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七年级英语上册 Module 1 Unit 3精选课时训练 外研版

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Module 1 Unit 3

(20分钟 50分)

Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词(5分)

1. David’s C name is He Xiaofan.

2. —Where do you come f ?


3. —What’s the c of England?


4. She is Helen Kate, and Helen is her f name.

5. This apple is small. I want the b one. Ⅱ. 用所给词的适当形式填空(5分)

1. My name (be)Wang Dong.

2. Emma is an (America)girl.

3. Sam is twelve (year)old.

4. What is (he)name?

5. My good friend Tony is from (English).

6. Nice (meet)you.

Ⅲ. 单项选择(10分)

1. —Are you in Class One?

— .

A. Yes, I’m not B. No, I am C. Yes, you are D. Yes, I am

2. Sam is in class. He’s new friend.

A. my; she B. my; my

C. she; my D. she; she

3. — ?

—John Brown.

A. What’s this B. How old are you

C. What’s your name D. How are you


4. Chinese put(放)the first.

A. family name B. given name

C. middle(中间)name D. full name

5. —Hello, John! This is my friend, Tom.

A. Tom is his friend. B. Nice to meet you.

C. Fine, thank you. D. This is my given name.

Ⅳ. 句型转换(10分) 1. Lin Shuhao is from America. (对画线部分提问)

Lin Shuhao ?

2. We are Andy’s classmates. (改为一般疑问句)

Andy’s classmates? 3. Beck is in Class One and his friends are in Class Two. (改为否定句) Beck in Class One and his friends in Class Two.

4. How about doing our homework?(改为同义句)

doing our homework?

5. Emma is fourteen. (改为同义句)

Emma is fourteen .

Ⅴ. 完形填空(10分)

My name is Tony Brown. Tony 1 my first name, 2 Brown is my last name. I am twelve years old. I am an American boy. There 3 five people(人) 4 my family.

I 5 two sisters. 6 are Lily and Lucy. They are twins(双胞胎). They are only four.

My father and my mother 7 teachers. My father is American, and my mother is from 8 . They 9 their work very much. And they have many 10 .

1. A. am B. are C. is D. be

2. A. and B. or C. to D. but

3. A. are B. is C. have

D. has


4. A. of

B. for B. have B. We

C. at

D. in

5. A. has 6. A. They 7. A. is

C. am D. are

D. Her

D. have

C. You

B. are C. be

8. A. Chinese B. English C. England

D. American 9. A. does

B. likes

C. like

D. do

10. A. boys

B. children

C. teachers D. students

Ⅵ. 阅读理解(10分)

My name is Felix Black. I am from America. I am twelve years old. And I am a student in No. 2 Middle School in Suzhou. Mrs Zhao is our Chinese teacher. My friend is also a student here. Her name is Maria Smith. She is from England. She is thirteen years old. Maria and I are new students in No. 2 Middle School. We like our Chinese class. 阅读短文, 判断正误(T/F)。

( )1. Felix is thirteen years old. ( )2. Mr Zhao is Felix’s Chinese teacher. ( )3. Maria is from England.

( )4. Felix and Maria are in the same school. ( )5. They don’t like their Chinese class.



Ⅰ. 答案: 1. Chinese 2. from 3. capital 4. first 5. big

Ⅱ. 答案: 1. is 2. American 3. years 4. his 5. England

6. to meet

Ⅲ. 答案: 1~5. DBCAB

Ⅳ. 答案: 1. Where is; from 2. Are you

3. isn’t; aren’t 4. What about 5. years old

Ⅴ. 1. 【解析】选C。本题考查be动词。主语Tony为单数, 因此系动词用is。故选C。

2. 【解析】选A。本题考查词义辨析。句意: Tony是我的名字, Brown是我的姓。前后句为并列关系, and连接并列关系的句子。故选A。

3. 【解析】选A。本题考查固定句型。there be“有”; 又five people为复数, 因此用系动词are。故选A。

4. 【解析】选D。本题考查固定搭配。in my family“在我的家庭里”, 故选D。

5. 【解析】选B。本题考查词义辨析。句意: 我有两个妹妹; 又“I”为第一人称, 故用have。故选B。

6. 【解析】选A。本题考查词义辨析。句意: 她们是莉莉和露西, 故选A。

7. 【解析】选B。本题考查be动词。主语my father and my mother为复数, 故选B。

8. 【解析】选C。本题考查词义辨析。句意: ??我妈妈来自英国, A项“中国人; 中国的”; B项“英国人; 英国的”; D项“美国人; 美国的”, 故选C。

9. 【解析】选C。本题考查词义辨析。句意: 他们非常喜欢他们的工作。they并非第三人称单数形式, 所以不用likes, 故选C。

10. 【解析】选D。本题考查词义辨析。由前几句可知, 此处应为: 他们有很多学生, 故选D。

Ⅵ. 1. 【解析】F。由“I am twelve years old. ”可知该题错误。

2. 【解析】F。由“Mrs Zhao is our Chinese teacher. ”可知该题错误。

3. 【解析】T。由“She is from England. ”可知该题正确。

4. 【解析】T。由文章倒数第二句“Maria and I are new students in No. 2 Middle School. ”可知该题正确。

5. 【解析】F。由文章最后一句话“We like our Chinese class. ”可知该题错误。


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