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Whom can you trust these days? It is a question posed by

David Halpern of Cambridge University,and the researchers at the

Downing Street Strategy Unit who take an interest in “social (1)______ Nations the question: “Generally speaking would you say that

Most people can be trusted?”

The results are fascinated.The conclusion that leaps from the (2)______ fgures and into sensational headlines are that social dislocation, (3)______ religious decline, public scandals, family fragmentation and the

fear of crime have made us more trusting. Comparative surveys (4)______ over 40 years suggest that British trustfulness had halved:in the

1950s 60 pre cent of us answered “yes, most people can be

trusted”, in the 1980s 44 per cent, today only 29 per cent. Trust

levels also continue to fall in Ireland and the US-meanwhile, the

norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Dutch express tremendous

confidence in one and another’s honesty: levels are actually rising.

in Mexico and Japan the level of trust is also increasing, that is

interesting if mild bewildering. And the Palme d’Or (金粽铜奖)

for mutual suspect goes to the Brazilians—with less than 3

per cent replying “yes”-and the Turks with 65 per cent. The French.

Apparently, never trusted each other and still don’t.Nevertheless we

Become less Scandinavian and more French (or Turkish) every

Year. (5)______ (6)______ (7)______ (8)______ (3)______ (10)______

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