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13 外研 八年级上 期中 测试(无答案) 外研版

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( ) 21.Shanghai is______the south of Beijing.

A. in B. on C. to D. at

( ) 22. Which one is_______,football or basketball?

A. more popular B. popular C. popularer D. much popular

( ) 23.Jay Chou is famous _____his songs.-

A. to B.as C.of D.for

( ) 24.The population of Henan is______than that of Shandong.

A. large B. more large C. larger D. largest

( ) 25. The teacher gave me _____ advice yesterday.

A. a B. an C .two D. some

( ) 26.How about ______ the radio in English?

A. to listen B. to listening C. Listening to D. listen to

( ) 27. Is Lucy as_____ as he sister.

---Yes, she is. so we all like making friends with them

A. funny B. much funny C. more funny D. funnier

( ) 28. It’s important for you ________ English well.

A. learn B. learning C. to learn D. to learning

( ) 29.There are more than 200 _______stars in our galaxy . A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundreds of D. hundred of

( ) 30.Can you tell me why you learn English so well?

----It’s easy._______ you work,_______ grades (成绩)you will get.

A. The harder; the best B. The hard; the better

C. Harder; better D. The harder; the better


Maria had a busy day yesterday. She got ___31___before seven o’clock in the morning, and quickly___32__ her hands and face.. She got to school early and had six __ 33_____all day. She __34__ _ basketball after school and then walked home. Maria’s pen was_35__, so she needed a new one. On her way home, she bought a new pen at a _36__ . When she reached home, she had a short _37__. After that she __38__ her parents to cook dinner and clean the house. She watched TV for half an hour after dinner. She didn’t finish her home-work._39__ half past ten. She went to bed _40__ a quarter to eleven.

( )31. A. up B. in C . on D. away

( )32. A. washed B. cleaned C. made D. put

( )33. A. matches B. jobs C. games D. classes

( )34. A. did B. played C. watched D. saw

( )35.A.bad B.useless C.broken D.missed

( )36. A. bank B .bus station C. shop D. post office

( )37. A. swimming B. rest C. class D. reading

( )38. A. talked B. called C. met D. helped

( )39. A. until B. at C. in D. on

( )40. A. on B. at C. until D. in



I.阅读下列短文,根据短文内容判断正误。正确的填(T),错误的填(F) (每小题1分,共5分)

An Unforgettable(难忘的 )Experience

Last summer, I went to Beidaihe for my holiday with my family. We took a train because the way is not far. We lived in a big hotel where could see the sea . We stayed there for three days.

The first day, we went for a walk along the seaside, and then we went swimming and took a lot of interesting photos there. The second day, we went to a famous market and bought many keepsakes. I was going to bring these keepsakes for my friends. The last day, we had a good picnic on the seaside with the natives. They acted all kinds of programmers and made us feel happy.

It’s a very good journey, and we all enjoyed ourselves on those days. If I have another holiday, I will go there again.

( ) 41. Last summer, I went to Beijing for my holiday.

( ) 42. We took a plane to Beidaihe.

( ) 43. We stayed there for three days.

( )44. We had a good picnic on the seaside with the natives.

( )45. It’s a very good journey, and we all enjoyed ourselves on those days. II.阅读下列短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。(每题2分,共30分)


The earth moves round the sun, and the moon moves round the earth. When our part of the earth turns to the moon, it is night.

The sun is much bigger than the moon. But sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because it’s much nearer to the earth.

The sun is very bright. It gives very strong light. The moon looks quite bright, too. But it doesn’t give any light at all.

The moon looks much bigger and brighter than the stars. But actually the starts are much bigger and brighter than the moon. They look smaller than the moon, because they’re much father away from us.

46._______moves round_________

A. The earth; the moon B. The moon; the earth

C. The moon; the starts D. The sun; the earth

47. Sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because________.

A. it is much bigger than the sun

B. it comes out only at night

C. it is much nearer to the earth than the sun.

D.i t doesn’t give a strong light

48.The sun________

A. is very bright, and it gives very strong light.

B. isn’t bright; but it gives very strong light.

C. is very big, but it doesn’t give any light at all.

D. is very round, but it can’t move round

49.The stars________.

