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八年级英语上册 Unit 2 Topic 1同步练习 仁爱版

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Unit 2 Topic 1


第一部分:听力 (15分)



( ) 1. A. I have a bike. like it.

( ) 2. A. Not at all. welcome.

( ) 3. A. That’s a good idea. ( ) 4. A. That’s OK. hear that.

( ) 5. A. You shouldn’t lift heavy things.

B. You shouldn’t drink coffee or tea in the evening. C. You shouldn’t drink lots of boiled water.

B. What’ s wrong with you?

C. I’m sorry to

C. Don’t worry. I’ll take you to the hospital.

B. Not too bad .

B. Thanks a lot.



B. I have a fever.

C. I don’t


( ) 6. Where is the man now?

A. At home.


( ) 7. How is the man feeling now?

A. Much better.

B. Not bad.

C. Even worse.

( ) 8. What’s wrong with the man?

A. He has a toothache. B. He has a backache. C. He has a cold.

( ) 9. Did he eat anything for breakfast?

A. Yes, he did.

a little.

( ) 10. How many pills should the man take each time?

A. One.

B. Two.

C. Three.

B. No, he didn’t.

C. Only

B. At the doctor’s.

C. In a


第二部分:笔试 (85分)


( ) 1. —____

— He is a little ill. A. What’s wrong with him? C. Isn’t she ill? A. not are

not is

( ) 3. — I have a stomachache.

— You ____ eat bad food. A. should

D. could A. good

B. well

C. fine

D. nice

B. couldn’t

C. shouldn’t

B. Is he ill?

D. Is he in hospital?


( ) 2. You’d better ____ late for class.

B. are

C. not be

( ) 4. I can’t sleep ____ at night. There is too much noise near here. ( ) 5. I ____ go to bed ____ I finished my homework last night.

A. do; until

D. did; until A. look at

look after

( ) 7. You should take ____ on time, ____ each time, and two times a day.

A. the medicines; three pills C. the medicine; three pill


( ) 8. — I had a backache. I can’t sleep.

— ____

A. Don’t worry.

B. Not so well.

D. Why?

C. I’m sorry to hear that. A. every five hours C. every five-hours

B. the medicine; three pills

D. the medicines; three

B. look up

C. look for


B. didn’t; until

C. don’t; until

( ) 6. His mother is ill. He is going to ____ her in the hospital.

( ) 9. The boy has to take the pills ____.

B. for five hours D. for five-hours

( ) 10. — My foot hurts when I move it.

— You must stay in bed and don’t move ____.


A. much many

much too B. many much C. too much D.



Cara: Mom, 11

Mom: What’s the matter?

Cara: 12 Mom: 13

Cara: About one hour ago.

Mom: What did you eat for lunch?

Cara: 14

Mom: An apple? No more?

Cara: No. Mom: Oh, 15 You should eat some hamburgers.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Ⅲ.完形填空。(10分) Mr. Green was ill and went to the hospital. A doctor 16 and said, “Well, Mr. Green, you’re going to 17 some injections, and you’ll feel much better. A nurse will come 18 give you the first one this evening, and then you’ll 19 get another one tomorrow evening.” 20

a young nurse came to Mr. Green’s bed and said to him, “I’m going to give you your 21

injection now, Mr. Green. Where do you want it?”

The old man was 22 . He looked at the nurse for a 23 , then he said, “ 24 has ever let me choose that before. Are you really going to let me choose now?” “Yes, Mr. Green,” the nurse answered. She was in a hurry. “Where do you want it?”

“Well, then,” the old man answered 25 . “I want it in your left arm, please.”

( )16. A. looked for him B. looked him over

C. looked after him D. looked him up

( )17. A. get B. give C. make D. hold

( )18. A. so B. but C. or D. and

( )19. A. must B. can C. had better D. have to

( )20. A. In the morning B. In the afternoon

C. In the evening D. In the end


( )21. A. first B. one

( )22. A. confident B. surprised

( )23. A. hour B. minutes

( )24. A. Somebody B. Anybody

( )25.A. with a smile

C. in surprise C. two D. second C. full D. hungry C. year D. moment C. Nobody D. People B. in time D. with tears in his eyes



Sally: You look pale. What’s the matter with you?

