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9A Unit 3 测试卷

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9A Unit 3 测试卷

第I卷 (选择题, 共60分)



1. The old man likes living ______ in that _______ village.

A. lonely; lonely B. alone; alone C. alone; lonely D. lonely; alone

2. He has to stay at home because he has _______ close friends.

A. a few B. few C. little D. a little

3. He won?t go hiking tomorrow. I won?t, ________ .

A. too B. neither C. either D. also

4. _________ useful advice he has given!

A. What an B. What a C. What D. How

5. The workers were made _________ the whole day.

A. work B. to work C. worked D. working

6. We must be strict ________ ourselves and strict _________ our work.

A. in; with B. with; in C. in; in D. with; with

7. Can you spend _________ explaining it _______ us?

A. sometimes; to B. some time; to C. some times; for D. sometime; for

8. If he doesn?t go to the cinema tomorrow, _________.

A. so do I B. neither do I C. so will I D. neither will I

9. I _______ he _______ come soon.

A. think; won?t B. don?t think; will C. think; hasn?t D. don?t think; has

10. The _________ you are, the _______ mistakes you will make.

A. careful; little B. more careful; less C. more careful; few D. more careful; fewer

11. Have you decided __________?

A. to go with whom B. whom to go with C. whom go with D. with who to go

12. Would you mind _______ me some advice ________ how to make friends?

A. giving; in B. give; about C. offer; in D. offering; on

13. There seems _____ a lot of money in his pocket.

A. to have B. having C. to be D. being

14. Will you please _________ tomorrow?

A. hand in it B. hand it in C. to hand in it D. to hand it in

A. deal with B. deal about C. dealing with D. dealing about

英语试卷 第1页,共8页



My mother used to ask me, “What is the most important part of the body?” When I was young, I thought was very important to us, so I said, ??my ears, Mommy.?? She said, ??No. Many people are deaf but still live a life; keep thinking and I will ask you again.??

Several years before she asked me again. This time I told her, “Mommy, sight is very important to everybody, so it be our eyes." She looked me and told me, “You are learning fast, but the answer is not correct. Many people are blind, they still live happily.” Over the years, she asked me many times and always answer was, ??No. But you are getting every year, my child.??

Then last year, my grandpa . Everybody was crying. When it was our to say our final goodbye to him, my mother asked me, “Do you know the most important body part yet, my dear?” I was when she asked me this. I always thought this was game between her and me. I saw her eyes with tears. She said, “My dear, the most important body part is your shoulder.” I asked, “Is it because it holds up my ?” She replied, “No. It is because it can hold the head of a friend or a relative(亲戚) when he/she to cry on sometime in life, my dear. I only hope that you have enough love and friends, so you will have a shoulder to cry on when you need it.” That was when I realized what the most important body part is. ( )16. A. voice ( )18. A. came ( )19. A. can ( )20. A. up ( )21. A. but ( )22. A. mine ( )23. A. old ( )24. A. cried ( )25. A. turn ( )27. A. a

B. sound B. went B. may B. at B. or

B. my B. older B. lost

B. way B. an

C. noise C. unhappy C. passed C. must C. for C. and C. its

C. clever C. died C. duty C. the C. foot C. shouts

D. music D. sad D. walked D. would D. around D. also D. cleverer D. dying D. task D. excited D. / D. arm D. cries D. sometimes

( )17. A. happy B. hard

D. her

( )26. A. surprising B. surprised C. exciting ( )28. A. hand ( )29. A. 1aughs ( )30. A. never

B. head B. smiles B. hardly

C. always

英语试卷 第2页,共8页


A. 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。(共15小题,



John was a very strong man. Once he got a job cutting wood in a forest. His boss gave him an axe (斧子) and showed him the area where he should work.

The first day, John cut down 18 trees. “Good,” the boss said. “Keep that up!” Happily, John tried harder the next day, but could only cut down 15 trees. The third day he tried even harder, but could only cut down 10 trees. Day after day he was cutting down fewer and fewer trees. “I must be losing my strength,” John thought. He went to the boss and apologized(道歉), saying that he could not understand what was going on. “When was the last time you sharpened (磨快) your axe?” the boss asked. “Sharpened? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut trees!” said John.

While John was working hard, he didn?t work “smart”. He didn?t think about the best way to do his job. Many of us never learn new skills. We think that whatever we have learned is enough. Sharpening our skills from time to time is the key to success.

( ) 31. What did the boss think of John?s work the first day?

