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8. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the light happened to ____.

A. be put up B. give in C. be turned on D. go out

9. Every morning she would give him breakfast____ bed and bring him the papers to read.

A. to B. at C. in D. by

10. Your performance in the driving test didn’t teach the required standard, ____, you failed.

A. in the end B. after all C. in other words D. at the same time

11. Why don’t they build a new road that goes____ the town?

A. to B. through C. over D. round

12. ____ production up by 60%, the company has had another excellent year.

A. As B. For C. With D. Through

13. _____ this book and tell me what you think of it.

A. Look through B. Look on C. Look into D. Look up

14. The doctor will be free ____.

A. 10 minutes later B. after 10 minutes

C. in 10 minutes D. 10 minutes after

15. Did you have trouble ____ the post office?

A. to have found B. with finding

C. to find D. in finding

16. If you keep on, you’ll succeed_____.

A. in time B. at one time C. at the same time D. on time

17. We offered him out congratulations_____ his passing the college entrance exams.

A. at B. on C. for D. of

18. ----How long has this bookshop been in business?

A. After B. In C. From D. Since

19. The train leaves at 6:oo pm. So I have to be at the station____5:40 pm at the latest.

A. until B. after C. by D. around

20. Does John know any other foreign language _____ French?

A. except B. but C. besides D. beside


1. 答案是D。A和B与句意完全不符,put up 意为 “举起”,give in 意为 “让步”。C项意为“开灯”,与该句意思相反。D项意为 stop burning or shining, 正适合句意。

2. 答案是C。本题考查bed 一词与什么介词搭配。“在床上”应上in bed。

3. 答案是C。本题考查对几个介词短语的辨析。A项意为 最后,B项意为 毕竟,D项意为 同时,这三项均不符合句意。C项意为 换言之正合题意。

4. 答案是D. 本题考查对这几个介词的辨析。A和C明显不符合题意。through通常是指通过某个空间,如go through a tunnel (通过隧道),因此C项也不合题意 。

5. 答案是C. with 可表示原因,意为“因”、“由于”。

6. 答案是A. Look on 意为“旁观”,look into 意为“调查”,look up 意为 “抬头看”,这几个选项均不符合题意。

7. 答案是C。本题考查对表示时间的介词短语的掌握。in 与一段时间连用表示“??.之内”或“??之后”。 after与一段时间连用通常用于过去时。

15. 答案是D 如果能掌握have trouble in doing something 这一句型,就知道答案了。

16. 答案是A. 本题考查对介词短语的辨析能力。in time 除了意为“及时”外,还可为“迟早”、“总有一天”,相当于sooner or later/someday.

17. 答案是B. 本题考查对介词与名词搭配的掌握。表示“向某人祝贺谋事”、常用的句型是offer somebody congratulations on something or doing something。

18. 答案是D。问句使用现在完成时,只有since 才能与之搭配。

19. 答案是C.

20. 答案是C. 本题考查对习惯用语的掌握,help oneself to 是固定搭配。

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