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1.go swimming 去游泳 2.in my free time 在我空闲的时间里

3.come true 变为现实 4.of course 当然

5.at weekends=at the weekend 在周末(at 可以用 on 替换)。6.play table tennis 打乒乓球

7.a lot of friends/water =lots of friends/water (用来修饰可数名词复数和不可数名词)

8.go for a walk 去散步 .eg: My father often (go)for a walk after supper.

9.walk to spl. 去某地 eg1:

eg2: walk home =go home on foot.(home 前省略to)

10.many times a day 一天多次。eg:He plays football many (time ) a day.

11.my favourite sport.我做喜欢的运动。 12.a member of ... ....的一名成员。

13.look strong /slim 看起来强壮/苗条 eg:Tom (look) strong in the football filed . 让他高兴。 (make 后加形容词)

15.make him feel happy让他感到高兴 (make sb.后如遇动词用动词原形)

Eg:(eat)fast food can makes us (feel) bad.

16.want to do sth. 想做某事 17.play in the next World Cup 踢下一届世界杯

18.be 在阅读俱乐部。

Eg:Lily is in Reading Club=Lily is a member of Reading Club.

19.How does he look ? 他看起来怎么样? 20.live with sb.in spl.

21.Many people like 为动词后面加宾格) eg:like me/us/him/her/them.

22.play football 足球踢得好。 23. many of my students 我的许多学生

24.take this bag,拿这个包 25.watch basketball matches on TV 在电视上看篮球赛。

26.It is fun 他很有趣。 高兴得做某事。

28.talk about sth. 谈论某事 eg:talk about basketball 谈论篮球。

29.what about sth./doing .....怎么样?(遇动词+ing)eg:What about (go) swimming ?

30.stay at home 呆在家。 31.Read a lot of ihteresting books 读许多有趣的书。


1.Do you often play football? 2.I often play volleyball with my friends after school.

3.What about you ?=And you? 4.I walk to my bowl many times a day.

5.He is a new member of Hanghe Football Club.

6.He looks strong and playsfootball very well. 7.I hope his dream comes ture.

8.What else do you like to do ? 9.It makes me feel great.

10.Reading is fun. 11.We often talk about basketball and watch basketball matches

on TV. 复数 他最喜欢的科目是语文。

14.Li Hua studies English in his free time.


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