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( ) 1. Father usually ______ his newspaper after dinner.

A. read B. reads C. reading D. is reading

( ) 2. The Blacks often ______ to the cinema on Saturday evenings.

A. go B. goes C. is going D. are going

( ) 3.Look! The boy ______ with his mother in the pool.

A. is swimming B. is swimming C. are swimming D. are swiming

( ) 4.--- What is Tom doing in the classroom? --- He ______ something on the blackboard.

A. draws B. draw C. is drawing D. are drawing.

( ) 5.Old Tom usually ______ up at six and ______ sports in the garden.

A. gets, dos B. gets, does C. get, does D. gets, do

( ) 6. It’s ten o’clock and Jack ______ still(仍然) ______ his homework.

A. is, do B. is, doing C. are, do D. are, doing

( ) 7. The waiters ______ to work at five every morning.

A. start B. starts C. starting D. are starting

( ) 8.I ______ a letter, so I can’t go out with you.

A. is writing B. am writing C. am writeing D. am writting

( )9.A hundred days _____ quite a long time.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( )10. --______ late for the meeting next time. –Sorry, I won’t.

A. Don’t B. Don’t be C. Won’t be D. Be not

( )11. My mother _____ noodles, but my father ______.

A. likes, doesn’t B. don’t like, do C. likes, didn’t D. didn’t like, do

( )12. The picture ______ nice.

A. looks B. is looked C. look D. is looking

( )13. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it ______ tomorrow.

A. don’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain D. isn’t rain

( )14. We are always ready _______ others.

A. to helping B. to help C. help D. helping

( )15. I often hear her ______ about the boy.

A. talking B. talk C. to talk D. talked

( )16. He’s already a little weak in Chinese, ______ he ?

A. is B. isn’t C. has D. hasn’t

( )17.Potatoes are ______ in the field by the farmers.

A. grow B. growing C. grown D. grew

( )18. Does she have a watch? – Yes, she ______.

A. have B. do C. has D. does

( )19. She _____ English very much now.

A. is liking B. likes C. liked D. is teaching

( )20. She has no paper to _____ . Why not give her some?

A. write B. be writing C. write on D. write in

( )21. Does Mr Know-all know ______ keys?

A. to make B. how to make C. how make D. making

( )22. Does your mother ______ English now?

A. teaches B. teach C. taught D. is teaching

( )23. Jack usually ______ mistakes last term. But this term he does better.

A. makes B. made C. does D. did

( )24. The boy is too young, please ______ carefully.

A. look after him B. look him after C. look at him D. look him at

( )25. She ______ you to come to my birthday party.

A. hopes B. wishes C. want D. lets

( )26. --Where is Frank now? -- He ______ his bike in the yard.

A. fixes up B. fixing up C. is fixing up D. fixed

( )27. Bob often ______ his mother with the housework on Sundays.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. helped

( )28. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it ______ tomorrow.

A. don’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain D. isn’t rain

( )29. If it _____ tomorrow, I will go by car.

A. rain B. will rain C. rains D. would rain

( )30. --What a nice garden! –She ______ it every day.

A. is cleaning B. has cleaned C. cleans D. clean

( )31. --Where is Peter? -- He ______ his homework in the room.

A. is doing B. does C. did D. do

( )32. The teacher told us that light ______ much faster than sound.

A. travels B. traveled C. was D. will be

( )33. My mother told us that Taiwan ______ part of China.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( )34. Do you know bananas _____ in Hainan?

A. grows B. is grown C. grew D. are grown

( )35. The clothes ______very soft.

A. are felt B. are feeling C. feel D. feels

( )36. The supermarket is far from Mary’s house. So she _____ only once a week.

A. goes shopping B. has been there C. was shopping D. has gone there

( )37. Don’t make so much noise. We _____ to the music.

A. are listening B. listen C. listened D. have listened

( )38. I’ll go swimming with you if I _____ free tomorrow.

A. will be B. shall be C. am D. was

( )39. – Oh, Mrs. King, your sweater looks nice. Is it _____ wool ?

-- Yes, and it’s _____ Inner Mongolia.

A. made of, made by B. made of, made in

C. made by, made for D. made by, made from


( )1. Her hope _______ the 2008 Olympic Games.

A. to take part in B. is to take part in C. taking part in D. will take part in

( )2. --- Can I go to Beijing for my holiday, Dad? --- You can when you _______ a bit older.

A. will get B. get C. are getting D. got

( )3. If he _______harder, he will catch up with us soon.

A. study B. studies C. will study D. studied

( )4. --- Don’t forget to ask him to write to me.

--- I won’t. As soon as he _______, I’ll ask him to write to you.

A. will come B. came C. comes D. is coming

( )5. --- Jimmy is leaving for a holiday.

--- Really? Where _______ he _______?

A. has; gone B. will; go C. did; go D. would; go

( )6. Frank _______ to see his grandma if he _______ free tomorrow.

A. will come; will be B. comes; is

C. will come; is D. comes; will be

( )7. There _______ a talk on science in our school next Monday.

A. will give B. will be C. is going to give D. is

( )8. --- Shall we go shopping now?

