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淘金 英语专八改错题精选3

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Parents who smoke often open a window or turn on a fan to

clear the air for their children,but experts now have identified a

relative threat to children’s health that isn’t as easy to get rid of: (1)______ third-hand smoke. That’s the term being used to describe the

invisible yet toxic mixture of gas and particles clinging to (2)_______ smokers’ hair and clothing, not mention cushions and carpeting, (3)_______ that linger long after second-hand smoke has clearen from a room. (4)_______ The reminder includes hervy metals and radioactive materials that (5)_______ young children can get on their hands and ingest, especially if

they’re crawling or playing on the floor.

Doctors from MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston

coined the term “third-hand smoke” to describe these chemicals in

a new study that focused on the risks they pose to infants and

children. The study was published in latest issue of the journal

Pediatrics. “Everyone keows that second-hand smoke is bad, but

they don’t know about this,” said Dr. Jonathan P. Winickoff, the

leaded author of the study and an assistant professor of

pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. “When your kids are out of

the house, they might smoke. Or they smoke in the car. Or they

strap the kid in the car seat in the back and crack the window and

smoke, and they think it’s okay so the second-hand smoke isn’t

getting to their kids,” Dr. Winickoff continued.”We needed a term

to describe these tobacco toxins that aren’t invisible.” (6)______ (7)_______ (8)_______ (9)______ (10)________

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