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unit 3 表数量的词组

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中小学学法指导中心 初一升初二英语

Unit 3 表数量的词组



1、修饰可数名词:many /many a(an) /a great/good many(of) /a great/good/large number of/dozens of/scores of /quite a few等。many a 的意思相当于many , 但many a 后边接可数名词单数,如

______________student has such a question.许多同学有这样的疑问。

______________ students have passed the exam.许多学生都通过了考试。

______________ days ago, I met him in the park.几天前我在公园里遇到了他。

2、修饰不可数名词: a great/good deal of /large/great amounts of /a large /great amount of /a large sum of /a large amount o/ much /a little

We can get ______________ information from internet.我们可以从互联网上获得大量信息。

3、既可修饰可数名词,也可修饰不可数名词:a lot of (lots of ); plenty of; a large quantity of 等。 _______________ the water is polluted.许多水都被污染了。

_______________the rivers are polluted.许多河都被污染了。

二、few、little;a few、a little的用法:

1、few 和a few 都修饰可数名词。few意为“几乎没有”,表示否定;a few表示“有些、几个”,表示肯定;quite a few=many(修饰可数名词)表示“许多”。如:

I have eaten ____________ apples today.

He has ___________ friends.他几乎没有什么朋友。


中小学学法指导中心 初一升初二英语

2、little和a little都修饰不可数名词。little意为“几乎没有几个”,表示否定;a little表示“有些”。如:

I have _____________ money.我几乎身无分文。

I have _____________ work to do.我有一些工作要做

quite a little=much(修饰不可数名词)表示“许多。

三、a number of 与the number of的区别:

a number of 相当于some,a few; a great/large number of相当于many,quite a few;the number of指的是“…的数量”。如:

_______________ the students in our school is 5,000. 我们学校学生的数量是5000人。 ______________ students have passed the exam.许多学生都通过了考试。


1.a good/great deal of+不可数 v单三

a large/small sum of money v单三

large/small sums of money v单三

a large/small amount of 不可数 v单三

large/small amounts of 不可数 v单三

2.a number of 名词复数 v复数

numbers of 名词复数 v复数

the number of 名词复数 v单三

a good/great many +名词复数 v单三

a good/great many of +the/these/those/one's+名词复数 v单三

3.a variety of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v单三

a supply of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v单三

a quantity of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v单三

a mass of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v单三

a measure of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v单三

measures of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v复数

masses of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v复数

supplies of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v复数

quantities of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v复数

varieties of 名词复数 /不可数名词 v复数


中小学学法指导中心 初一升初二英语

plenty of 名词复数 v复数

plenty of 不可数名词 v单三


如:He is a good student! 他是一个好学生(形容词表示程度的)

He listens to the teacher carefully!他认真的听老师上课!(副词表程度的)


1. Why is there _______ traffic on the streets in February than in May?

A. less B. fewer C. few D. little

2. On account of the typhoon ______ shipment will arrive this week.

A. neither B. all C. both D. these

3. They paid ____ money for the machine than I expected.

A. little B. less C. much D. fewer

4. There are trees on ____ side of the street.

A. such a B. both C. some D. each

5. Have you got ____ copies to go round?

A. the other B. enough C. a little D. much

6. I saw ____ cars outside the building.

A. a little B. any C. lots of D. neither

7. There’s ____ water in the bottle.

A. few B. a number of C. plenty of D. any

8. I’d like ____ paper.

A. a few B. several C. a bit of D. these

9. There are ____ mistakes in the paper.

A. the B. a little C. much D. a few

10. Do they have ____ air-conditioners for cooling the rooms in summer?

A. many a B. enough C. a great deal of D. a bit of

11. Don’t worry about the seats. There are ____ chairs in the room.

A. Plenty of B. any C. both D. most

12. There is ____ iron in this mine than in that one.


中小学学法指导中心 初一升初二英语

A. much B. a great deal of C. less D. a lot of

13. ____ work has to be done before the plant goes into operation.

A. Much B. Double C. A number of D. Neither

14. He wrote ____ essays on Victorian novels in his class.

A. the next B. the most C. the other D. the more

15. The model worker had ____ thought of his own interests.

A. the last B. less C. the least D. another

16. There must be ____ empty talk but more hard work.

A. fewer B. no C. the least D. less

17. He has published ____ short stories in English.

A. a great amount of B. a number of C. another D. many a

18. We had ____ rainfalls last summer.

A. too much B. little C. a little D. only several

19. ____ care would have prevented the accident.

A. Much B. Little C. A little D. A few

20. The students spent ____ their time working in the fields.

A. both B. most C. more D. half


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