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七年级英语上册 Module 1 Unit 1精选课时训练 外研版

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Module 1 Unit 1

(20分钟 50分)

Ⅰ. 根据句意及汉语或首字母提示完成单词(5分)

1. — (哪里)is Steven from?

—He is from Nanning.

2. This book is (关于)Harry Potter.

3. Miss Hill is (不是)a teacher. She is a doctor.

4. Today is my birthday. I’m twelve y old now.

5. Tony and I are in Class Two, G One.

Ⅱ. 用所给词的适当形式填空(5分)

1. I come from China. I am (China).

2. What about (go)swimming tomorrow? 3. Tony is an English boy and he lives in (English)now.

4. Mr Yang is (we)Chinese teacher.

5. This is an (America)film. I like it very much.

Ⅲ. 单项选择(10分)

1. Sally’s mother an English teacher.

A. are B. is C. am D. be

2. My sister is Class Three.

A. on B. for C. in D. at

3. —Are Tina and Anna from Beijing?

A. Yes, she is.

B. No, she isn’t.

C. Yes, they is.

D. No, they aren’t.

4. My name is Sara I’m from America.

A. and B. so C. but D. with

5. I got an email this morning. It’s my best friend, John. 1

A. in B. of C. at D. from

Ⅳ. 句型转换(10分)

1. I’m from Chongqing. (对画线部分提问)

you ?

2. old, he’s, and, English, years, he’s, thirteen(. )(连词成句)

3. I’m Chinese. And you?(改为同义句)

I China. you? 4. She is an English teacher. (改为一般疑问句, 并作否定回答) — an English teacher?

—No, .

5. I’m in Grade 7. (对画线部分提问)

you ?

Ⅴ. 补全对话(10分)

从方框中选择最佳选项完成对话, 有两项多余。

Daming: Good morning!

Linda: 1

Daming: My name is Daming. I’m Chinese. 2

Linda: My name is Linda.

Daming: 3

Linda: No, I’m not. I’m from America.

Daming: I’m twelve. 4


Linda: I’m eleven.

Daming: 5

Linda: Nice to meet you, too.

Daming: Let’s go and play games.

Linda: OK! Let’s go.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Ⅵ. 阅读理解(10分)

My name is Kate Green. I’m an American girl. I am twelve. I am in China now. I have a Chinese friend here. Her name is Lin Fang. She is from Zhengzhou. She is thirteen. I am in Class Three and she is in Class Three, too. We are good friends. Lin Fang’s father is a teacher. He teaches us English. We like him very much.

1. Kate is from .

A. China B. England C. America D. Zhengzhou

2. Lin Fang is her .

A. sister B. American friend

C. teacher D. Chinese friend 3. How old is Kate’s friend? A. She is 12. B. She is 13.

C. She is 14. D. She is 15.

4. Is Kate’s father a teacher?

A. No, he is. B. No, he isn’t.

C. Yes, he isn’t. D. Yes, he is.

5. Which is TRUE according to(根据)the passage?

A. Kate lives in America now.

B. Kate and Lin Fang are in the same class.

C. Kate’s father is an English teacher. D. Kate and Lin Fang don’t like their English teacher.



Ⅰ. 答案: 1. Where 2. about 3. not 4. years 5. Grade

Ⅱ. 答案: 1. Chinese 2. going 3. England 4. our 5. American

Ⅲ. 答案: 1~5. BCDAD

Ⅳ. 答案: 1. Where’re; from

2. He’s English and he’s thirteen years old.

3. am/come from; What about

4. Is she; she isn’t

5. What grade are; in

Ⅴ. 答案: 1~5. CEGAF

Ⅵ. 1. 【解析】选C。事实细节题。由“I’m an American girl. ”可知凯特来自美国, 故选C。

2. 【解析】选D。事实细节题。由“I have a Chinese friend here. Her name is Lin Fang. ”可知选D。

3. 【解析】选B。事实细节题。由“She is thirteen. ”可知选B。

4. 【解析】选B。推理判断题。由“Lin Fang’s father is a teacher. ”可知林芳的爸爸是一位老师而不是Kate的爸爸, 故选B。

5. 【解析】选B。主旨大意题。由“I am in Class Three and she is in Class Three, too. ”可知她俩在同一个班里。故选B。


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