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great time ! 呢?

一重点短语 ———————————————————1.班上一半的同学__________ ———————————————--———2.看录像带__________________ ————— 3.为考试而做准备_______________ III句型转换 Unit 5 If you go to the party you’ll have a

4.拿走______ 5.穿上你的新牛仔裤___________________ 6.敬老院____________________ 7.学校大扫除____________________ 8.访问儿童医院_______________ 9让某人进来_____________ 10.环游世界_____________________ 11接受教育_____________________ 12晚会期间_______________ 13去上大学_____________________ 14赚很多钱_____________________ 15。著名_________________________ 16工作努力_________ 17谋生__________________________ 18一直__________________________ 19受伤_________________________ 20遍及全世界___________________ 21晚会期间_______________ 22过得开心______________________ 23做。。。艰难____________________ 二 翻译句子: 1.如果你穿牛仔裤去参加聚会,老师就不会让你进去。


Don’t _____ ______ _________.





1.If we have the party today,half the class won,t come.(就划线部分提问) _____ ______ _______if we have the party today? 2.Why don,t you bring some snacks?(改为同义句) _____________________________________ 3.Get up early,or you will be ate for the meeting.(改为同义句) ____you ______get up early ,you will be late for the meeting. 4.You will enjoy yourselves if you go to the party with us tomorrow. (改为同义句) You will ____ ____ _____ ____ if you go to the party with us tomorrow. 5.If youy come to the party ,You will have a good time . (改为同义句) ______ _______ the party,_________ You will have a good time . IV 用所给词的正确形式填空: 1.Half the books ____(be)in the

box.Half of the cake ____(be)on the plate. 2.If Li Lei ____(come)tomorrow,I will call you . 3.I don’t know if she ________ (come ) tomorrow.If she __________(come)tomorrow,I’ll let you know. Grade: Date:

in college.

Unit 5 If you go to the party you

ll have

a great time


1.移动电话 _______ phone

2.午饭吃得太多 eat ______ ____ _____ lunch

3与某人共度时光 4担心 5.当心 6.分担困苦 7脱离,逃避 8乐意帮助 9坚持做某事 10犯粗心的错误


1许多运动员捐款给学校和慈善机构。 Many athletes ______ ______ _______ schools and charities.


If you______a _________athletes ,you,ll ____ ____ _____ ______ ______ _____ _____something you love.


And ______you ___ rich,you ______have a difficult time _____who you real friends are.


I am going to ______ ______ _______ my grandparents this vacation.


——————————————————— 6当心!可能危险。_______ ________!It ______ _________dangerous.

7把音乐调小点,太响了。______ ______the music.It,s ______ __________

8.这个年轻人在大学里受到过良好教育。 The young man ______a good _________

三 用所给词的适当形式填空:

1.He said he___________(give)me a call as soon as he got to ChangShang.

2.You can make a ______(live) by drawing pictures.

3.Many classmates are ___________ (反对)the plan of summer camp.

4.If you are late for class,the teacher ___________(be) angry.

5 If you don’t go to the party, you __________(be) sorry for it.

6. Remember to let him call me if he __________(get) back tomorrow.

7.Tell him not to bring food here. If he __________(do), I’ll take it away. 8.I have to ask you __________ (leave). 9. The news made us __________(excite). 10. We __________ (climb) the mountain if it __________(not rain) tomorrow. Grade: Date:

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