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人教版九年级unit8Section B-1课件

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Unit 8
I’ll help clean up the city parks. Section B
Period 1 ( 1a — 2c)

Volunteer ;the three students do ;the reasons: Li Huiping
helps young children to read loves to read Lin Pei

works in an animal hospital loves animals

Zhu Ming

sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up wants to be a professional singer

2a Listen and number the pictures in the correct order.





2b Listen again and circle T (for true) or F (for false).
? l

1. Jimmy fixes up bicycles. 2. Jimmy sells bikes.


3. Jimmy takes after his mother. T F
4. Jimmy has run out of money. T F

1a Match the sentences with similar meanings.
b c 1. I’ve run out of it. 2. I take after my mother. 3. I fixed it up.


4. I gave it away.
a. I repaired it. b. I don’t have any more of it. c. I am similar to her. d. I didn’t sell it, but gave it as a present.

run out of

take after fixed up give away

1. I ran out of water in the pot.
2. She takes after her sister. 3. I had my computer fixed up. 4. She gave her watch away to me.

用run out或者run out of填空。
1. He ____________ the water. ran out of ran out 2. The water _________. 3. — Peter, I think we need to buy a new car. running out of — Oh, no! We are _____________ money, you know?

Our food _______. Could you go to the supermarket and get some bread and milk?

A. have run out of
C. has run out of

B. have run out
D. has run out

My computer doesn’t work. Could you please help me ____? A. fix up it B. fix it up C. fix them up D. look it up 【点拨】选B。句意:我的电脑坏了,你能帮 我修理吗?fix up“修理;修补”;look up“(在字典、参考书中)查找”;排除D项; fix up是由“动词+副词”构成的短语动词, 代词作宾语时应置于短语中间,指代前面的 单数名词computer应用代词it, 故选B。

Mary _______ her mother. They both have big eyes. A. looks after B. looks like C. looks up D. looks at

用适当的词或短语完成下列句子,使两个句子 的意思相同或相近。 1. Mary looks sad. Let’s make her feel happy. up Mary looks sad. Let’s ______ her ______. cheer 2. You should let someone repair the TV set. You should _____ the TV set ________. repaired have

3. This store sells men’s shoes, and it also sells men’s clothes. This store sells ______ ______ men’s shoes, not only ______ ______ men’s clothes. but also 4. Do Wang Hong and her mother look the same, Lucy? Does Wang Hong ______ ______ her take after mother, Lucy?

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