A. He was pleased with John's work. B. He didn't think John worked hard enough.

C. He thought John cut down too many trees.

D. He thought John worked in the wrong area.

( ) 32. John cut down fewer and fewer trees day after day because _____.

A. he lost his strength B. he didn't sharpen his axe

C. he was busy doing something else D. his boss didn't need so many trees

( ) 33. What does the story tell us?

A. It's a waste of time to sharpen your axe. B. Hard work is the key to success.

C. It's worth taking time to sharpen your skills.

D. It is bad for the environment to cut down trees.


Room colours can influence our moods and our thoughts. So it?s important to choose the right colour for your house. Colours can be divided into three kinds. They are warm colours, cool colours colours. You can easily match every room?s colour with your personal thought and taste.

Red is a good choice when you want to make people excited, especially at night. In the living room or dining room, red draws people together and makes them more active in a talk. At the entrance, it creates a strong first impression (印象) .

Yellow is perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. It is also suitable for halls and small space. Blue is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Green is thought to be the most restful colour for eyes. It is suitable for almost any room in the house because it is believed to help people relax. Orange is not good for a living room or a bedroom but is great for an exercise room. Don't use black too much in rooms. Dark walls make a room seem smaller, and light walls make a room seem larger.

The ceiling(天花板) represents one sixth of the space in a room. White is thought to be not

英语试卷 第3页,共8页

only the safest colour but also the best choice for ceilings.

( )34 The word “neutral" may mean ______ in Chinese in the passage.

A. 不平和的 B. 中性的 C. 黑暗的 D. 鲜艳的

( ) 35. What colour can make people more active in a talk?

A. Green. B. Red. C. Blue. D. Yellow.

( ) 36. Orange is perfect for a(n)____________.

A. exercise room B. bedroom C. living room D. bathroom

( of your room, you?d better

choose white.

A. floor B. window C. ceiling D. door

( ) 38. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Red can't create a strong first impression. B. Black is a safe colour for many rooms.

C. Dark walls can make room seem larger. D. Green can be widely used in many rooms.


Are you the only child in the family? If so, you are the most important in your family. Parents are the closest people to you in the world. But a lot of middle school students have a problem. They feel they are not as close to their parents as before. They even don?t think their parents are fair to them.

Some students complain that their parents often say a lot to them, but never listen to them. Some say their parents don't allow them to play computer games while other classmates are doing that. Others say when they are making phone calls to friends, their parents like to ask if they are speaking to a boy or a girl. These make them very unhappy. Some students even decide to leave home because they are afraid to tell their parents when they have something wrong, especially when they do badly in exams. Then they usually think running away is the only choice. But they don?t know running away may bring them some more problems.

Problems are parts of life. Here are some tips for you to solve your problems.

1). Find a good chance to talk with your parents. Don't be afraid to tell them your feelings.

2). Get help from others like good friends or teachers.

3). Keep a diary to help you understand more about yourself and your feelings.

4). Let your parents know you are growing up. Then they will feel you are no longer a small child.

If you follow the advice, you will have a happy life and never think of running away.

( ) 39. According to the article, ________ are the closest people to the only child.

A. teachers B. classmates C. parents D. strangers

( ) 40. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Parents don't love their children now.

B. Middle school students don't have any problems.

C. Some students don't think their parents are fair to them.

D. Most parents can understand their children.

( ) 41. Why does the author(作者) advise us to keep a diary?

A. Because it's our homework. B. Because it can help us practise writing.

C. Because it can help us understand ourselves better.

英语试卷 第4页,共8页

D. Because it?s useless.


A popular shopping bag has been seen on the arm of some of the world's most beautiful women. It sells at an official price of £ 5, but as much as £ 400 online. The bag called "I'm Not a Plastic Bag” is made of cotton. It is so “hot” that now everyone wants to get one. It's fashionable, and it's green!

Supporters see the bag as a way to move away from throwaway(一次性的) plastic bags that are given away in large numbers by supermarkets every year .

When the bags were first sold, about 500 people waited in line to buy one. So far, 20,000 of the popular bags have been sold at the second largest supermarket in Great Britain. It is one of the ways to encourage shoppers to use the reusable (可再利用的)bags , rather than the plastic ones .

The bag has also become a must-have for many famous people who want to be fashionable, and at the same time care about the environment.

The designer of the bag has been asked to develop the bag by the “We Are What We Do” group. The group believes that each person in Great Britain uses about 167 plastic bags every year. It says that small lifestyle changes can have a strong effect on reducing waste and the environmental pollution. It also says that everyone should try his best to protect the earth from being polluted.

