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七年级英语上册 Module 1 Unit 2精选课时训练 外研版

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Module 1 Unit 2

(20分钟 50分)

Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词(5分)

1. —Is e here, Tom?

—No, Lily is not here.

2. Paris is the c of France.

3. This book is old, b I like it a lot.

4. Tony is the (最后)to come to my birthday party.

5. (全体)the students will go to the park this weekend.

Ⅱ. 用适当的人称代词填空(5分)

1. Hi, am Xu Lili. 2. This girl is my friend. is 10 years old. 3. That boy is from England. name is Jack.

4. —Are from Class One, Lucy?

—Yes, am.

5. This is our teacher, Mr Zhang. is 36 years old. Ⅲ. 单项选择(5分)

1. I a boy and my name Mike.

A. am; am B. am; is C. is; is D. is; am

2. She is my English teacher and name is Jessica.

A. she B. her C. / D. Hers

3. — is Lingling’s English name?


A. Where B. Who C. What D. How

4. It’s glad you here, Daming.

A. see B. seeing C. to see D. sees

5. —Where are you from?

—We are from . We are .

A. English; English B. England; England


C. English; England

Ⅳ. 完成句子(5分)

1. 伦敦是英国的首都。 D. England; English

London is England.

2. 莉莉和露西是我们的好朋友。

Lily and Lucy good friends.

3. 这是王明。他的英文名是汤姆。

Wang Ming. His is Tom.

4. 李新不在五班。

Li Xin in Class Five.

5. 我很高兴和你们一起踢足球。

I’m football with you.

Ⅴ. 用be动词的适当形式填空, 完成下面短文(10分)

Hello! I 1 Wu Haiyuan. My English name 2 Betty. There 3

three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and I. I have

two pen friends. They 4 Ann and Linda. They 5 from America. Ann

and Linda 6 in Grade Two, but Ann 7 in Class Three, and Linda 8

in Class Four. I 9 in Class One, Grade Two. We 10 very happy every day.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Ⅵ. 补全对话, 每空一词(10分)

A: Hello! 1 your name?

B: My name 2 Jack.

A: Nice to 3 you!

B: Nice to meet you, 4 !

A: 5 old are you?

B: I’m eleven. What 6 you?

A: I’m eleven, too.

B: I’m Chinese. 7 are you from?

A: I’m 8 Engl

and. Do you have a friend?


B: Yes. His first name is Jill. And his last name is Black. He is my friend, 9 he is not 10 my class.

A: Goodbye!

B: Bye!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ⅶ. 阅读理解(10分)

I’m Mrs Zhou. I’m a teacher in No. 1 Middle School(第一中学). This is Li Lei. He’s Chinese. He is in Class 2, Grade 7. He’s my student, and my son(儿子)too. He’s twelve.

That girl is Jean. She’s American. She’s eleven. And that boy is Jack.

He’s English. He’s ten. They’re in Li Lei’s class.

I’m their Chinese teacher. All the students and the teachers have two

names: an English name and a Chinese name. Li Lei’s English name is Tom.

My English name is Mary. Their English teacher Miss Jin’s English name is Sue. Jean’s and Jack’s Chinese names are Wei Hua and Zhang Li.

1. Li Lei is .

A. eleven B. twelve C. ten D. thirteen

2. Jean’s Chinese name is .

A. Wei Hua

C. Liu Ying B. Zhang Li D. Li Mei

3. Jack is .

A. Chinese B. American C. English D. French

4. Mrs Zhou’s English name is .

A. Sally B. Mary C. Jean D. Sue 5. Which one is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Li Lei is Mrs Zhou’s son.

B. Jean and Jack are in Li Lei’s class.

C. Miss Jin’s English name is Sue.

D. Mrs Zhou is an English teacher.



Ⅰ. 答案: 1. everyone 2. capital 3. but 4. last 5. All

Ⅱ. 答案: 1. I 2. She 3. His 4. you; I 5. He

Ⅲ. 答案: 1~5. BBCCD

Ⅳ. 答案: 1. the capital of 2. are our 3. This is; English name

4. is not 5. happy to play

Ⅴ. 答案: 1. am 2. is 3. are 4. are 5. are 6. are

7. is 8. is 9. am 10. are

Ⅵ. 答案: 1. What’s 2. is 3. meet 4. too 5. How

6. about 7. Where 8. from 9. but 10. in

Ⅶ. 1. 【解析】选B。事实细节题。由文章第一段最后一句话“He’s twelve. ”可知李磊12岁了, 故选B。

2. 【解析】选A。事实细节题。由文章最后一句话“Jean’s and Jack’s Chinese names are Wei Hua and Zhang Li. ”可知选A。

3. 【解析】选C。事实细节题。由文章第二段的“And that boy is Jack. He’s English. ”可知选C。

4. 【解析】选B。事实细节题。由文章第三段的“My English name is Mary. ”可知选B。

5. 【解析】选D。推理判断题。由最后一段第一句话“I’m their Chinese teacher. ”可知周老师是语文老师, 并非英语老师, 故选D。


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