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unit7 will people have robots

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Unit 7

Will people have robots?

1.通过自主学习掌握基本单词及短语: future, environment, robot, prediction; there will be, a piece of, in 100 years,in future 2. 通过探究合作学会灵活运用一般将 来时 3.运用一般将来时谈论未来生活或个 人梦想

? Guess words(智慧集结号)

m o p o astronaut. rocket e arth.on llution. n n n

答案3a. 1. less,more 2. more,more 3. fewer,more 4. more,more 5. less,,more


Listen and circle the words you hear.

1.There will be more / less / fewer people. 2. There will be more / less / fewer free time. 3. There will be more / less / fewer cars. 4. There will be more / less / fewer pollution. 5.There will be more / less / fewer trees.

2b. Listen again. Check (√) the predictions you hear.
1. There will be fewer people.

2. There will be less free time.
3. People will use the subways less. 4. There will be more pollution.

5. Cities will be very big and crowded.

自己阅读对话(2d),回答下面问题: (2分)
? what is the main idea of this conversation?( ) A.A book about the future B.The environment of the future C.Jill wants to live on the earth

和同伴进行对话(2d),回答下面问 题:(每题2分)
? ( F)1.Nick is reading a book about the future. ? ( T)2.Cities will be more crowded and polluted. ? ( )3.The environment won't be in great danger. ? ( T)4.Nick wants to live on the earth. ? (T )5.Everyone should play a part in saving the earth.

1.讲解there be句型的用法及如何用在将来 时中 2.in future 与 in the future的区别 3.more,less和fewer的区别 4.关于danger的用法

? 展示平台

我的舞台 我要我的精彩!

PAIR WORK Let’s predict our future!

以“我们的未来”为题,展开想象, 形式不限(如;自我展示,对话展示) A: What do you think you will be in five years? B: I think I’ll be a .... A: how will you become a ...? B: I’ll … And you? A: I think I'll be a... B: how will you become a ...?

1.there will be 2.more less fewer 3.in future \in the future 4.be in danger

挑战自我Who is best?

1.英汉互译 在将来—— in the future 陷入困境—— be in danger 参与某事—— play a part

1.He doesn't like playing with others. So he has ____ less (more, less,fewer) friends than me. 2.There will be ______(be) a class meeting tomorrow.

1.Kids ________ (study ) at home on computers in will study the future. 2.-Will some people live on the moon? B -_____ A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, they will. C. No, they aren't

C 1.What do you think ____ this weekend? A. Does Tim do B. will Tim do C. Tim will do 2.-Why are you in such a hurry, John? -There___a basketball match between A Class Three and our class in ten minutes. A. is going to be B. is going to have C. will have

? T

here will be an important meeting this afternoon.(改为否定句) won't be There _____ ______ an important meeting this agternoon.

Who is best?

It 's for the winner!

Class over!

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