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九年级英语UNIT5 after-class


1. --- Can you swim in the river?

6.We should talk in English as ______ as possible.

A. much B. many C. more D. a lot 7. Jack bought useful book. Book is also very interesting. 24. The groups ____ really cool clothes. But that’s not really important ____ me.

A. put on, to B. wear, for C. are putting on, for D. are --- No, I _____. A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t

--- May I go swimming now?

--- No, you ______. You must finish your homework first. A. mustn’t B. may not C. couldn’t D. needn’t

3. --- Excuse me. Where is the zoo? --- Sorry, I don’t know. Ask that policeman. He _____ know. A. shall B. may C. need D. would 4. __________ I finish the work today? No, you needn’t. A. Must B. May C. Can D. Need

5. --- Must I finish my homework now? --- No, you _________. You may have a rest first. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. may not D. needn’t

6. --- Tom, where is your father? --- I’m not sure. He_______ in his office. A. is B. may beC. maybe D. may

7. ---______________I visit Lucy on Sunday, Mum? ---Yes, you______________.

A. Must can B. May may C. Need need D. May need 8. --- Where is Tom?

--- He hasn't come to school today. I think he________ be ill. A. has to B. should C. may D. need 9. --- Can you fly a kite? --- No, I _____.

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. couldn’t

10. This book _____ Lucy’s. Look! Her name is on the book cover. A. must be B. may be C. can’t be D. mustn’t be 1. --Hello._________ I speak to John? --I'm sorry, you ________ have the wrong number. There's no one here by that name. A. Will, can B. Could, would C. May, must D. Shall, should 2. You_________ be hungry yet, you had a big cake only half an hour ago.

A. mustn't B. won't C. can't D. needn't 3. Were you just pretending_________.?

A. to interest B. to be interested C. to be interested in D. interesting

4. This question is ______ easy, all the students can answer the question.

A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too 5.This book ______ Tom’s father’s, because his name I son the book. A. maybe B. may be C. must be D. must A. an, The B. a, The C. an , A D. an , A

8. Uncle Wang lived but he didn’t feel . A. alone, lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, lonely D. along, alone

9. He is not when he drives. It’s dangerous.

A. serious enough B. carefully enough C. enough seriousD. enough careful

10. Mr Wang is very strict us English.

A. to , in B. on, with C. with, in D. in, on

11.—Who taught French? --–Nobody. She learned all by . A. herself, her B. she, herself C. her, herself D.her, she

12. Study hard, you are sure to have a good result in the exam . A.or B. and C. for D. but

13. He was too hungry, so he ate in the evening. A. plenty of B. a lot of C. man D. a lot 14.He walked fast for us catch up with.

A. so that B. such, that C. enough, to D. too, to 15. My friend Jim is very easy .

A. to get along B. getting along C. to get along with D. for getting along to 16.What heavy rain! I’d rather than .

A. go out, stay out home B. staying at home, going at C.go out , to stay at home D. stay at home, go out 17. We will have a holiday after the exam.

A.two month B.two—month C. two month’s D.two—months 18. The hospital is a bit far from here. It’s about . A. forty minute’s walk B. forty minutes walks C. forty minutes walk D. forty minutes’ walk 19. –Yesterday Mary went to the café with her friend. -- ,I saw them, too. A. So did she

B. Neither did she C. So she did D. Neither she did 20. —Tina didn’t go to school yesterday, did she? — Bcause she was badly ill. A. Yes, she did B. Yes, she didn’t C. No, she didn’t D. No, she did

21. Look at that girl ______ name is Lucy.

A. who B. whose C. which D. whom 22. I hate people ______ talk much but do little. A. who B. what C. which D. whose 23. The music _______ my hometown.

A. reminds me of B. reminds of me C. reminding mine of D. reminding for mine wearing, to

25. I listen ______ a CD ______ Heart strings. A. with, called B. to, with the name C. to, calling D. of, with the name of Concorde’s Birthday

CONCORDE, the world’s fastest passenger plane, will soon be over 33 years old. It first 1______ on 2 March 1969 in France. Concorde was developed by both France and Britain. From 1956 these two countries had a 2______ of a supersonic passenger plane. In 1962 they started to 3______ together on the project. The plane 4______ over 1.5 billion pounds to develop. It is the most tested plane in the history. It was given over 5000 hours of testing. Concorde flies at twice the speed of 5______. This means that it 6______ only 3 hours 25 minutes to fly between London and New York, compare with 7—8 hours in other passenger jets. Because of the five-hour time difference between the USA and Britain, it is 7______ to travel west on Concorde and arrive in New York before you leave London! You can catch the 10:30a.m. 8______ from London, Heathrow and start work in New York an hour 9______! Concorde is much used by business people and film stars. Each Concorde is built at a cost of 55 million pounds. Twenty have been built so far. Air France and British Airway 10______ the most. They each have seven planes.

