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( )26. Tiger Watch is ______ one-hour documentary.

A. the B. a C. an D. 不填 ( )27. ______ the age of 89, he passed away ______ a cold winter morning.

A. At, on B. On, on C. At, at D. In, on ( )28. Can you tell me if Beijing Music Awards will be covered ______?

A. lively B. live C. alive D. living ( )29. We didn’t believe it ______ we saw it with our own eyes. A. when B. after C. until D. while ( )30. I’m sorry, I _____________ go now. My father told me on the phone that my mother is ill.

A. can B. may C. have to D. could ( )31. LuoYang devoted all his life _________for China Nation Aviation(中国航天).

A.to work B. work C. to working D. worked

( )32. ---I want to be as slim as Fan Bingbing. --- Why _______ more ?

A. not exercise B. not to exercise C. don’t exercise D. not exercising

( )33. Not only his parents but also his grandfather ________to a lot of places of interest in our country since

they came here.

A. has gone B. has been C. have gone D. have been ( )34. He got good marks in exams because he put all his ______ into his study.

A. affect B. effect C. effort D. offer

( )35. A number of young people ______ interested in fashion. The number of these young people _______

getting larger and larger. A. are; is B. is; is C. are; are D. is; are

( )36. ___________ it snows, ____________ the children feel. A. More heavily; the happier B. More heavily; happier C. The more heavily; happier D. The more heavily; the happier ( )37. ---Did you catch the train yesterday?

--- No. It_______ when I_______ to the station.

A. left; got B. had left; got C. left; had got D. was left; was getting ( )38. --- Jerry, do you mind my pointing out your mistakes?

---_________. Your advice is of great value to me. A. Not at all B. You’d better not C. Of course D. It’s my pleasure ( )39. I ________ my homework while my parents ________ TV last night. A. did; have watched B. had done; were watching

C. was doing; were watching D. would do; were watching ( )40. Tales of Old Beijing shows us ______________ many years ago.

A. what is Beijing like B. what Beijing is like C. what was Beijing like D. what Beijing was like ( )21. It’s unhealthy for you to eat____________.

A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too

( )22. ---Do you know the student ___________ David and Jeff?

---Yeah, it’s Jim.

A. among B. in C. between D. from

( )23. Lucy fell asleep_______ she was listening to music.

A. before B. while C. after D. as soon as

( )24. My grandmother was ill. So I_______ stay at home and look after her last week. A. have to B. could C. had to D. ought to

( )25. ---Will you please show me how to use the new Mp5?

---Sure. It’s a piece of cake. Now let me tell you _____________to do. A. what B. how C. when D. which

( )26. It’s raining outside. Don’t leave ______ it stops.

A. when B. as C. while D. until ( )27. The film for ten minutes when we got to the cinema.

A. had already been on B. had already begun

C. have already been on D. have already begun

( )28. Which of the following crime is the most serious one?

A. Theft. B. Shoplifting. C. Kidnapping. D. Murder. ( )29. --- He thinks ________ of others than of himself.

---That’s why many people say he is selfish.

A. much B. more C. little D. less

( )30. There’s with your son’s ears. So don’t worry about him.

A. nothing serious B. something serious C. serious nothing D. anything serious

( )31.You’d better _____listen to music _________doing homework.

A. not, while B. not, as C. not to, while D. not to, when ( ) 32. ---Sorry, I can’t help you. It’s ______________my ability. ---Thank you all the same.

A. out B. off C. beyond D. away

( ) 33.Mrs Zhang is ________all her time and energy ______being a mum right now. A. devote, to B. devoting, on C. devote, on D. devoting, to ( ) 34._________may not seem very____________.

A. Watch TV, useful B. Watch TV, usefully

C. Watching TV, usefully D. To watch TV, useful

( ) 35. ---Thank you for giving me your advice. ---___________________.

A. Never mind. B. With pleasure. C. It doesn’t matter. D. It’s my pleasure.


66. Was the boy trying his best to achieve a _________________ (平衡) between his hobbies and study? 67. Shops are no longer ______________ (允许) to push up their prices as high as they like.

68. Sam feels terrible about his conditions now. Will you offer him some _________________ (建议)?

69. The report said some people who were __________________ (受苦) from the disease had been sent to local hospitals for medical treatment.

70. My little sister always made a lot of noise and __________________ (打扰) me while I was studying. 71. ---- It’s so kind of you to let me use your iPhone. I can’t thank you too much. ---- It’s my ______________ (高兴,乐意).

72. When you have no friends around you, no matter how strong you are, you will feel _________________ (孤独), because friendship is as warm as fire.

73. Anyone who has __________________ (成功地) changed a bad habit knows that right thinking is too important for change.

74. How relaxed and satisfied he felt after he made those important ___________________ (decide).

75. When he was reading, Su Qin put an awl(锥子) beside him. If he felt __________________ (sleep), he would stab the awl into his legs.

76. Does she have _______________ (difficult) making a speech in front of the whole class?

77. And you know that even in the best marriages, we sometimes fail to tell the ________________ (true).

78. The young man decided not to go home at once, because he looked ________________ (worry) and his mother would notice it.

79. He would never forget his first chemistry teacher, a little man with thick glasses. He had a strange way of making his classes ________________ (alive) and interesting.

80. Before you talk about peace, you should make yourself __________________ (peace). 76. I don’t like acting. I’d rather______________ (am) a director.

77. FengXiaogang is the______________(direct) of the latest film 1942.

78. More and more famous actors in China work ______________ (close) with charities. 79. The Greens ______________ (have) supper when someone knocked at the door. 80. His _____________(die) brought us sadness.

81. It’s all about football, _______(include) many interviews with local football players. 82. Hepburn is remembered for her beauty and ______________.(kind)

83. His parents always ________( agree ) with each other and quarrel about little things. 84. We’d better _________________(not park) our car in front of the school gate.

