a book. (换一种说法)

2. He brought a present for his son. (换一种说法)

3. I have been to Macau before.(改否定句)


4.I have no money(改为同义句)

I don’money. 就划线部分提问)

learned English?


1. He did not knowhow to fight ,but he knocked the boxer


early yesterday and went to a football match.

3. the window

1. He has gone abroad. He will return________ two years’ time.

2. ________Saturdays I always go to the market.

3. I never go to cinema __________the week.

4. He ran a hundred meters _______thirteen seconds.

5. I can’t see him _______the moment. I’m busy.

6. My birthday is ______November 7th.I was born______1974.

7. The days are very short _______ December.

五.用a ,some,或any填空。(10×1.5=15)

1. There are_______ books on the desk.

2. I drank _______ glass of beer.

3. Do you want _______butter?

4. There aren’t _______people in the street.

5. Tom has just bought _______new car.

6. We have _______apple trees in our garden.

7. Can I have _______bar of chocolate, please?

8. There isn’t _______bread in that tin.

9. Is there_______ ink in that bottle?

10. Are there _______eggs in that basket?

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