( ) 42. We can buy the popular bag at a price of £ 5 _________________.

A. on the Internet B. from the shops all over the world

C. at the designer's home D. at the 2nd largest supermarket in Britain

( ) 43.According to the passage, the “We Are What We Do” group most probably means


A. those who want to do something by themselves

B. those who design the new bags

C. an organization that protects the environment

D. a business that sells bags

( ) 44. When you go shopping, you'd better ________________ .

A. not use any bags B. use the reusable bags

C. use the cheapest bags D. use the throwaway plastic bags

( ) 45. The last paragraph mainly tells us that _________________.

A. the designer has been asked to develop the bag

B. it's everyone's duty to protect the environment

C. each person can use about 167 plastic bags every year

D. small lifestyle changes can hardly affect the environment

B. 任务型阅读


Confidence is very important in daily life. It can help you to develop a healthy attitude (态度). A study shows that the people who are more confident are much happier. They can have more chance to make themselves successful. But how to be more confident? Here are some suggestions:

·Speak loud When you are not confident, you can?t do well what you want to do. You speak

英语试卷 第5页,共8页

in a voice so low that other people can hardly hear you. Try to speak loud enough so that people can hear you clearly. The high voice can help you become more confident.

·Play sports It is tiring to do physical exercise, but it can make you completely relaxed. A strong body helps you be filled with confidence.

·Encourage yourself Write down a list of things you did during the day to see how many things you have done well. Did you finish your homework? Did you tell a joke that made everybody laugh? Give yourself praise (表扬) for the good things you?ve done.

· Get rid of (消除) fear Fear comes along with failure (失败). But it?s easy to overcome (克服) if you know that failure is part of your life. Don?t hide your head just because you said something stupid last time. Try to start again and believe you can do better.

·Pick up a hobby If you like singing, sing as much as you can. In some ways, a hobby can make you outstanding. And it will make you happy and confident.

第II卷 (非选择题, 共60分)

B. 任务型阅读(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

46.____________ 47.____________ 48.____________ 49.____________ 50. ___________

51.____________ 52.____________ 53.____________ 54.____________ 55. ___________


A. 根据句意和提示写出单词,完成句子。

英语试卷 第6页,共8页

56. She had to make a__________(选择)between the two dresses.

57. I haven?t _________ (答复)to my penfriend?s e-mail yet.

58. He hasn?t been to Hong Kong , me __________ (也).

59. It?s hard to say_________ (是否)it will snow or not tomorrow.

60. To tell you the _________ (真相),1 don?t like that film at all.

61. This is one of his most useful ____________ (suggest).

62. Do you often have ______________ (communicate) with your mother?

63. There are some differences between British and American ____________ (spell).

64. Hand-foot-mouth disease is terrible, but I believe that we Chinese can beat it ______________ (success).

65. It gives me______________(please)to celebrate the success with you.

66. She ___________ just ______________ (offer) me a cup of tea .

67. Thanks for_______________(listen)to my problem.

68. Some students don?t have enough time ___________(finish) their homework.

69. Why not ___________(share) your problems with your best friend.

70. It seems that you spend a lot of time ____________ (play) football.

B. 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词,使短文意思完整。每空限一词。

These years, with the development of society, more and more teenagers have suffered from and unhappy all day. Who can help to help his hotline. Here are some ideas how to keep the young men healthier in every way.

it is very important to keep healthy. To get sleep every day is also every day. Secondly, maybe you are not the top student. It doesn?t mto talk with with your good friends. Sometimes you can go out for a walk.

In a word, you can try to make you happy by yourselves. I?m sure you can be happy every day.

71.___________ 72.__________ 73.___________ 74.____________ 75. ______________

76.___________ 77.__________ 78.___________ 79.____________ 80. _____________


A. 根据所给提示将下列各句译成英语。(共5小题,每小题2分,计10分)

英语试卷 第7页,共8页

81. 当他学英语有困难时,字典对他很有作用。

When he ____________________________________ English, a dictionary is useful to him.

82. 他说的话对我们很有价值。

What he said ________________________________________.

83. 我期待收到你的来信。

I am ________________________________ to ________________________ you.

84. .你能建议我怎样在学业和爱好之间获得一种平衡吗?

Can you please ____________________________________________________ ?.

85. 对于学生们来说,按时交家庭作业是必要的。

It?s necessary for students ___________________________________________________.

B. 书面表达 (共1题,计15分)





________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

英语试卷 第8页,共8页

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