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The new club

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Talking about it

What is your favourite hobby ? Why do you like it?

1. 收集邮票 2.组织俱乐部 3.集邮俱乐部 4.从…拿出 5.不要倒置 6.作报告 collect stamp
organize a club

a stamp collecting club

get… out of this side up make a report

7.令人愉快的爱好 enjoyable hobby an go through the door 8.穿过门 9.参加俱乐部 join a club grow vegetables 10.种菜 词 11.在停车场 in the parking lot 组 12.交换 trade…with /for 检
New words text explanations

My hobby is …



Brian’s hobby is collecting stamps

stamp collection

Mr .J.Turner Oak Cottage Pondstone,England

Today I want to write a letter to my grandpa about it!

language points:
? real adj really adv 只不是虚构的,是实际存在的人或 ? real( 物,强调客观存在。)
? true ( 真实的,事物是真的不是假的,

错的,强调与事实相符 。 ? The news is_______. true. ? We want the_______ answer. real ? She isn’t _______young. really

Focus on
1 This is a ____story. It’s about a ____ A person who loved dogs. A true real B real true C true really D truly real

2 We need ____help, not just promises A A real B true C Really D truly A 3 I’m learning to skate on ____ice. A real B true C really D truly

Focus on
Everyone can take part in gardening
? take part in + doing /n (参加讨论,辩论或群 众性的活动)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? join in (参加某项活动) join(加入团体成为某个团体的一员) B 1 Mr Wang ___the Party in 1998. A joins B joined C take part in D took part 2 I____the sports meeting yesterday. B A joined B took part in C take part in D took part

Focus on
C 3 I _____ a rocket club in my city three years ago . A joined in B took C joined D took park in D 4 I _____ a rocket club in my city for three years . A joined in B took C joined D have been a member of

Focus on
5 The players from more than 200 A countries will ______the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing ? A take part in B attend C join D hold

Focus on
Jenny and I joined the club. so did most of our classmates. ? So +系动词 be/助动词/情态动词+主语 so does she. I have a computer, _________(她也是) so did I They enjoyed the story book,___________ (我也是). so is he. Xiaohong is a good student, _____ so can my brother I can skate,_____________(我弟弟也是).

Focus on
4 Jim likes skating very much. ______ A A So does Bill B Neither does Bill C So Bill does D Neither Bill does 5 Danny went to school on foot yesterday. _________ C A So not to talk B So does Li Ming C So he did D So doesn’t talk

Focus on
Please send the stamp back to me ? Send“寄,送” ? Send sth to sb/ send sb sth.给某 人寄某物
Eg: 我父母每年送我一件礼物。

My parents send a present to me every year. =My parents send me a present every year.

Focus on
? Send back“寄回来

Eg:我送他一个礼物,但他又给我寄回来 I sent him a present, but he sent it back to me. My friend sent me an expensive book , so I sent it back to him


Listen to the tape and do some exercises .

Listen! My letter is coming!!!


Listen to the tape and fill in the form with the information your hear

Reason for having the hobby

gardening enjoyable
organize a gardening club study about gardening have a school garden

Jenny’s idea

members of gardening club

Jenny ,Brian, most of her classmates

Read with tape

Answer the questions:
? Who writes the letter? ? Brian What did Brian ask his grandpa to do ?Why? Because Brian’s hobby is stamp collection ? What did Brian and his classmates do this morning? Everyone brought his or her favourite hobby to school.

He ask his grandpa to send the stamp back to him

Class activities:

Try to find more questions in our text.

Answer the questions:
? Whose hobby did Brian enjoy most? He enjoyed Jenny’s hobby most. ? What is Jenny’s hobby? Her hobby is gardening .

? What is Jenny’s idea?

She said that they should organize a gardening club. They should all study about gardening this winter, they can have a school garden .
What did Jenny and Brain do ?

?They join the club.

Our teacher said that gardening is enjoyable and easy to learn. Everyone can take part in gardening.

Class activities:

Interview your group’s members Write down your groups’ hobbies then tell us please.

survey and report(调查,汇报)
Name Hobby

write about your group’s hobbies:

Jenny Brian


play computer

dance play basketball


read books

play the guitar

play football

go swimming watch TV


go fishing





survey and report(调查,汇报)

write about your group’s hobbies:
Hobby Why

Name Danny Jenny


1 Different people have different

hobbies __________(爱好) collecting 2 I like _______(收集) old magazines reported 3 The boy _______(报告) that he had seen UFOs enjoyable 4 I had an _________(愉快的)time? organize 5 We_________(组织) a party last year. We had a lot ________(活动). activities

member 6 I have been a ________(成员) of the club for two years. 7 Ms. Liu told us we should organize ________(组 织)a gardening club. really 8 He doesn’t ________(真正地)like the job. gardening 9 Mary is interested in ________ (园艺)。 gardener 10 She wants to be a ______(园丁)

1 will next grow lots vegetables I of year I will grow lots of vegetables next year. 2 enjoyable , gardening, an is hobby Gardening is an enjoyable hobby. 3 showed, tree, his Jim to family us Jim showed his family tree to us.


like ,you, to, stamps ,trade ,would Would you like to trade stamps?

5 each, from, our, other, are, hobbies ,different Our hobbies are different from each o





Write a short passage about the hobby

Maybe these words can help you:

Peter想找一位中国笔友,假如你想 与他交朋友 请给他写封信介绍你和 你班同学的爱好.80 字左右 提示:你有很多爱好,如集邮,园艺 游泳等 你的同学也有很多爱好,你 们互换邮票一起玩。

Dear Peter, I know you want to look for a pen friend. I’d love to be you friend, I’ll tell you something about myself .I have many hobbies. I like collecting stamps, gardening ,swimming , skating , reading and so on . bBut my favourite hobby is collecting stamps. My friends like collecting stamps ,too. We often bring them to school and trade with them . After class we often play football and basketball, too. We like sports. What about you? Please write to me and say something about you.
Yours LiMing

1. Talk about your favorite hobby

2 Finish the exercises in activity book

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