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Plants around us

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us 郭玉芬


Lesson 10

plant parts

look at the pictures, here is something important, you should discuss which is the most important, and tell us why.

Draw and see.

Food is the most important


where is the food from?
It is from animals and plants.
Let’s learn something about plants.

The name of each part


Leaf (leaves)

root / roots

Ask the class to read the text and then answer the questions. 1.What is the reading about ? It talks about parts of plants and what they do. 2.What parts of plants grow below/above (the) ground? Flowers、leaves and stems grow above the ground.Roots grow below the ground. 3.What do roots do ? They bring water from the ground to the plant. 4.What is the stem for ? It carries the water from the roots to the leaves and flowers, and holds the leaves and flowers in the sunlight. 5.What does a leaf do ? They make food for the plant. 6.Why do plants have flowers ? Because the flowers make seeds.

.Key points
1 What is the stem for?(同意句) = What is the stem used for? What do you do that for ? = Why do you do that? 3.Feed on

4. Here are some parts of plants. (倒装句)

Look at the flowing pictures and show the parts of plants and what they do .



hold : leaves ,flowers






People eat all parts of plants



leaves roots

Listen and fill in the chart.
Parts’ name

What is it for?
Make seeds 1.carry the water 2.hold …
Make food

leaf roots

Bring the water

Listen and choose 1.Which part is carrot? A. flower B. stem C. root D. seeds (C) 2. Which part do we eat of cabbage?___ A. flower B. stem C. leaves D. seed 3. How many people eat the seeds of (C) rice?____ A. 1 000 B.1 000 000 C. 1 000 000 000 D.1 000 000 000 000
( (C) ) _____

Lesson 10

Plants Parts

1.what…for = what is/are…used for ? 2. in the sunlight
3. feed—fed—fed 4. Here are some parts of plants.

B 1.Don’t forget __the fish when I am away . A. fed B. to feed C. to fed D. feeding B 2.Has your brother__the horse ? A. kept B. fed C. fed on D. kept on B 3.We can see a bridge__the river. A. on B. over C. above D. at 4.What are you come here for ?(同义句) ___have you come here ? C A. Where B. what C. why D. when B 5.There are__people in our world now. A. billion of B. billions of C. six billions D. six billions of


A plant makes its own food in its leaves. Water comes to the leaves through the roots .Air gets into the leaves through very small holes. The green colouring in the leaves uses the water and air to make the food for the plant. It also needs sunshine because a plant can make food only when the sun is shining. Animals and people could not live without green plants .They both eat plants. People and some animals eat the meat of some animals and these animals eat plants.


1.What dose a plant get food

from? It gets food from its leaves. 2.What things can make the food for a plant? The green colouring in the leaves. 3.Why dose a plant have very small holes in its leaves? Air gets into the leaves through very small holes. 4.When can a plant make its food ? The sun is shining .

1. Write “How many parts does a plant have, and what is each part for?”

Thank you

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