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(90分钟 100分)


一. 单项选择(15分)

1. —This is Maria.


A. Nice to meet you. B. OK. C. Fine, thank you. D. And you?

2. There __________ a pen and two pencils on the desk.

A. be B. have C. are D. is

3. __________ the weather__________ in China?

A. How’s; like B. What’s; like C. How’s; / D. B and C

4. Betty and I __________ good friends.

A. am B. is C. are D. am not

5. Tom is __________. He is from __________ .

A. England; English B. an English; England

C. English; English D. a English; England

6. I haven’t got __________ oranges __________ bananas.

A. some; or B. any; or C. some; and D. any; and

7. Robert is __________ brother. __________ is in Class Two.

A. I; He B. my; His C. my; He D. me; He

8. —What colour __________your shoes?

— __________ black.

A. is; It’s B. is; Is C. are; Their D.are; They’re

9. __________do you spell “tree”?

A. Where B. What C. How D. Who

10. —Can I help you?

—I’d like a cup of coffee __________milk __________it, please.

A. at; in B. with; in C. with; on D. at; on

11. —Is there a book shop on the Fifth Avenue?

—Yes, __________.

A. here is B. they are C. it is D. there is

12. Apples __________ healthy food, __________ ice cream isn’t healthy food.

A. are; and B. is; but C. is; and D. are; but

13. —__________ people are there in your family?

—There are four.

A. How many B. How much C. How old D. How are you

14. Look at the nice room. It’s __________ room.

A. Pingping and Lingling B. Pingping’s and Lingling’s

C. Pingping’s and Lingling D. Pingping and Lingling’s

15. —Would you like a cup of tea?

—__________ . I’ve got enough.

A. Yes, please B. No, thanks C. I’m sorry D. Yes, I’d love to


二. 完形填空(10分) Look at the girl. She is 1 good friend. She is 2 English girl. 3 name is Betty. 4 twelve. My 5 Li Mei. 6 a Chinese girl. I’m fourteen. Betty 7 a sports collection (收集): five 8 ,three

basketballs, and four soccer balls, 9 she only has one baseball.

Betty likes sports, so she seldom(极少地) 10 TV.

1. A. I B. you C. me D. my

2. A. a B. an C. the D. /

3. A. His B. She C. Her D. Her’s

4. A. She B. She’s C. Her D. His

5. A. name B. book C. names D. name’s

6. A. I B. I’m C. She D. She’s

7. A. have got B. has got C. doesn’t have got D. doesn’t has got

8. A. tennis B. tennises C. tenniss D. tennis’s

9. A. but B. so C. and D. or

10. A. watching B. watches C. watch D. watchs

三. 阅读理解(25分)


Here are the twin sisters, Lily and Lucy. They are in Miss Gao’s class. They are two new students. They’re eleven. This is their room. It’s a

nice room. There are two beds in the room. One is Lucy’s and the other

(另一个) is Lily’s. They look the same. Their coats are on their beds.

We can’t see their shoes. They are under their beds.

The twin has two desks and chairs. Their clock, books and pencil

boxes are on the desk. Their schoolbags are behind the chairs.

1. Lily and Lucy are __________.

A. daughters B. sons C. sisters D. brothers

2. -What kind (种类) of room is it?

-It’s a __________.

A. classroom B. bedroom C. big room D. nice room

3. Which one is NOT right?

A. Lily’s coat is on the bed. B. Lucy’s shoes are under the chair.

C. Two beds are in the room. D. They are students.

4. Where is Lucy’s schoolbag?

A. On her chair. B. In her desk.

C. Behind the desk. D. Behind her chair.

5. Where are their books?

A. On the desk. B. On the beds. C. Under the beds. D. Behind the chairs.


Look at the picture. This is our school. There are five

buildings in our school. There are thirty- two classrooms in the

Teaching Building. Our gym is behind the Teaching Building. The

teacher’s offices are in the Office Building. Our Library



is next to the Office Building. There are many books and magazines (杂志) in the library. Is the Library Building next to the Science Lab Building? No, it’s in front of it. There are seven labs in it. Behind the Science Lab is the dining hall. In the dining hall there are many tables and chairs. We have meals there. Welcome to our school.

6. Our school has got __________ buildings.

A. 2 B. 3 C. 5 D. 8

7. The Teaching Building is __________ the gym.

A. behind B. in the front of C. in front of D. next to

8. The Library Building is __________ the Office Building.

A. next to B. behind C. on D. in front of

9. The Library Building is in front of __________.

A. the Teaching Building B. the gym

C. the Science Lab Building D. the Office Building

10. The students have meals in __________.

A. the dining hall B. the library

C. the science lab D. the offices


Ann is an American girl. She’s in China now. Her father works

in China. Her father is a teacher. He teaches English. He teaches

in a middle school. Ann’s mother doesn’t work. She is at home. Ann

studies in a different middle school. She has two Chinese friends

-Li Fang and Lin Xia. Li Fang’s father is a shop assistant. He works

in a factory. Her mother is a Chinese teacher. She works in a middle

school. Li Fang and her mother are in the same school. Lin Xia’s

father is a driver. He works on a farm. Her mother is a doctor. Their parents all work hard. They all love their children.


11. Where is Ann now?


12. What does Ann’s father do?


13. Is Ann in the same school with her father?


14. What does Li Fang’s mother do?


15. Is Lin Xia’s father a driver?


第Ⅱ卷 (共50分)

四. 词汇运用(10分)


1. This is a picture of Ann’s f__________. Look! This is her sister.

2. My mother is a n__________ and she works in a hospital.


3. Sixteen and twenty- four is f__________.

4. Beijing is a big c__________.

5. There are l__________ of books on my desk.


6. On Kate’s birthday, her mother often makes a big birthday cake for __________ (she).

7. This is the __________ (teacher) book.

8. My brother __________ (have not) got any apples.

9. Can you see how many __________ (tomato) in the box?

10. Meat and fish are __________ (health) food.

五. 完成句子(10分)

1.这个用英语怎么说? _ ________ _________ in English?

