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Unit 12 What did you do last weekend?测试题

姓名______分数________ June 16th.2013

一. 根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子:(每小题2分,共20分)

1. ---Does he often go to Beijing by plane? ---- Yes, he often f___________ to Beijing. He f_________ to

Beijing yesterday.

2. The girl c__________ back from Shanghai yesterday, and now he is very t_______________.

3. There are many wild a___________________ in the f_________________.

4. These v_____________ v___________ our school yesterday. They said our school was very good.

5. The young woman h________________ two twin b__________ last week.

6. That old man feeds many_______________(小鸡) and _________________(绵羊) at home.

7. ---Did your family go to the _____ (海滩) last Sunday ? --- No, we __________(去了)the park.

8. My mother visited the _____ (自然的) History Museum and a ____________(语言) school last month .

9. They are on ___________________(假期) in ____________________(加拿大).

10. He _________ up late(熬夜) last night, don’t ________ him up (弄醒).

二,单项选择:(每小题1分, 共30分)

( ) 1 –Do you like playing ____badminton? ---No, I like playing _____ guitar.

A the;/ B the; the C a ; a D / ; the

( ) 2 Jim usually gets up at 6:30 ____ the morning on weekdays, but ___ Saturday morning he gets up at 9:00.

A in ; on B in ; in C on ; in D on ; on

( ) 3 --_____you busy last weekend? --Yes, I helped my mother clean the house and the garden.

A Were B Was C Did D Are

( ) 4 – What did they do last weekend? -- They _______in the park.

A went a boat B went to a boat C went boating D took boating

( ) 5 How many ____did you see on the farm?

A sheeps B sheep C cow D chicken

( ) 6 –Did you have a good weekend?---Yes ,it was good. But I was kind of ______.

A interested B happy C tired D excited

( ) 7 Mary _____very late last night .


A stayed up B sat down C woke up D put down

( ) 8 Mike _____ in the swimming pool yesterday.

A swimed B swimmed C swam D swims

( ) 9 There isn’t ________ in the restaurant .

A something delicious B anything delicious C everything expensive D nothing expensive

( ) 10 The movie was ______ but ______.

A interested ; scared B interested ; scary C interesting ; scared D interesting ; scary

( ) 11 Did you see the boy _____ soccer on the playground just now ?

A played B plays C playing D to play

( ) 12 My uncle went to Nanjing____.

A a week before B a week ago C before a week D ago a week

( ) 13 They _____ a tent and made a fire to keep them warm .

A put up B put on C put down D put off

( ) 14 _______ the second night , it rained hard .

A In B At C For D On

( ) 15 Don’t ______. He is too tired .

A wake him up B wake her up C wake up him D wake up her

( ) 16 Last weekend I didn’t ______ my aunt .

A visited B saw C visit D look

( ) 17 Jenny often ____ to school early , but this morning she ______ to school late .

A go ; went B went ; goes C goes ; went D goes ; goes

( ) 18 My father _____ to America last week .

A flew B flyed C flied D flies

( ) 19 Do you have ______ to say ?

A something important B important something C important anything D anything important

( ) 20 --______? --- She played the piano .

A What does Betty do B What did Betty do C What is Betty doing D Where was Betty

( ) 21—Who cleaned the room ?--- Li Lei ________.

A was B did C is D had

( ) 22Li Lei _____ the book ____ the library last week .


A gave ; back B gives ; back C gave ; back to D gives ; back to

( ) 23 The mouse ______ when I came in .

A ran away B in running C run away D runs away

( ) 24 Tony was very angry with his sister , so he _____ her .

A shouted B shouted to C shouted with D shouted at

( ) 25 How many languages can Sally ______ ?

A talk B say C speak D tell

( ) 26 Tom played _____ badminton with his friends yesterday afternoon.

A a B the C at D /

( ) 27 I often do my homework and read books _____ Saturday morning.

A on B in C at D by

( ) 28 How do you study ______ your test ?

A at B with C in D for

( ) 29 Could you tell me something about your ____ ?

