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Class _______ Name_______ Score ______

一、 选择题(15分)

1、How ____ story books _____ you have?

A. much, are B. much, does C. many, do D. any, is 2、--Does your father like sports? ---Yes,______.

A. he does B. he do C. he like D. he is 3、My family watch football match _____TV. A.in B.at C.on D.of 4、The music ______good.

A.sound B.sounding C.sounds D.is sound 5、There ______ an orange on the table. A.am B.is C.are D/

6、Do Lucy and Lily have a nice room?Yes,_____

A.Yes,she do B.she does C.they do D.they don’t 7、Let’s play baseball.

__________,but we don’t have a baseball bat.

A.Let’s go B.No,I won’t C.I’d love to D.Yes ,I can 8、John does’t ______ a baseball. A.has B.haves C.hases D.have

9、Mary likes sports very much and she plays sports _____ A.everyday B.every day C.every days D.an day

10、They _____have a mobile phone.(手机) A.aren’t B.don’t C.doesn’t D.haven’t 11、_____ look ______ the map over there. A.Let’s at B.Let at C.Let’s on D.Let on

12、I don’t have ____ pens. I think Ann has _____. A.any, any B.some, any C.some ,some D.any ,some 13、Let’s go and _____ her brother.

A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps 14、There is _____ interesting game. A.a B.an C.the D./ 15、Let’s play soccer,_________

A.You are welcome B.Thank you C.Here you are D.That sounds good. 二、完型填空(10分)

Peter and Tommy 1 _______ a good friend,His 2______name is Barry. They like sports .Peter thinks baseball 3______ interesting .He 4____ it. Tommy

and Barry like playing tennis.They have a pair of 5______.Tennis 6_______ relaxing .They 7______ play soccer because it’s difficult.Peter and Barry 8_____ watch TV because it is boring .Peter and Tommy 9_______ volleyball. 10______ go and play volleyball,OK?

( )1、A.is B. are C. have D. first

( )2、A. last B. first C. family D. friend’s ( )3、A. is B. are C. has D. have ( )4、A. play B. plays C. like D. likes

( )5、A.tennis rackets B. tennises racket C.tennis racket ( )6、A.have B. has C. is D.are ( )7、A.don’t B. aren’t C. can’t D. can ( )8、A.can B. don’t C.aren’t D, can’t. ( )9、A.have B. like C. has D. plays ( )10、A. Let we B. we C.Let’s D.Let our 三、 阅读理解(20分)


There is a shy girl in our class.She is thirteen years old.She is not tall and she is not short . She is a little fat.Her face is round,like an apple.She has two big black eyes and a small nose.Her mouth is big,but her ears are small.Her hair is short and black. She likes the color red.But today she is wearing a yellow sweater,blue jieans and brown shoes.She dilikes getting up early,so she is usuall late for school.She doesn’t like to talk to others.She likes little animals.She has a little black dog.She and the dog are good friend,

1、 How old is the girl?

A.She is 13 years old B.She is 11 years old C,She is 12 years old D.She is 14 years old 2、How tall is the girl?

A.She is tall B.She is short C.She is medium D.She is fat 3、The girl’s hair is_______

A.curly B. black C. brown D. yellow 4、The girl’s favorite color is _______

A. red B. black C. brown D. yellow 5、The girl likes little ________

A. flowers B. animals C.trees D. toys


Mrs Brown goes to see her son in London.Her son works in a music club there. Mrs Brown doesn’t know London well.And she can’t find her way.

She sees a man at a bus stop.She wants to ask the man the way,“Excuse me!But can you help me please?Which bus goes to Miller’s shop?”Mrs Brown asks.The man is very friendly.He smiles.But he can’t speak English ,he can speak French.He

is new in London.He puts his hand into his coat and takes out a small book .He opens it and reads something on it ,“I am sorry,I can’t speak English,”

1、 Mrs Brown goes to ____ in London.

A. work in a club B. find the way C.see her son D.ask the man 2、Mrs Brown’s son works in ________ A.a big school B.Miller’ shop C.a music club D.a bus stop

3、The “bus stop” means _______in Chinese

A.车库 B.加油站 C.交通灯 D公共汽车站 4、Mrs Brown can’t find her way because _________

A.She is old B.she is new in London C.she doesn’t know London well D.she can’t see 5、Which is right?

A.The man at the bus stop is an Englishman B.The man can’t help Mrs Brown C.Mrs Brown can’t speak English

D.Mrs Brown borrows the book from the man 四、首字母填空(10分)

1、This computer game is i________ ,I like it.

2、My teacher let me answer the d________ question. 3、Li Lei h______ a very nice hat. 4、Do you have a_____ books? 5、Sorry,I lose your k_______.

6、We don’t have any v______ for you to play . 7、Can you b_______ some apples for me? 8、There are m______people on the ground. 9、Let’s p______ football.

10、My mother w_____TV every day. 五、用适当形式填空(10分)

1、Bill _______ (like) watching TV. 2、_______ he _______ (have) a car?

3、How about swimming? That _____ (sound) good. 4、What time is it ? Sorry, I _____ (not know) 5、She _______ (not have ) any money.

6、_______ he ______ (have) an eraser? 7、Thank you for ______ (come) 8、I _______ (love ) my parents.

9、There _____ (be) a football and two baseballs.

10、Do you have _____ (some) money? 六、英汉互译(15分)


Henry _______ a _______ ________ collection. 2、那听起来很无聊。

That ________ _________ 3、 我父母每天进行体育锻炼。

My parents _________ ________ ________ _________. 4、 我仅仅在电视上看体育。

I _______ ________ sports _______ TV.


___________ ___________ _____________. 七、书面表达(20分)


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