Ben: I am hungry. I am feeling terrible!

Sally: You should have a sandwich(三明治).

Ben: But I have a stomachache. I don’t want to eat anything at all.

Sally: Well then, are you thirsty(渴)?

Ben: Yes, I am.

Sally: Then you can have some warm milk.

Ben: But I want a glass of juice.

Sally: You’d better not go to school today.

Ben: No, thank you. I’ll take some medicine and see how it goes. I must go to school today.


( ) 26. Ben is feeling bad today.

( ) 27. Ben has a stomachache.

( ) 28. Ben is thirsty and wants to drink some milk.

( ) 29. Sally asks Ben to go to school.

( ) 30. Ben doesn’t want to go to school at all.


Jack Brown was very quiet as Dr. Johnson examined him. The doctor looked at the boy’s throat, took his temperature and listened to his heart. Finally, he asked Jack’s mother a few questions.

“When did Jack begin to feel ill?” “This morning when he got up. He said he felt too sick to go to school today.” “What did he eat for breakfast?” “He got orange juice, two pieces of bread, an egg and a glass of milk.” “I see,” the doctor asked Jack, “How do you feel now, my boy?” Jack answered, “Terrible, I think I’m going to die.” The doctor said, “You won’t die. In fact(实际上), you’ll be fine by dinner time.” “Oh, doctor! Do you really think so?” Jack’s mother looked very glad. Dr. Johnson answered, “Mrs. Brown, your son has a sickness that is common to boys at a time like this. It comes and goes quickly.”

Mrs. Brown said, “But I don’t understand.” “Today,” the doctor told her, “the most exciting football final of the World Cup is on television. If Jack feels well enough to watch television this afternoon, and I think he does. He will be fine when the final is over. It’s the only cure(疗法) I know for this sickness. Now, 4

if you’ll excuse me, I must go across the street to see the Fords boy, Steve. He seems to have the same thing as Jack has today.”

( ) 31. Jack said that he didn’t feel well when he ________.

A. had breakfast C. got up

B. went to school D. took exercise

B. asked the doctor to come to

( ) 32. Jack’s mother ________.

A. brought Jack to the hospital

see Jack

C. rang the doctor and asked many questions D. examined Jack

( ) 33. Jack ate ________ for breakfast.

A. very little


( ) 34. The Fords home was ________ home.

A. near Jack’s


( ) 35. In fact, Jack and Steve ________.

A. were not ill at all

final on TV

C. both A and B

D. are terribly ill

B. wanted to watch the football

B. far away from Jack’s D. a few kilometers away from

C. next to Jack’s

B. a lot

C. nothing

D. too


Ⅰ. Take the medicine with water. One pill every eight hours. For further nights, take two pills at bedtime. Don’t take more than six pills in 24 hours. For children six to twelve years old, give half the adult(成年人) dosage(剂量). For children under six years old, ask your doctor. Take less dosage if you can’t go to sleep.

Ⅱ. Each pill of the medicine is taken three times each day for 14 years old. As usual, a pill 6:00 a.m. before breakfast, one before 11:00 and one before sleep. Not for children under six years old and old persons with heart trouble(疾病).

Ⅲ. The medicine for a person with a cough. Two pills once a day before sleep for adults. Do not take the medicine without a cough. Half for children under 12 years old. Children with a bad cough, go to see a doctor.

Ⅳ. Take the medicine three times a day. Five pills each time for an adult with a cold. Half the pills for children under 10 years old. Take the medicine before meals or before sleep. 根据短文填空,每空一词。

36. If a middle-age person with a cough wants to be well at home, what should he do?

He should take the THIRD medicine ____ ____ a day before sleep. 37. How many kinds of medicine can the five-year-old children take? The five-year-old children can take ____ ____ of medicine.


38. You took one of the four kinds of medicine last night, and you couldn’t fall asleep. Which kind

of medicine was it?

It was the ____ ____.



