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Module8 U1 I always like birthday parties

by Wang Xiaoli from Wuzhen Middle school

The analysis of the teaching material

1. Students’ level: Grade7

2. The material is about the birthday party which is familiar with the students and the students

will be more interested in it.

The analysis of the students

1. Students have a small vocabulary.

2. Students have just learned the present simple tense.

Teaching aims:

1. Students will be able to understand the description of birthday celebration.

2. Students will be able to understand the invitation expressed by Would you like to …?

3. Students will be able to use the adverbs of frequency (always, often, usually, sometimes,

never) freely.

4. Students will be able to ask about others’ birthday and know about the birthday parties in

other countries.

Key words:

card, party, present, would, always, never, cut, give, sing, happy, secret

Key structures:

— Would you like to …? — Yes, I’d/ we’d love to.

— What do you always/usually/ often/…do on your birthday?

— I always/ usually/ often/ … on my birthday.


1. Students may find it hard to ask about others’ birthday.

2. Students may have problem in using the adverbs of frequency.

3. Students may have problems in understanding the description of birthday celebration. Teaching methods:

Collaborative learning; Task-based learning

Teaching aids:

Multi-media, blackboard

Teaching procedures:

Step1: Warming – up

1. Greetings

2. Free talk and intoduce the teacher to the sudents.

Step2: Presentation

1. Show a picture of a birthday party and talk about what the students know about it.

(Draw a word map on the blackboard.)

2. Ask the students to listen and number the words as you hear them.

3. Tell the students what I do on my birthday and make students to understand the differences of

the five adverb of frequency.

4. Communicate with students about what they do on their birthdays and try to use the five

adverb of frequency freely.

Step3: Listen and read

1. Ask the students to listen to the tape and check the true sentences.

2. Ask the students to listen again and finish the exercise.

3. Ask the students to imitate.

Step4: Group work

1. Ask the students to talk about their birthdays with partner.

2. Choose some students to make a report about their friends’ birthday. Step5: Homework

1. Listen to the tape and read the dialogue three times.

2. Make five sentences with “always, usually, often,, sometimes, never”.

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