A. look much bigger than the moon

B. look much bigger than the sun C. are a lot brighter than the moon, but they are not bigger than the moon 2

D. are much farther away from us than the moon.

. B. When George was young, he played a lot of games, and he was thin and strong. But when he was about 45, he began to become fat(胖). He couldn’t breathe(呼吸)well. And when he walk fast, his heart painful (心跳痛). He couldn’t do anything about this for a long time, so finally he became afraid and went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over here and there and said, “I don’t want to make you sad, George. But you’re very ill and I believe (相信) that you can’t live much longer. Would you like me to ask anybody to come and see you before you die?” George thought for a few seconds and then answered, “I’d like another to come and see me.”


( )50. George got fat________.

A. when he was very old B. when he was young

C. when he was fifty D. when he was forty-five

( )51. There was something wrong with George’s ___when he walked fast.

A. legs B. heart (心脏) C. feet D. eyes

( )52. What did George do?

A. We don’t know. B. He was a teacher.

C. He was a worker. D. He was a student.

( )53. Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. When George found he had trouble in breathing and walking, he went to

see a doctor soon.

B. George did nothing about his illness (病) for a long time.

C. George was afraid to see a doctor when he was ill.

D. The young doctor wanted George to see another doctor first. C

One day, we have an English class. The teacher sees a boy reading a picture book and says, “Tom, what do you usually do after lunch?” Tom is nervous ( 紧张地 ) to get up from his seat, but he doesn’t know how to answer. He thinks for some time and then says, “ Wait for supper(晚饭).”The teacher is not pleased(高兴) with his answer and just at the time, he sees another boy sleeping on the desk. The teacher is getting unhappy now. But he is trying not to show it. Then he asks, “ And you, Jack?”

When Jack is asleep, of course, he can’t hear what the teacher has said. His classmate calls his name to wake (叫醒 )him up. Jack stands up at once and says, “So do I.”

( )54. The students are sitting in___________________. A. a teachers’ office B. a classroom C. a reading room D. a bedroom

( )55. Tom is ___________ when the teacher asks him a question.

A. standing up B. reading a picture book

C. listening to the teacher D. reading English

( )56. The teacher thinks Tom’s answer is ________.

A. not good B. very good C. interesting D. exciting

( )57. What is Jack doing at that time?


A. Reading B. Writing a composition

C. Answering a question D. Sleeping


The English language started about1, 500years ago in England. Three groups of people came to the country. They were the Angles, the S axons, and the Jutes. These three groups brought their languages with them to England. After some time, the three languages became one new language—English. The name “English” comes from the Angles. T hey lived in most of England. “England means “Angle Land” or “Country of the Angle”The language that we speak today—Modern English is not the same as the English that people used1, 5000 years ago. Including Old English (before1150) and Middle English (up till 1500).That language—Old English sounds different, and it has some different rules of grammar. There were only a few thousand words in Old English. But Modern English does come from Old English, and it is still like it in many important ways.

( ) 58. How many languages did Old English come form? A. One B.Two C. Three D. Four

( )59. Which language did the name “English “come from?

A. Modren English B. The Angles C. The Jutes D. The Saxons.

( ) 60. According to the passage, modern English differs from(与..不同) Old

English in________

A. grammar B. pronunciation C. words D. all of the above



Australia is the largest island in the world. It is(1)_______the south of the equator(赤道).When it is summer in our contry, it is winter in

Australia.(2)Australia is big, but the population of it is much smaller than that ofChina.The population of Australia is the same as that of Shanghai, a city in China. Canada is the largest country in North America. I t is larger than the United States and China. In fact, Canada is the largest nation in the world. It

has10provinces.It’s capital is Ottawa(渥太华).(3)The Canadians can speak English and French.