2. ——今天星期几?——星期五。

—__________ __________ __________ __________ today?

—__________ Friday.

3. 你最喜爱的体育运动是什么?

__________ __________ __________ sport?

4. 让我们明天去购物吧。

Let’s__________ __________ tomorrow.

5. 每天多读对你的英语学习有好处。

More reading is __________ __________ your English study.

六. 补全对话(10分)


A: 5

B: He likes ice cream.

1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________

七. 短文填空(10分)



from with watch year home live by see lunch


Bill is twenty 1 old. He 2 and works in London. He works in a big factory. They make machines (机器) there. His house is far away from his factory. He usually goes to work 3 train. Today, the train is late. So he drives to the factory.

He works 4 Monday to Friday. He has 5 in the factory on weekdays. On Saturday he sometimes goes to 6 a film 7 his wife or goes to see 8 friends. On Sunday he sometimes takes his children to the zoo or stays at 9 and 10 TV with his family.

1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________

6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10. __________

八. 书面表达(10分)


2.根据图片提示以“My School Day”为题写一篇短文,50个词左右。(用第一人称)




一.1.【解析】选A。两个人初次见面时用“Nice to meet you. ”表达问候。故选A。

2.【解析】选D。There be句型中,be动词要遵循“就近原则”确定其单复数;a pen为单数,故选D。

3.【解析】选D。考查询问天气的句型。 What’s the weather like? = How’s the weather? “天气怎么样?”故选D。

4.【解析】选C。考查be动词的单复数。因为句子的主语是Betty and I,是两个人,所以谓语动词要用复数形式。故选C。

5.【解析】选B。English的意思是“英国人”;England的意思是“英国”;“一位英国人”是an English。故选B。



8.【解析】选D。your shoes是复数,所以be动词和代词均为复数。故选D。



11.【解析】选D。此处是There be句型的一般疑问句的回答,所以用there is。故选D。


13.【解析】选A。对可数名词数量提问用How many。故选A。


15.【解析】选B。由后句的“I’ve got enough. ”可知此处为否定回答,应用No, thanks。故选B。




4.【解析】选B。结合上文可知,她是个女孩。故用人称代词she作主语。She’s是She is 的缩写形式。



7.【解析】选B。句意:贝蒂有一个运动收集。主语Betty是第三人称单数形式。因此用has got。

8.【解析】选B。考查tennis的复数形式。tennis是以- s结尾的单词,其复数形式是在tennis后加-es。即tennises。句意:贝蒂有一个运动收集,她有五个网球??。

9.【解析】选A。A项意为“但是”,表示转折;B 项意为“因此,所以”,表示因果;C项意为“并且”,表示并列;D项意为“或者”,表示选择。句意为:??但是她只有一个棒球。

10.【解析】选B。句子的主语是she, 其谓语动词应用第三人称单数形式watches。故选B。 三.1.【解析】选C。由文章第一句“Here are the twin sisters, Lily and Lucy. ”可 6


2.【解析】选D。由文章第一段第六句“It’s a nice room. ”可知该题选D。

3.【解析】选B。由文中的“Their coats are on their beds. ”可知A项正确;由“There are two beds in the room. ”可知C项正确;由“They are two new students. ”可知D项正确;由“We can’t see their shoes. They are under their beds. ”可知B项错误。故选B。

4.【解析】选D。由文中第二段最后一句“Their schoolbags are behind the chairs. ”可知该题选D。

5.【解析】选A。由文中第二段第二句“Their clock, books and pencil boxes are on the desk. ”可知该题选A。

6.【解析】选C。由文章第三句话“There are five buildings in our school. ”可知该题选C。

7.【解析】选C。由文中的“Our gym is behind the Teaching Building. ”可知教学楼在体育馆的前面,故选C。

8.【解析】选A。由文中的“Our Library Building is next to the Office Building. ”可知该题选A。

9.【解析】选C。由文中的“Is the Library Building next to the Science Lab Building? No, it’s in front of it. ”可知图书馆在科学实验室楼的前面。故选C。

10.【解析】选A。由文章最后的“We have meals there. ”可知学生们在食堂里吃饭。故选A。

答案:11. She’s in China now.

12. Her father is an English teacher.

13. No, she isn’t.

14. Her mother is a Chinese teacher.

15. Yes, he is.

.四答案:1. family 2. nurse 3. forty 4. city 5. lots

6. her 7. teacher’s 8. hasn’t 9. tomatoes 10. healthy

五.答案:1. What’s this 2. What day is it; It’s

3. What’s your favourite 4. go shopping 5. good for

六.答案:1~5. FEADB

七.答案:1. years 2. lives 3. by 4. from 5. lunch

6. see 7. with 8. his 9. home 10. watches


1.I have a good friend. Her name is Kathy. She is 16 years old. She is a girl student and she studies at No. 14 Middle School. I know what she likes and what she dislikes. She likes beef, hamburgers and fish, but she doesn’t like rice or ice cream. She likes swimming and tennis, but she dislikes football.

2. My School Day

I usually get up at 6: 00 a. m. . At 7: 00, I have breakfast. I usually go to school at 7: 10. Class starts at 8: 00. At 4: 30 in the afternoon, lessons finish. Then I play football with my classmates in the playground. After dinner, I do my homework. I go to bed at 9: 00 in the evening.


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