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Nature’s Nursery:Estuaries

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Nature’s Nursery: Estuaries


Teaching aims: 1. Some words: estuary, nursery, reproduce, habitat, recreation, pollutant, density 2. Learn the text and understand reading skills 3. Learn the structure and use it

pollutant estuary recreation

Word Study a. the body of water where a river meets the ocean b. Affected or hurt easily c. to give birth to or have offspring(后代)

reproduce erosion

d. something that pollutes, especially a waste material e. the process of eroding or the condition of being eroded f. refreshment of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses

Para 1

Para 2

Para 3

Estuaries provide both recreation and education for human beings. Estuaries are also important because they absorb nutrients and pollutants from water coming from inland sources, thus cleaning our water. As the oceans are the source of life on earth, the estuaries are our planet's nurseries. Estuaries are great places for nature's young ones.

Para 4

Where does the main idea usually come in the text?

They all come in the _______ sentence. first Some come in the middle of the text. Some come in the last of the text.
Later when you read some materials, please remember these

Read for more details
1. What’s an estuary para 1

An estuary is the body of water where a river meets the ocean. Salt water from the ocean and fresh water from the river mix together in an estuary. This mixing of fresh and salt water creates a unique environment filled with life of all kinds-a zone between the land and sea.

There are some estuaries in our China,

The Yangtze Estuary

Pearl River Estuary

2. Why are estuaries such good places for nature’s young ones? para2
In estuaries, animals can enjoy all the benefits of the oceans without having to face many of its dangers.

Tides provide energy for the ecosystems, but estuaries are protected from waves and storms by islands, mud or sand. Nutrients from both the land and the ocean arrive in estuaries.

Can you show in a sentence? Because the habitat provides all the benefits of the ocean (energy and nutrients) ________the dangers without (waves and storms).
A. without B. with C. in D. of

3. What does density mean in this
passage? Para 2

“Density” means the number of
species per area in this passage.

4. How do estuaries affect the water that passes through them? Para 3 Estuaries absorb nutrients and pollutants from water coming from inland sources, thus cleaning our water. 5. Why are estuaries more sensitive to pollution than other areas? Para 3

Since estuaries act as filters(过滤器 ), many pollutants end up in the estuaries. So they’re more sensitive than other areas.


6. Why are estuaries important to human beings? Para 4

Estuaries are important to human beings because we like to study and relax in them and because they contribute to the economy through tourism and fishing.

Ture or False

T1. Estuary is a zo

ne between the land and the sea.

T2. Estuary is home to many animals and plants.
F3. Animals living in the eatuary usually worry about their

F4. We don’t need to protect the estuary because it can
protect itself.

F 5. The density of living creatures in the estuary is lower
than in any other habitat on earth.

T 6. Usually the economy in the estuary is more developed than that in other places.

What’s the structure of the text?
1 2

4 2

4 2

1 3 4


Where can we use this structure?

If you are describing a process,

? You should explain each step in the order it happens. ? Tell the readers about the causes and effects and use words like first, second, then, to show the order of the steps.

? First… ? Second… ? Third/ Then… ? Last… Firstly… Secondly… Thirdly Finally… / At last…/ In the end…/ Eventually…


Retell the text using the writing skills

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