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M4 U1-He lives the farthest from school

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Module 4 Planes, ships and trains

Unit 1
He lives the farthest from school.

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.


accident except choice classmate far

n. 路;(尤指)公路 n. 交通事故;意外事件 prep. 除……之外 n. 选择 n. 同班同学 adv. 远;遥远 adj. 远的;遥远的

far from close


all the time

远离 adj.(距离上)近的,接 近的 adv.(距离上)接近地 adj. 拥挤的;人数过 多的 一直;不断地

What modes of transportations do you know? Can you list some?

We talked about some usual transportations, but now people have new ways for travel. Do you have any idea about Bikeboard(电动滑板车)?Now enjoy a video about it.

Objectives: 1. To understand the conversation with superlative adjectives and adverbs 2.To learn some key words and useful expressions about sports 3.To ask and answer questions about transportation and travel

Words: road, accident, except, choice, classmate, far, close, crowded Phrases: far from, all the time remember to do Patterns: What happened? Don’t worry. How do you go to school?

1 Match the words in the box with the pictures. bus ship taxi train underground

2 Listen and match the words in the box with the pictures in Activity 1. You need to use one word more than once. busy cheap expensive modern

3 Listen and read, and then complete the table. Ways to go to school
Betty Tony Lingling

by bus by underground on foot/ walk by bus


4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.
close comfortable far good

1. The _______________ way to go most comfortable to school is by taxi.

2. Tony lives the ________ from farthest school.

3. Lingling’s home is the _______ closest to school, so she always walks. 4. For Betty, going to school by best bike is the _____ choice.


Complete the sentences with the words or expression in the box. accident crowded except most modern 1. All the students take the bus to school except ________ Sam.

2. The ____________ train in the world is most modern the Shanghai airport train. 3. I saw a(n) accident on my way to school _______ yesterday. 4. I do not take the bus to school because crowded it is usually very ________.

实词重读,虚词/结构词轻读 本身具有意 例如 义的词 主要动词 sell, give, take, want car, music, book 名词 red, big, interesting 形容词 副词 quickly, never, loudly 否定助动词 don’t, aren’t, can’t

为语法而存在 代词 介词 冠词 连词 助动词

例如 he, we, they on, at, into a, an, the and, but, because do, be, have, can, must

注: 有时候也可以根据需要重 读结构词。

6 Listen and underline the words the speaker stresses. 1. – Who lives the closest to school?
– Lingling lives the closest.

2. – What is the most comfortable way to go to school for Betty?
– By taxi. Now work in pairs. Listen again and repeat.

7 Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the ways of going to school. Use the words in the box to help you. bike bus cheap comfortable crowded expensive fast popular safe taxi underground walking

- What’s the most expensive way to go to school?

- Going by taxi is the most expensive.


1) How do you go to school? 2) What happened? 3) Don’t worry. 4) He lives the farthest from school. 5) -What’s the most comfortable way to go to school? -By taxi.


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、根据句意及首字母提示, 补全下列单词。 rowded 1. He jumped on the c_______ bus. xcept 2. The restaurant is open every day e______ Monday. losest 3. This station is our c_______ one to our home. lassmates 4. We were c___________ at middle school. ccident 5. He was killed in a car a_________.

二、根据所学的句型结构翻译句子。 1.请记得带上礼物。 Please remember to take the present. ___________________________________ 2. 他对现代艺术很感兴趣。 He is interested in modern art. ___________________________________ 3. 练习是学习英语最好的方法。 Practice is the best way to learn English. ___________________________________ 4. 地球一直绕着太阳转。 The earth moves around the sun all the time. ___________________________________


n. bus ship taxi underground plane …

adj. comfortable expensive cheap dangerous safe crowded quiet …

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today. 2. Compare different transportations.

1. To search some information about London and Amsterdam 2.To preview the vocabulary in Unit 2

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