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淘金 英语专八改错题精选5

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I came to Africa with one purpose: I wanted to see the

world outside the perspective of European egocentricity. I coule

have chosen Asia or South America. I ended up in Africa because

the plane ticket there was cheapest.

I came and I stayed. For nearly 25 years I have lived off and

on Mozambique. Time has passed, and I’m no longer young in (1)_____ fact, I’m approaching to old age. But my motive for living this (2)_____ straddled existence, with one foot in African sand and the another (3)_____ in European snow, in the melancholy region of Norrland in

Sweden that I grew up, has to do with wanting to see clearly, to Understand.

The simplest way to explain what I’ve learned from my life in

Africa is through a parable about why human beings have two ears

and only one tongue. Why is this? Probably so that we have to listen twice as much as we speak.

In Africa listening is a guided principle. It’s a principle that

has lost in the constant chatter of the Western world, where no one

seems to have the time or even the desire to listen to anyone else.

from my own experience, I’ve noticed how much faster I have to

answer a question during a TV interview than what I did 10,

maybe even 5, years ago. It’s as if we have complete lost the

ability to listen. We taly and talk, and we end up frightening by

silence, the refuge of those who are at a loss for an answer. (4)_____ (5)______ (6)______ (7)______ (8)______ (9)______ (10)______

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