___________________________________________________ 64. Which country is the largest island in the world?___________

65. Is the population of China much smaller than that of Australia?



I. 根据上下文内容,选择正确答案,使对话完整、通顺。(每小题1分,共5分) Army: ______66________

Helen: Good morning, Amy!

Army: How was your weekend?

Helen: _____67_______ I went to Beijing with my aunt on Saturday morning, and we came back on Sunday afternoon.

Army : _________68___________


Helen: We went there by train.

Army: What did you do in Beijing?

Helen: We went to the Great Wall.______69____

Army: I think you had a wonderful time.

Helen: Yes, you’re right._____70____

Army: That’s a good idea! I can’t wait to visit it!


II.根据对话内容,填入适当的单词,使对话完整,每空一词。(每小题1分,共5分) A:Who lives farthest 71.______the school in our class, LiLei?

B:Chen Hong. He has the longest journey.

A:72.________does Cao Yang get to school?

B:He goes73.____bicycle,so he has the fastest journey.

A:What about Lingling?

B:Her home is the closest to the school, so she goes to school74. ______foot. A:Do you go to school by bus?

B:Yes ,I do. It’s the best75.____to get to school.

71_________ 72_________ 73___________ 74_________ 75_________



Jayden likes China very much. He visited many big cities in China last year. First, he went to Shanghai, a modern city in the (76)________of China. There are many tall buildings in Shanghai. The Shanghai World Financial Centre is(77)_________than many other buildings in the world. Then, he went to Beijing, the (78)________city of China. It is in the(79)________of China. It is (80)_______for the Great Wall and the Palace Museum. It has a long history, so it is much(81)_______ than Sanya, a city on a(n)(82)________in the (83)______of China. But Jayden likes Sanya too. It is a popular(84)____for holidays and the enjoys swimming(85)______ the sea there.

76.________ 77.__________78.__________79._________80._________


八.句型转换(5分) 86. The population of Shanghai is13 million. (就划线部分提问)

______ ______ the population of Shanghai?


87. Hong Kong is hotter than Shanghai. (改为一般疑问句)

___________ HongKong________ _________ Shanghai ?

88. Lucy is 14 years old.Daming is 11 years old. (合并为一句) Lucy is______ than Daming.

89. Why don’t you ask Tom for help?(同义句)

_________ _________ ask Tom for help ? 90. Gymnastics is more relaxing than any other sports (同义句)

Gymnastics is _________ _______ ________of all the sports.


假如你是上海的李平,请向你的英国笔友Jenny 介绍一下你的家乡的情况(如天气、位置、人口、出名的人和事与其它城市比较优势等),并邀请她来你的家乡参观。可自由发挥




2013— 2014第一学期康巴什新区第二中学综合素质测评(八年级英语)试卷


第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共75分)

16.________ 17. ________ 18. ________ 19. _________ 20.__________

四、 阅读理解(35分)

A. 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断正(T)、误(F) (每小题1分,共5分)


第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 共45分)


根据要求完成下面的短文,每空一词。(每小题2分, 共10分)

61 _________ 62 __________ 63 ___________ 64 __________ 65 __________


A.根据对话内容,选择正确答案。(每小题1分, 共5分)

66._________ 67.________ 68. ________ 69. _________ 70. _________

B. 根据对话内容,填入适当的单词,每空一词。(每小题1分, 共5分)

71._________ 72.________ 73. ________ 74. _________ 75. _________



76. _________ 77. __________78.___________ 79.__________ 80.___________

81. ________ ________ 82. _______ ________ 83. ________ ________

84. ________ ________ 85. _______ ________

八、根据要求,完成句子。 (每小题1分,共5分。)

86.__________ __________ 87_________ _________ _________

88.___________89.__________ ___________90._________ _______ ________

九、书面表达。 (10分)






__ 亲爱的孩子们:恭喜你答完了所有试题,请仔细检查。预祝大家取得好成绩!


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