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Is this your pencil?

Period 1

a pen

a pencil
a pencil sharpener

an eraser

a pencil case

a ruler

A game :抢答

What’s this/ that In English?
ruler ? It’s a ____

-- Is this your ruler? -- No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.

What’s this/that in English ?
key ? It’s a _____

-- Is that your ruler? -- Yes, it is. -- No, it isn’t.
It’s his / her ruler.

--Is this your …? --Yes, it is. It is my… --No, it isn’t. It’s her/his… --Is that your …? --Yes, it is. It is my…(mine) --No, it isn’t. It’s her/his…(hers/his)


A chain drill

Listen and number the conversations [1-3].

A:Is this your pencil? B:Yes,it is. It’s mine (my pencil.) A:Is that your backpack? B:No,it isn’t. It’s his (his backpack.) A:Are these your rulers? B:No,it isn’t. It’s hers( her ruler.)



listen and check( √ ) the things you hear.


Listen and complete the conversation with the words in the box eraser pencil ruler pencil case book

Tim: Excuse me,Grace.Is this your pencil ? ⑴ Sonia: Yes,thank you.Andthose are my eraser . ⑵ Tim: And Jane,is this your ruler ? ⑶ Jone: No,it isn’t.It’s hers.

Tim: OK,and these are my book .And this is ⑷ your pencil case ,Jane. ⑸


Mix your school things Find the owner.


Find the owner

A: Excuse me. Is this your eraser?
B: No, it isn’t. I think it’s her/his eraser. A: Excuse me. Is this your eraser? C: No, it isn’t. I think it’s her/his eraser. A: Is this your eraser?

D: Yes, it is. It’s my eraser.
A: Here you are. (给你) D: Thank you.

Sum up

Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Yes, they are No, they

Is this your pencil? Is that my pen? Are these his books?

A re those his erasers?

Have a test(检测 )

一、Choose the Correct answer(单项选择). 1、Is this your pen? D A、Yes ,this is. B、Yes, this’s. C、No ,this isn’t. D、No,it isn’t. 2、Is that a ruler? D It’s a sharpener. A、Yes ,that is. B、No,it is.

C、No,that isn’t. 3、What’s this? D A、Yes,it is.
C、It’s a eraser. 4、What’s A name? A、your ; My

D、No,it isn’t.
B、No,it isn’t. D、It’s an eraser. name is Ma Ling. B、your ; my

C、your ; I

D、you ; my


1 、Copy and remember the words
2、Make up a dialogue

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