85. Mary is so talented in acting that _________________(suit) job for her is an actress. 86. We, young people, should speak to the old even _______________(polite). 87. He told me that he ___________ (see) the film three times. 88. We'll have a _______________(week) test tomorrow. 89. ----Look! How well she is dancing!

----Yes. I _________________(not know) she could dance so well. 90. Because I ______________ (lose) my bicycle, I have to walk to school. 76. I like to watch the w______________ (每周)round-up on CCTV NEWS. 77. The people aren’t our____________________(敌人), they are our friends. 78. All students put a lot of _______________(努力) into their study.

79. The young man entered the food-making (产业)one year ago. 80. My parents and the teachers are all_______________(严格的) with me.

81.After the car accident, his legs were so weak that he could h_______________ stand. 82. We have a lot of homework every day, and we have no c___________ but to do it.

84. The 16th A_______ Games is being held in Guangzhou, China now. We are all proud of it. 85. His sudden d_________________ surprised all of us. We felt so sad. 86. The girl is crying sadly for the 87.You must plan your day_________________ (careful) and make a list of all your homework. 88.The film _____________(direct)by Zhang Yimou is very famous.

89.Yao Ming is_______________________(success) in his basketball career. 90.It’s raining even more____________________ (heavy). How can I go home? 61. As________(亚洲人), we have every reason to feel proud. 62. The angrier he is, the ________(平静)he seems on the outside.

63. We never ________ (怀疑)that Jeremy Lin is a good basketball player. 64. Speech is the fastest _________(交流)between people.

65. What difficulty did Zhang Yimou have________(导演)the film The Flowers of War? 66. They have ________(成功)covered the concert live. 67. ________(可能)the driver has drunk enough today. 68. --- Why do you go to bed late every day?

--- As a Grade Nine student, I have no ________ but to finish homework every day. 69. --- What do you think of your new teacher?

--- His teaching style is ________ to that of most other teachers. 70. ---Why are you still here? The film will begin in ten minutes. --- Oh, my God. We’ll have to take a taxi to________ time.

1 Just count how many minutes you are________(允许)to spend on the phone. 2 Your problems will get worse if you always keep your ________(忧虑)to yourself. 3 My parents are very ____________ (满意的)with my brother and me. 4 Many children’s dream is to go to ___________(大学).

5 My new bike is ________(相似的) to yours, but not the same. 6 Do you know who __________ (发现) America?.

7 Sheng Zhou Ⅻ was sent up into space _________(成功) last year. 8 Listen, they are ___________(争吵) with each other again.

9 Madam, these tickets are __________(可用的) for a month. You can use them next time. 10 Jackson is one of the best_____________.(牙医) 11 A: My cousin is _________ sometimes.

B: I agree. It’s hard for him to change his mind even though his idea is not right. 12 A:---Would you like to see the programmes the Voice of China with me ?

B: ---Yes, I’d like to, but I can hardly _________ any time for it. I am too busy. 13 A: --Will your father buy you a present if you get good marks ?

B:--Yes. He has __________ to buy a MP4 Player for me if I get good marks. 14 A: -- Have you heard of Feng Xiaogang?

B:-- Certainly. He is a famous film __________. 15 A –How is John getting on with his maths?

B:--He’s made great ______ in Maths recently. Now he often gets high marks. 三、句子。

91. 不要怀疑如此用功是否值得,时间会告诉你一切。

Don’t doubt __________________________________ working so hard. Time tells everything. 92. 从白塔机场飞到北京要多长时间?

_________________________________ to fly to Beijing from Baita Airport? 93. 将要组织更多这样的活动来为慈善组织捐款吗?

_________ more events like this _____________________ to raise money for charity? 94. 他们的女儿刚刚被选为慈善节目的主持人。

Their daughter ________________________ as the hostess of the charity show. 95. 你爸爸是什么时候让人把自行车修了的?

When did your father ______________________________________? 96. 了解英语的特点对你们来说是非常必要的。

______________________________ that you get to know the characters of English the language. 97. 如果你不知道如何处理英语学习中的问题,可以拨打13585289501和王老师联系。

If you don’t know ______________________________ the problems in English learning, you may call Mr Wang on 13585289501.

98. 你明白他们为什么对你这么严厉了吗?

Have you realized ______________________________________ with you? 99. 拒绝做这些作业将会给你带来麻烦。不信就走着瞧。

______________________________ the homework will get you into trouble. Let’s wait and see. 101. 当你有困惑时,为什么不向你的朋友寻求帮助呢?

Why______________ ask your friends for help when you_______________________? 102. 那些建议对我们有很大的价值。

________________________ are______________________________ to us. 103. 你知道我是谁, 怎么和我联系吗?

Do you know_________________________and ___________________contact me ? 104.孩子们都认为电影Harry Potter有趣,并为哈里波特而着迷。

Children all think the film Harry Potter ___________and they _______________ Harry Potter. 105. Jack太忙了,没能近距离观看这些花。

Jack was_________________ to have______________________________ these flowers. 71. 以前她偏爱熬夜, 因此白天总觉得困倦。 72. 那档广播节目值得一听吗?

73. 为什么穿红色能使人采取行动更容易呢?

74. David取得了如此大的进步,他父母对此很满意。

75. 中日之间的问题应该和平解决。

1 他有足够创造力和想像力成为一个作家。 ____________________________________ 2 这部电影让我想起了十年前的地震。 _____________________________________ 3 不原谅别人的错误是愚蠢的。 ____________________________________ 4 我认为这首歌曲不值得再听一遍。 ____________________________________ 5 他别无选择只能放弃他的爱好。 _____________________________________

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