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淘金 英语专八改错题精选2

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Some social scientists have claimed that divorce harms

children for the rest of their lives leading them to form marriages

as happy as their parents’. But other recent studies say marital (1)______ breakups have mixed long-term effects, foster growth in some (2)______ children and the resolve to build happier marriages of their own.

In support of the second viewpoint, a recent Pew Research

Center study suggests that when divorced parents remarry, the (3)______ kids’ own marriages may benefit from the example of a parent’s

second, happier union. Indeed, some 60% of children who grow up

in stepfamilies say their marriages are closer than that of their own

biological parents, says the Pew survey of 2691 adults, conduct

last October. Also. Some 70% of people with step-relatives say

they are very satisfied with their family lives, the Pew study

shows. The study indicates that the stepkids may be benefiting

from a parent’s positive bond with a stepparent.

Still, blood is thicker than water. The 42% of Americans who

have at least one step--relative typically feel a strong sense of

obligation to their biological parent, child or sibling than their

step-relatives, the Pew survey says. Significantly higher

percentages of correspondents said they would feel obligated to

provide financial help or care with a biological relative who was in

trouble, compared with those who would help a step-relative who

was in trouble. (4)______ (5)_______ (6)_______ (7)_______ (8)_______ (9)_______ (10)_______

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