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(A. big B. of C. took D. in E. that F. for G. rich H. such I. more J. than)

garden . On the tree there were many fine oranges . One day he found one as a football .Nobody had ever seen a big orange . The poor man 国王he gave the man a lot of money for it .

man heard of it , he said to himself , “ It’s only an orange. it ?” I’ll take my gold cup to the king . He’money.

Then next day when the king received the gold cup , he said to the rich man , “What a beautiful cup .” I’ll show you something beautiful , please take this great orange .”

1___2___ 3____4____5____6____7____8____9_____10____ (2)

(A. expensive B. price C. surprise D. you E. drew F. gave G. though H. for I. poor J. harder )

When Liu Kaiqu was young he was in Shanghai . One day he a picture of a tiger and tried to sell it on the street . It caught the attention of an American , who asked , “ How much does it cost ?” He said , “ 500 dollars .”“ Can you make it cheaper? ” He answered , “ No ,” Then he tore (撕) it to pieces. In great , the foreigner said , “ Young man , are you angry ?” “ No , sir .I’(值)the ___6__ . But you wanted a lower price.

’t think so and it is not good enough.. I’ll go on working 满足的). ”. At that time , Liu Kaiqu was not famous at all , he never up his dream. Now he is well-known all over the world as great artist.

1___2___ 3____4____5____6____7____8____9_____10____


(A. English B. subjects C. It D. Why E. for F. because G. read H. in I. useful J. other)

Every year students in many countries learn English . Some of these students girls learn English at school, it is one of their Many people learn English English at college. Other people learn English because they want to newspapers or books in English.

1___2___ 3____4____5____6____7____8____9_____10____ (4)

(A. forget B. time C. back D. angry E. until F. late G. football H. buys I. report J. wanted)

One Tuesday morning, he turned to the sports page. He to read the report about an important football match the night before. The ’he saw the sea. He got off at the next station, and had to wait a long time for a train to go to . Of course, he arrived very “” he shouted.

1___2___ 3____4____5____6____7____8____9_____10____ (5)

(A. things B. in C. shouted D. for E. friendly F. with G. help H. number I. car J. open)

It was Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Black went shopping by car . They stopped their near a shop. They bought many from the shop and they were very heavy. They wanted to put the things their car. But Mr. Black couldn’“ Let’” said Mrs. Black. They asked a policeman to them . The policeman was very , “ Hey, what are you doing my car? ” Mr. and Mrs. Black 1___2___ 3____4____5____6____7____8____9_____10____

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