A live habit B living habits C life habit D life habits

( ) 30 Linda ______ very late to learn Chinese last year .

三, 句型变换:(每小题2分,共10分) 1. His mother did the shopping. (对划线部分提问) _____________ the shopping? 2. They played football(对划线部分提问) ____________ _________ they do ? 对划线部分提问) __________ the boy ___________? 对划线部分提问) _____________did she __________ ?

5. He put it here. (否定句) He ________ ________ it here.

四. 用括号内单词的正确形式填空:(10分)

1 ---Did he go ______ (camp) last summer vacation ? --- Yes, he _________(do) that every year. 2 There were so many ______ (mouse) and _________(butterfly) in that old room.

3 Tina ______ (sing) two Chinese __________(sing) at the party last night.

4 Li Lei _______ (leave) school two years ago and now he ________(be) a teacher.

5 I ___________ ( start) _________(learn) English five years ago .

6. Snakes _____________(not have) ears but they can feel things _____________(move).

7. I got out of the room and ___________(see) the boys ______________(play).


8. Last weekend_________(be) a good one, my parents _________(take) me to the park.

9. It is important for us _____________(do) that well.

10. That is a very ______________(use) lesson.

五 补全对话。(5分)

A: I had a school trip last week . B: Really . ___________________ (go)

A: I visited the fire station . B: __________________________( go with )

A: I went with my classmates . B: __________________________ ( do )

A : We watched the firefighters work . What an interesting job they have !

B: ________________________ ( learn anything )

A : Sure . We learned how to call the fire station and what to do when there is a fire .

六. 根据汉语提示,用英语词组完成句子。(10分)

1. My teacher _____________________________(对---大声喊叫) me just now.

2. When he saw us, he ______________________________(跑开了).

3. My friend, Xiao Wang often______________________________(打羽毛球).

4. They_______________(走进)the room , but nobody was in.

5. ________________(在第一天夜里),I couldn’t sleep.


A family of mice were in the kitchen on Saturday morning when they ________ a big cat . Baby Mouse _____ afraid and ____ onto his father’s back. Father Mouse shouted at the cat ,―Woof, Woof!‖ The cat quickly ________. ―Wow, Dad, you’re good!‖ ______ Baby Mouse . ― Well ,son, that’s why it’s important to learn a second language,‖ answered Father Mouse .

八. 阅读理解(10分) A

Billy is six years old . He has no sister . but he has a brother . Billy likes eating apples , oranges, bananas and so on . Sometimes he eats some of his brother’s. And his brother often hits(打)him for that . It’s September . He goes to school. One day Billy and his classmates are having a new lesson . ―Billy , what’s three from five ,please ? ―the teacher asks.

“It’s …., It’s ……..‖

“Now, if your sister has five bananas and you eat three of them………‖


“Oh, sorry, but I have no sister. I have a brother only. ―

“Good. If your brother has five bananas and you eat three of them, how …..‖

“He’ll certainly give me a good beating (狠揍一顿)”Billy says quickly!

( )1 Billy has _________.

A. only a sister B. only a brother C. a sister and a brother

( )2 Billy’s brother is _______.

A. older than him B. younger than him C. shorter than him

( )3 Billy’s brother ________.

A is friendly to Billy B. often gives Billy things to eat C. likes eating things , too

( )4 Billy is in ________.

A Grade One B. Grade Two C. Grade Three

( )5 Billy isn’t a ________ boy.

A. cute B. smart C. intelligent


( )6 What does Nancy do?

A doctor B A policeman C An actor D A student

( )7 When did Henry go on vacation ?

A On July 15th B On July 25th C On August 1st D On August 10th

( )8 Where did Steve go ?

A The Summer Palace B The Central Par C The Mount Tai D The City Museum

( )9 How was Julie’s vacation?

A Fantastic B Not very good C Pretty good D Terrible

( )10 Which of the following is NOT true ?

A Julie is a doctor . B Henry is an actor and his vacation was not very good .


C Nancy went to Central Park on vacation . D Nancy and Julie went on vacation on the same day .


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