1. A. invented B. produced C. flew D. took off 2. A. talk B. dream C. meeting D. fight 3. A. work B. do C. carry D. finish 4. A. paid B. wanted C. needed D. cost 5. A. voice B. sound C. noise D. shout 6. A. spends B. takes C. covers D. travels 7. A. possible B. impossible C. real D. unreal 8. A. plane B. passenger C. flight D. airline 9. A. later B. late C. earlier D. early 10. A. build B. make C. sell D. own II.完型填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

You may think that English dictionaries have been used for many, many centuries. In fact, an English dictionary you 16 today was’t made until the Qing Dynasty. Three men did most of the important 17 work on dictionaries. They spent nearly all their lives trying to 18 words for their dictionaries. For them, it was a wonderful journey. The largest dictionary in the world is Oxford English Dictionary. The 19 for this dictionary came from an important meeting in Britain in 1857. Twenty-two years later, OxfordUniversity asked James Murray to be editor of its new dictionary.

Murray had never been to 20 . At the age of fourteen, he left his village school in Scotland and taught himself while working in a bank. 21 he became a great teacher. After Oxford gave him the job, Murray had a small house 22 in his garden to do the work. Every morning, Murray got out of bed at five o'clock and 23 in the small house several hours before breakfast. Often he would work into the night. Murray hoped to finish the new dictionary in ten years. But after five years, he was 24 adding words for the letter "A" ! He worked on the dictionary 25 he was very old. Forty-four years later, in 1928, other editors finished the dictionary.

16. A. use B. write C. copy D. miss

17. A. easy B. boring C. early D. dangerous

18. A. spell B. invent C. collect D. make

19. A. way B. idea C. use D. prize

20. A. school B. cinema C. village D. college

21. A. Later B. Long before C. So far D. Ever since

22. A. sold B. built C. broken D. drawn

23. A. read B. wrote C. worked D. thought

24. A. already B. still C. usually D. always

25. A. if B. because C. until D. since III.阅读理解(共25小题;每小题2分,满分50分)

A Mr. Shute was born in a poor family. He couldn't go to school when he was young.

Now he's a strong porter(搬运工) and works at a station. He doesn't think he needs to know much about science. His son, Bill, began to go to school last year. The boy likes nothing except playing. He doesn't listen to the teachers in class and can't do his homework after class. It's the hardest thing for him to do maths exercises. And he wants to drop it.

Last evening Mrs. Shute heard Bill crying in the next room while she and her husband were watching TV. She came up to him and asked, "What's the matter, Bill?"

"I can't do my maths homework,” said the boy. "I won't go to school tomorrow."

"No, no, don't do that!" the woman said in a hurry. "Maybe I can help you."

The woman studied the exercises for a long time, but she didn't know how to do them. Then she asked her husband to help their son with his maths. Mr. Shute said, "But I don't know maths, either. "

"It doesn't matter," said his wife. "You'll only fool him."

Mr. Shute had to do as his wife said. This afternoon Bill came back and showed his exercise-book to his father. Having looked at it, the man was happy and shouted to his wife, "Come and look at it!

I got an A in maths!" 36. Mr. Shute wasn't in school because_________. became interested in blacksmith because his father did it, and as A. he wanted to be a porter B. his parents had no money to send he puts it," It's a good way to make a living. " him to school 31. According to the passage, a blacksmith must be likely a ________ C. he didn't need much about science D. there was no school in his man. hometown A. clever B. rich C. strong D. lucky 37. Bill can't do his homework because________. 32. James Corbin became a blacksmith because he_______. A. his father often helps him B. he doesn't listen to the teacher’A. was interested in horses B. was needed by he policeman s C. drew a picture of the horses D. had to make a living C. he doesn't put his heart into his studies D. he wants to be 33. In the passage “to shape a shoe” is to_____________. 38. ___________, so the boy cried in the next room. A. fit it on the horse’s foot B. use it for two or three hours A. Bill couldn’t do his maths exercises B. Bill couldn't watch C. make the form of a horseshoe from a piece of meta D. draw a picture TV with his parents of the shoe C. His parent didn’t help him D. Bill had no time to play 34. The best title for the passage is__________. outside A. Policemen on Horseback B. Blacksmiths and Horse shoeing 39. Mrs. Shute didn’t help her son because___________. C. James Corbin, a Blacksmith D. Horse Shoeing is a Good Way A. She Had lots of housework to doB. she was busy watching TV in to Make a Living her room 35. Which of the following is true? C. she was sure her husband could do it D. she didn’t go to school, A. Only a few large American cities have some policemen on either horseback. 40. The word “fool” in the story means___________. B. New York is the only city in American to have some policemen on A.欺骗 B.傻瓜 C.欺诈 D. 愚蠢

