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一, 翻译。

1. 爸爸_________ 11. this

2. 妈妈 12. that

3. 爷爷 13. these

4. 奶奶 14. those

5. 叔叔 15.son

6. 阿姨 16. photo

7. 哥哥 17. picture

8. 姐姐 18. of

9. 堂兄 19. here

10. 女儿 20. girl

二, 按要求作答。

1. father(对应词) this(复数)

2. girl(复数) those(单数)

3. son(对应词) family(复数)

4. grandpa(同义词) parent(复数)

5. uncle(对应词) grandparents(单数)

三, Reading(阅读)

My family

Hi ,I’m Jenny. Here are two nice photos of my family.My grandfather and my grandmother are in the first photo.These are my

parents ,Alan and Mary. In the next picture are my brothers,Bob and Eric. These two girls are my sister Cindy and my cousin Helen.Coco is in my family ,too.

Ask the questions(回答问题)

1. My name is_______________.

2. Alan and Mary are my _____________________.

3. Bob and Eric are my _________________________.

4. Cindy is my _____________.

5. Helen is my ____________.

6. ____________is the name of my dog.

四, 完成对话。

Bill: Here is a photo of my family.

Dale: ____________he?

Bill: ____________-my uncle?

Dale:____________this girl?

Bill:____________my cousin.

Dale:Are_________your parents?

Bill:Yes,________are.And these _________my grandparents.

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