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This is me!


1. good morning 早上好 2. good afternoon 下午好

3. good evening 晚上好 4. good night 晚安

5.after school 放学后 6. after class 下课后 擅长于做某事

eg:I'm good at playing football .= I do well in playing football .

8.over there 在那边 9. wear glasses 戴眼镜

10.come from = be from 来自 有一只电子狗

12.love /enjoy/like +doing sth. 13.how to look after your e-dog

14.a new student 阳光中学的一名新学生。

15.have short /long /hair.留着短/长/黑发。 16. meet my new classmates 约见我的新同学

17.tall and slim 又高又苗条 18. listen to music 听音乐、 在7年级3班(注意大写)。

20.live with my family in Beijing 和我的家人一起住在北京

21.be nice/friendly to sb.对某人又好。 22.go home late. 晚回家。

23.tell sb.about sth. 告诉某人关于某事。 23.talk about 谈论.......

重点句型: 2.Nice to meet you .-----Nice to meet you too. 3.I'm 12 years old .

4. I'm tall . 5.This is Sandy .

6.He is good at Maths. 7.I often play football after school.

8.I come from Nanjing. 9.I live with my family in Beijing.

10.I wear glasses.


一:谓语由be 动词构成

eg: (改为否定句)------- He is not from Nanjing. (改为一般疑问句)------------ Is he from Nanjing? (含有be 动词的陈述句改为否定句只需在be动词的后面加not 。

改为一般疑问句时,将be动词提前,并将句尾“. ”改为“?”,如遇第一人称单数改为第二人称,并注意句中物主代词形式的相应变化,如遇some 要改为any)。 例句:1. I am good at singing English songs for my friends.

否定句:I am not good at singing English songs for my friends.

一般疑问句:Are you good at singing English songs for your friends ?

例句:2. Tom is busy with his homework .

否定句:Tom is not busy with his homework .

一般疑问句: Is Tom busy with his homework .


1.There is some milk in the bottle.

2.They are blue trousers.

3. I am happy in my free time.


eg: He comes from Nanjing . (改为否定句)----------- He doesn't come from Nanjing . (改为一般疑问句)--------Does he come from Nanjing?

(含有行为动词的陈述句改为否定句时需要借助于助动词Don't 或Doesn't ,并将原句中动词三单形式改为动词原形。如上句中的comes应该为come。

改为一般疑问句时,也要借助于助动词Do 或Does ,并将原句中动词三单形式改为动词原形。如上句中的comes应该为come。并将句尾“. ”改为“?”,如遇第一人称单数改为第二人称,并注意句中物主代词形式的相应变,如遇some 要改为any)。

例句 1. I have some new friends.

否定句: I don't have any new friends. (some 改为 any )

一般疑问句: Do you have any new friends?

例句 2. He likes playing the guitar.

否定句: He doesn't like playing the guitar. (likes 改为 like)

一般疑问句: Does he like playing the guitar ?


1. He often does some housework at the weekend.

2. I eat rice for my lunch .

3.They usually go fishing on Sundays.

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