horseback. C. Policemen on horseback enjoy travelling around the United States. D. Policemen on horseback are less expensive than those in cars. 七、选词填空 (10) of its policemen on horseback. The New York police have 170 horses In a small town, there lived a doctor. He was good and kind. He was working, in certain parts of the city. The horses are expensive to ready to go and ____ people. People always went to him when they look after. Because the horses must walk on the streets, they need were ill. special horseshoes. In fact, they need more than 8,000 of them each Many years______, the doctor began to forget things. People were year. Every police horse in New York gets new shoes every month. _______and little by little, they stopped going to him. The doctor Keeping these shoes good repair is the job of six blacksmiths (铁saw his business wasn’t as good as before. He thought, " Well, if 匠). There are only about thirty-five of these blacksmiths in the I was the _________, I' d be afraid to go to me too. Maybe it's time whole United States. for me to stop ______ a doctor. But this town has no doctor. What The cost of shoeing a horse is between twenty dollars and will the people do when they become ill?" thirty-five dollars, and it takes a good blacksmith two or three His wife heard him talking to _______ and said, "Why don’t you find hours to do the job. a young doctor to ______ your place? Then people will have ________ A blacksmith's job is not an easy one. He must be able to shape a good doctor to take care of them and I will get my husband back." shoe from a piece of metal and then fit(安装) it to the horse's foot. The doctor liked what his wife said. He found a very good young The blacksmith must bend (弯腰) all the time when he is fitting the doctor to help the people. The doctor and his wife then had time shoe and must hold the weight(重量) of the horse's leg while he works. to take long walks _______, go dancing, go traveling and spend the Clearly, a blacksmith must be very strong. But even more important, rest of their days together. he must be able to deal with(处理) horses--for before the blacksmith can begin his work, he has to get the horse to lift its leg. 三、完成句子。(12分) One of the blacksmiths in New York is James Corbin. He came to the 6. 我们正在找一个安静的地方去度假,你知道什么好地方吗? country from Ireland in 1948. He not only makes horseshoes for the We are _____ ___ a quiet place ____ _____ ____ ______ .____police but also works group of horse owners near the city. Corbin ___________

7. 这本德语书一定是张洁的,因为她是我们班唯一一个正在学德语的人。 This German book____ ____ ____ Zhang Jie because she is the____ one____ is studying German.




1. Listen! Some of the girls ______ (talk) about Harry Potter.

2. — Where is Mr. Green now? I haven’t seen him for a few days. —He ______ (go) to Hong Kong.

3. You’d better ______ (not eat) too much meat. You are already overweight.

4. “Titanic” is a very nice film. I ______ (see) it twice.

5. There ______ (be) an English Evening next Monday.

6. I spent half an hour ______ (finish) doing my homework.

7. The teacher told Xiao Ming ______ (not be) late for school again.

8. Please write to me as soon as you ______ (reach) Shanghai.

9. Mr. Le is out. But he ______ (be) back in ten minutes.

10. When the headmaster came into the hall, all the students ______ (stand) up.

A:Summer holiday is coming.1_____________?

B:Yes, I’m going to my hometown

A:2._ ?

B:For about a month. 3_____________?

A:I want to travel to Hainan lsland. It’s a beautiful place of interest.

B:4. ____________. But I have to visit my grandparents in my hometown.

A:It doesn’t matter. If you stay in your hometown for fewer days, you’ll have enough time to go traveling.

B:5. _____________. Then I will go to my hometown as soon as the holiday begins.

A:OK! I will wait for you until you come back.

B:That’s a deal! Thank you.

A:Hi, Tom. You were not here yesterday afternoon . What was wrong ?

B:I. _____________

A:Sorry to hear that. 2_____________?

B:Much better. The fever is gone . But I still cough and I feel weak.

A:3. _____________?

B:Yes , I have. I went to the doctor’s yesterday afternoon. The doctor gave me some medicine and asked me to stay in bed for a few days.

A:4. _____________?

B:Because I’m afraid I’ll miss more lessons and I’ll be left behind. A:Don’t worry. Take care of yourself. 5_____________ B:Thank you, VI、书面表达 Anna 是一位九年级的女孩,她认为现在的社会对孩子束缚太多, 她希望能花时间去帮助别人。能挑选衣服,她还想打耳孔,而且她不喜欢每天晚上都呆在家里,她想与朋友一起学习,周末她希望被允许熬夜,夜至十一点,她认为父母不应该对孩子太严格。 参考词汇:take time, choose, get , pierced, study with, stay up, be strict with

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