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1. This is ______ Chinese book.. That is ______ English book.

A.a; a B.a ;an C. an ; a D.an;an

2.________your classroom clean?Yes,it ________.

A.Do;does B. does;does C. Is ;is D. Are ;is

3. Many children love _________computer games at home.

A.plays B.to playing C.playijng D.play

4.--Who’s the woman _______long hair.—She’s my sister.She always_____long hair.

A.with; has B.with;with C.have;have D.with;have

5.There ________ number on the blackboard.

A .is not B. not is a C .is a not D .is not a

6.The boy has________ to do today.

A.lots of homeworks B.a lot of homework C.a lot homework. D.Many homework

7.Lucy is _______ America.

A. comes B. come from C. from D.come

8.Let’s ________ and help him.

A .goes B. to go C. going D .go

9.--What’s your sister? --______________.

A. She’s a nurse . B .She’s twelve C. She’s fine. D.She’s tall


A .name B .map C. cake D .late

11._______ your mother _________ English?

A .Is ,like B .Does, likes C. Do , like D. Does , like

12.Daniel is a very ______football player and he plays it very _______.

A.good;good B.well;well C.good;well D.well;good

13.---Is this ________book?---Yes,please give it to ________.

A. his;him B. he’s, his C. he;he D. his;his

14.—Are there ______books on the teacher’s desk?---No,there aren’t______.

A.some;some B.any;some C.any;any D.some;any

15.---Are you good _______ playing football?

-----No , I don’t do well ______ it.

A. in , at B. at , in C. at , at D. with , in


I love sports,and I like football (16).Li Hua is my (17) football star. Li Hua is (18) .He is a new (19) of Huanghe Football Club.He (20) Guangdong,but now lives in Beijing.He (21) strong and plays very (22 ). (23) people like (24) .

Li Hua plays football every day.In (25) free time ,he (26) English.He

also enjoys (27) to music. It makes (28) happy. Li hua wants (29) in the next World Cup. I hope his dream (30)

16. A.very B.very much C.very good D.so much

17. A.best B.favourite C.like D.love

18. A.22 years old B.22-years-old C.22 year old D.22 old years

19. A.member B.mumber C.members D.lot

20. A.is B.is come from C.come from D.is from

21. A.look B.look at C.looks D.look after

22. A.good B.well C.much D.beautiful

23. A.A lot of B.A lots of C.much D.A many of

24. A.he B.his C.him D.he’s

25. A.he’s B.his C.him D.her

26. A.study B.studys C.studies D.studying

27. A.listen B.listens C.to listen D.listening

28. A.he B.his C.him D.he’s

29. A.to plays B.plays C.to play D.playing

30. A.come true B.comes ture C.to come true D.comes true



( ) 31. The pandas are from China.

( )3 2. The elephants from France will play ball games.

( ) 33. Animals want to be our friends.

( )3 4. We can see the animals at eight o’clock.

( )3 5. We can give food to the animals.


Our school life(生活) is very interesting . My friends and I study hard at school .And we are good at our lessons .We are very happy . We have a lot of time for our hobbies . My classmates all wants to go different(不同) clubs .Helen wants to join(加入) the Reading Club .She loves reading books .The Reading Club meets every Wednesday at three thirty .Lily loves dancing .She wants to join the Reading Club .It meets on Monday at four thirty .There’s also an Art Club . I meet on Friday at four o’clock.

Nick doesn’t want to join the Art Club. He doesn’t like drawing .He thinks it is too difficult(困难)for him . Nick likes playing computer games . He wants to join the Computer Club . It meets every Thursday at three forty-five . Mike loves sports . He wants to join the football team .They play football every Monday at three thirty . I want to join the Music Club . I like listening to music with my friends. The Music Club meets on Tuesdays at three fifteen.

( )36.What does Helen like doing?

A. Dancing B. Reading C. Drawing D. Singing

( )37. When does Lily’s club meet every week?

A. On Wednesday B. On Monday

C. On Tuesday D. On Friday

( )38. Why doesn’t Nick join the Art Club?

A. He is busy(忙). B. He likes sports C. He thinks drawing is easy. D. He thinks drawing is difficult.

( )39.What team does Mike want to join?

A. The football Team. B. The basketball team

C. The badminton team. D. The volleyball team.

( )40. Which is the best title(标题) for the passage(文章 )?

A. Our lessons. B. Sports . C. Our school life. D. My class.


John works in a market.It’s near a secondary school.Every day, the students come to buy things there.In the morning,John gets up at six and then has breakfast(早饭 )。He goes to work by bike.He gets to the shop at about six thirty.The market opens at seven.They sellthings like food and drinks.They have school things ,too.So there are often many people in their market from morning to evening.John has supper there.At seven in the evening ,the market is closed.

41.John works in a__________.

A.market B.supermarket C.bookshop D. school

42.John _______to the shop every day.

A.take a bus B.rides a bike C.walks D.drives a car

43.They sell______in the market.

A.food and drinks B.school things C.sports things D.A and B

44.John has supper________.

A.in the shop B.at home C.at a restaurant D.in the school

45.John works for about _____hours a day.

A.six B. eight C.twelve D.fourteen



46. I am very busy(忙) on weekdays , but I’47.This is Sally . She is my sister.She is a _______(医生)

48.It’s 8:00 o’clock now , you are _______(迟的),Lily.

49.There are sixteen _________(盒子)on the desk.

50.It is great _______(乐趣)to make a snowman in winter.

51.What ________(其他)would you like to buy?

52.My mother often _______(购物) with her friends on Sunday .

53. Their are singing and reading.

54. Yao Ming and Li Hua are my (偶像).

55 A: What are your _________(爱好)?


56.I hope your dream ______(come) true.

57.My sister is good at ________(dance).

58.Zhang Hua with his brothers_______(fly) a kite on Sunday.

59.Mike enjoys _______(listen)to music in the morning.

60. It’s 7.00 now .Let’s (go) to school.



I don’t know how to _______ ______ my cat.


They always _______ ________ interesting films.


They want ______ _______ football matches on TV.


_______ uncle ______ ________ three ________a week.


________ _________ a _________ __________China on the wall.



Millie,Simon,Sandy and Daniel are new students at Sunshine Middle

School.Let’s meet them.

Hi!I’m Millie, a new student at Sunshine Middle School.I’m 12 years old . I have short hair .I love reading. Now Let’s meet my new


Hello!My name is Simon .I’m tall.I like sports. I often play football after school.

This is Sandy .She is tall and slim .Her haie is long.She likes music.


This is our school.It is not big but it’s

beautiful.There are some nice gardens .There is a big playground in it.There are two libraries and three r___75_ rooms in our school.There are a l__76 of books in them.I am in Class One,G_77__ Seven.This is my classroom. The doors and windows are all clean. The floor is clean,too.There are sixteen boys and fourteen g ____78__ in my class .I love listening to music. I don’t like P__79___ basketball or football.But I like playing table tennis.I am very h___80_ at school.


My good friend


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