40. 回答问题:

When should I take the FOURTH medicine if I have a cold?



(A) 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。

41. I caught a f____ and had to lie in bed.

42. Miss Zhao coughed day and night but her x-____ shows there’s nothing serious.

43. You should drink p____ of water in spring.

44. You should take some m____ and see how it goes.

45. — I have a pain (痛) in my teeth.

— You should go to see a d____.

(B) 根据汉语提示完成句子。 46. Perhaps you have the (流感). 47. She coughs (日日夜夜). 48. You should stay in bed and (好好休息). 49. She is a nurse, so she sometimes is on duty (在晚上).

50. — I am feeling bad today.

— You should (看医生).



One day a man went to see his doctor and said to him, “I have swallowed(吞) a horse, 51 I felt very ill.”

The doctor thought 52 a few seconds and then said, “All right. Let me 53 you. Please 54____ down on the bed.” The doctor’s nurse gave the man an injection(注射). The man soon went to 55 , and the doctor went out quickly to look 56 a horse in the town.

After half an 57 the doctor found a 58 , bought it and took it back. When the man woke up. He saw a horse 59 in front of him. The doctor said, “I’ve taken it out of your stomach, and it would give you no more trouble now.” The man 60 at the horse and said, “But doctor, my horse is white and this one is brown.” 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60.



假如你是Li Tao,请根据昨天的情况写一篇60词左右的日记。


Monday, October 12th, 2006

I felt terrible yesterday morning. ________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


Unit 2 Topic 1


1. What’s the matter with you?

2. We hope you will feel better soon.

3. Oh, I’m not feeling well. I have a bad cold.

4. Mr. Li, I’m sick. I’m afraid I can’t go to school today.

5. I can’t sleep well at night.


M: Good morning, doctor.

W: Good morning. What’s wrong with you?

M: This morning there was something wrong with my head.

W: How are you feeling now?

M: I’m feeling even worse.

W: Let me take your temperature. You have a cold, but it doesn’t matter. M: Really? But I don’t feel any better now.

W: Did you eat anything for breakfast?

M: No, I didn’t want to eat anything.

W: Well, take these pills. Two pills each time, and three times a day. Have a good rest and drink more water.

M: OK. Thank you.


Bob is a middle school student. He is 14 years old. He didn’t feel well today because he had a headache and stomachache. His father took him to Doctor Wang. Doctor Wang gave him some pills and advice.

“You must take this medicine three times a day. You must drink more water. You mustn’t eat too much ice cream. You mustn’t sleep too late.”

Bob wrote down these pieces of advice carefully and went back home with his father.


Unit 2 Topic 1



Ⅰ. 1-5 BBCAB

Ⅱ. 6-10 BCCBB

Ⅲ. 11. Bob 12. Fourteen/ 14

sleep too late 13. three 14. more water 15.


Ⅰ. 1-5 ACCBB

6-10 DBCAC

Ⅱ. 11-15 DBAEC

Ⅲ. 16-20 BADDC

21-25 ABDCA

Ⅳ. 26-30 TTFFF

31-35 CBBAC

36. two pills 37. two kinds 38. first medicine

39. 不适合六岁以下儿童和有心脏疾病的老年人。

40. You should take the medicine before meals or before sleep.

Ⅴ. 41. fever 42. ray 43. plenty 44. medicine 45. dentist 46. flu

47. day and night 48. have/ take a good rest 49. at night 50. see a doctor

Ⅵ. 51. so 52. for 53. help 54. lie 55. sleep 56. for

57. hour 58. horse 59. standing 60. looked

Ⅶ. 参考范文:

Monday, October 12th, 2006

I felt terrible yesterday morning. My mother took me to the hospital. “What’s your trouble, little boy?” the doctor asked. “I can’t stop sneezing and I have a headache.” “When did it start?” “This morning.” “Open your mouth and say ‘Ah’.” My mother was worried and asked the doctor,” What’s the matter with him?” “He has a bad cold, but it’s nothing serious.” the doctor said. Then the doctor let me take some medicine. He asked me to stay in bed and have a good rest. I feel better after taking the medicine.


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