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Module 8 Unit 1 I always like birthday parties

By Huang Fang from Dama Middle School I. The analysis of the teaching material

? Students’ level: Grade 7

? Lesson type: Listening and speaking

? Teaching method: Interactive and communicative approach

Ⅱ.Teaching aims

1. Students will be able to use the adverbs of frequency (always,

often, usually, sometimes, never) freely.

2. Students will be able to understand the description of birthday


3. Students will get to ask about others’ birthday

Ⅲ.Key words

-Level 1: card, party, present, would, always, great, cake, never,

cut, give, sing, happy

-Level 2: special, secret

Ⅳ.Key structures

--What do you always/ usually/ often/ ... do on your birthday?

-- I always/ usually/ often... on my birthday.

--Would you like to...? -- Yes, I’d/ We’d love to.


Students may have problems in using the adverbs of frequency.

Students may have problems in understanding the description of birthday celebration.

Ⅵ. Learning methods & strategies

Collaborative learning ; Task-based learning

Ⅶ. Teaching aids: Tape recorder; multi-media

Ⅷ. The teaching procedures

Step1: lead-in

Enjoy a video

Step 2: Presentation

1. Introduce something about birthday and teach some words:

usually, often, never, always, sometimes, etc.

2. Ask some students about their birthday.

3. Help students to work in pairs to share their birthday with each 1


Step3: Listening

1. Listen to the conversation and answer questions

2. Listen again and match

Step4: Reading

1. The students will be able to read after the tape and try to imitate

the pronunciation and intonation.

2. Then the whole class read together.

Step 5: Pair work

The students will be able to talk about what do they do on their


Step 6: Homework

Level A: Listen to the tape and read the dialogue three times. Act

it out with your classmates.

Level B: Write down a short passage about your birthday.


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