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2012新目标英语八年级上Uint5 Do you want to wacth a game show

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Grace Sarah Grace’s

Read the conversation and match the persons with their favourite shows. game shows and sports shows soap operas news and talk shows

What did you do in class today, …?

We had a discussion about TV shows. …

What does Jack think of talk shows? Why?

He likes talk shows. Because he wants to be a reporter.

What do you think of talent show? Why?

I don’t mind it.

What does Sarah think of soap operas? Why?

She can’t stand them. She thinks they’re boring.

1. 你想看新闻吗?

Do you want to watch the _____? ______ ___ news
2. 你觉得谈话节目怎么样?

think ___ What do you ______ of talk __________? shows 3. 我不介意看。/我不能忍受。/ 我喜欢看 mind can’t stand 。 love watching I don’t ______ them. I _____ ______ What them. I ____ ________ plan to them.

5. 我计划看《我们过去的时代》。 I ______ ____ watch Days of Our Past. 6. 你期望从情景喜剧中学到什么? What can you ______ __ ______ from sitcoms? 7. 你能学到一些很好的笑话。 You can ______ some great _____. 8. 你为什么喜欢看新闻呢? Why do you like _________ ___ ______? 9. 因为我希望了解在世界各地发生了什么事情。 Because I _____ ___ _____ ____ what’s going on around the world.



expect to learn

learn jokes

watching the news hope to find out

动词不定式的形式:to + 动词原形 e.g. Jack wants to buy some flowers for Mr. Wu. 杰克想给吴老师买些花。 常见的跟动词不定式做宾语的动词: 想要 ______ 期望expect 希望 ______ hope want _______ 计划 ______ 决定 ______ plan decide begin 开始 _______ 开始try ______ 尝试 start ______

1. She expects ________ (arrive) to arrive tomorrow. watch 2. Let’s _______ (watch) talk shows to visit tonight. 3. They hope _______ (visit) the Great Wall to find next year. to go 4. Do you plan ______ (find) a part-time learn job? 5. When do you want _____ (go)

1. joke n. 笑话; 玩笑 常用词组 tell jokes 讲笑话 2. comedy n. 喜剧; 喜剧片

Make a conversation and then 3a practice it with a partner.
A: What do you plan to watch on TV tonight? watch game B: I hope toshows _________________, but I watch sports shows also want towant to _________________. watch soap How about you? Do you operas _____________ a talk show or watch soap operas ___________?

Answer these questions. Give 3b answers that are true for you. 1. What do you think of game shows? _____________________________ I don’t mind them. 2. What comedy shows do you like to watch? watch The I like to _____________________________ Winner. 3. No, you plan think it’s boring. show Do I don’t. I to watch a sports tonight? I expect to find out what’s going on _____________________________ 4. What can you expect to learn from the news? around the world. ________________________________

Ask your classmates questions 3c and

write their names in the chart.
Find someone who … wants to watch a movie hopes to watch a sitcom

Students’ names

expects to watch the news
plans to watch a sports show never wants to watch a game show

What do your family members want

to watch? Why?
My mother wants to watch soap operas. She thinks they are interesting.

My father doesn’t like soap opera. He loves to watch news. He expects to … My brother likes …, because … My sister likes … My grandma doesn’t like … My grandpa loves …

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