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Let’s review the phrases.
1. 想起 __________ think of 2. 例如 ________ such as 3. 发行; 出版 ___________ come out 4. 在二十世纪三十年代 _____________ in the 1930s 5. 主要原因之一 ______________________ one of the main reasons 6. 努力做某事 ______________ try to do sth. 7. 准备好做某事 __________________ be ready to do sth. 8. 尽最大努力 _____________ try one’s best

Do you like cartoons? Do you know Mulan? Can you say something about her?
Mulan didn’t have any brothers. She took her father’s place to join the army. Mulan dressed up like a boy. Nobody knew she was a girl in the army.

1. dress up 装扮; 乔装打扮 e.g. The girls dressed up to take part in the party. 女孩子 们打扮起来去参加舞会。 2. take one’s place 代替; 替换 e.g. A robot will take his place. 一名机器人将代替他的位置。

3. army n. 陆军; 陆军部队 e.g. My brother joined the army last year. 去年我哥参了军。
4. do a good job 干得好 e.g. I hope you’ll do a good job in the company. 希望你在公司好好干。


Fill in the blanks in the movie review. Use the words in the box to help you.

阅读指导: 首先, 阅读短文, 整体把握短文大意。 其次,分析有空格的每个句子,判断空格处 的意思,联系所给单词,确定空格处应填的 单词。 最后,再通读一遍短文,看是否通顺合理。

fantastic shows action want comes from played about like exciting plan

Mulan is an ________ ______ movie. It exciting action ___________ an old Chinese story. The comes from movie is ______ a village girl, Mulan. She about dresses up like a boy and takes her father’s place to fight in the army. I think the actress _______ Mulan’s role well. played fantastic The other actors are also _________ and

they did a good job in the movie. I _____ Mulan very much. The movie like _______ her love for her family, shows friends and country. If you ______ to plan watch a movie this weekend and you ______ to see something enjoyable, want choose Mulan!

Write notes for your own movie review.

The name of the movie: ______________ The Lion King The kind of the movie: _______________ Cartoon What the movie is about: Simba’s father was the king. But his ___________________________________ uncle, Scar killed his father. When ___________________________________ Simba grew up, he came back to the ___________________________________ forest and became the true king. ___________________________________ What you think of the movie/star: ____________________ It was fantastic.

Write your movie review using 3c the notes in 3b.


. The movie is about a young lion, Simba. He was the prince of the forest. But his uncle Scar wanted to be the king. So he killed Simba’s father. When Simba grew up, he came back to the forest and had a big fight with his uncle. At last, Simba won and became the true king.

What do you and your partner think of these TV shows or movies? Write description words for each one.

What do you think of soap operas?

I think they’re boring. …

What about your partner?


My parents

soap opera talent shows news sports shows game shows talk shows comedies scary movies action movies cartoons

1. Write questions and answers using the words in the brackets.

本题是根据提示词来进行问答。问句和答语 中没有对人称的提示,因此应自主确定人称。 可以用you来询问,则回答应用I;如果是用 第三人称来询问,则回答也相应地用第三人 称来答,如果是第三人称单数形式还应注意 动词用恰当的第三人称单数形式。

1) ─ What do you think of soap operas? ─ I can’t mind them. ─ What does your father think of soap operas? ─ He can’t mind them, too.

2) ─ What show do you want to watch tonight? ─ I want to watch a talent show.

3) ─ What does she expect to learn from game show? ─ She expects to learn some interesting information. 4) ─ What does your grandpa hope to watch tomorrow? ─ He hopes to watch news.

5) ─ Do you plan to watch an action movie? ─ No, I don’t. I plan to watch a comedy.

2. Which of these statements do you agree with (√) or disagree with (×)? Give at least one reason.

1) I think game shows are meaningless. ( I think we can learn some interesting things from game shows. 2) I can’t stand soap operas. ( ) I think soap operas are interesting and relaxing.


3) I think sitcoms and talent shows are relaxing. ( ) 4) I love talk shows. ( ) I think talk shows are boring. 5) I think comedies are fantastic. ( )

Write your movie review using the notes in 3b.

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