--- Sorry, I can’t. I _______ my shirts.

A. wash B. washes C. washed D. am washing

( )9. I believe that those mountains _______ with trees in a few years’ time.

A. are covered B. will be covered C. are covering D. will cover

( )10. It is said that about 400 cars _______ in the factory next month.

A. were produced B. will produce C. are produced D. will be produced

( )11. --- Are you free this afternoon?

--- No. I’ll have an English composition _______ this afternoon.

A. to write B. wrote C. to be writing D. to be written

( )12. --- Come back home every month.

--- I _______.

A. will B. must C. should D. can

( )13. A robot _______ think of itself; it _______ be told what to do.

A. can’t; must B. couldn’t; can C. may not; will D. mustn’t, may


( )1. The mother asked the boy _______ down the ladder, but he went on _______ instead.

A. come; climbing B. to come; to climb

C. to come; climbing D. coming; climbing

( )2. The teacher asked the students to close the windows _______ the wind from _______ the

papers away.

A. to stop; blowing B. stopping; blowing

C. to stop; blow D. stopped; blow

( )3. The sick man stayed in bed, _______ very terrible.

A. felt B. feeling C. is feeling D. was feeling

( )4. Yesterday I heard a story _______ by my friend.

A. told B. telling C. to tell D. tell

( )5. The boy was made _______ there for an hour by his father.

A. standing B. stand C. to stand D. stands

( )6. I saw him _______ into the small store.

A. went B. going C. to go D. has gone

( )7. He raised his voice to make everybody in the room ______ him clearly.

A. hear B. to hear C. hearing D. heard

( )8. Our geography teacher told us yesterday that the earth _______ around the sun.

A. was moving B. moved C. has moved D. moves

( )9. Oh, it’s you. I’m sorry I _______ know you _______ here.

A. don’t; are B. didn’t; are C. didn’t; were D. don’t; were

( )10. Mr LuXun died in 1936. He _______ a lot of famous novels.

A. wrote B. was writing C. has written D. would write

( )11. --- How was your weekend on the farm?

--- Great! We _______ with the farmers.

A. enjoy ourselves B. went fishing C. will work D. make friends

( )12. --- What did Mr Jones do before he moved here?

--- He _______ a city bus for over twenty-five years.

A. is driving B. drove C. has driven D. drives

( )13. Jane _______ a new dress every month when she was in Shanghai.

A. buys B. is buying C. bought D. will buy

( )14. --- Liu Mei can’t come tonight.

--- Why? But she _______ me she would come.

A. tells B. told C. is told D. had told

( )15. He turned off the light and then _______.

A. leaves B. has left C. will leave D. left


( )1. How long have you _______ here?

A. come B. got C. arrived D. been

( )2. My grandpa died _________.

A. at the age of my2 B. for2 years C. when I was 2. D. my age was 6.

( )3. I have ______ the car for a year.

A. bought B. sold C. had D. buy

( )4. China has ________ the host for the 2008 Olympic Games since July 13, 2001

A. become B. been C. became D. turned

( )5. ______ the supermarket _____ for long?----No. It ____ half a year ago.

A. Has… opened / was open B. Is …opened/ was…opened

C. Has… been open /opened D. was…opened/ was…opened

( )6. I’m sorry to hear that the girl ______ home for 2 days.

A. left B. is away from C. has left D. has been away from

( )7. They have ______ the League.

A. joined B. been C. joined in D. take part in

( )8. ---Where are the Greeks? ----They ________ for a few minutes.

A. have gone B. have been here C. have been away D. have disappeared

( )9. Jane has _____ to BeiJing. She will come back tomorrow.

A. been B. gone C. went D. never been

( )10. It is ten years _____ I last saw her.

A. after B. since C. for D. that

( )11.---Who will go to the station to meet Lorry? ---I will. I _____ her several times.

A. met B. have met C. had met D. will meet

( )12. It’s 7:00. I can’t believe you ________ to school yet, Tony.

A. have gone B. haven’t gone C. don’t go D. did go

( )13. ---What a nice dress! How long _____ you _____ it? ---Just 2 weeks.

A. will, buy B. did, buy C. are, having D. have, had

( )14.---Do you know Lydia very well?

---Yes, She and I _____ friends since we were very young.

A. have made B. have become C. have been D. have turned

( )15. The Smiths _______ in China for 8 years.

A. has lived B. lived C. have been D. live

( )16. ---Hello, this is Mr Green speaking. Can I speak to Mr Black?

--- Sorry. He ______ the Bainiao Park.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. will go to

( )17. ---How long have you _____ ? --- Since 1990.

A. bought the MP4 B. joined the Party C. become a midfield player D. lived in the town

( )18. ---Where is Allen? --- He ____ America on business. He ___ back in 2 weeks.

A. has gone to, comes B. has been to, will be

C. has gone to, will be D. has been to, will come

( )19. His grandma _______ for a year.

A. died B. has been dead C. has been death D. was died

( )20. What ________ with the clothes?

A. has been done B. has done C. have done D. have been done

( )21. ---Nancy, will you go to see the film Cold Mountain this evening?

--- No, I won’t. I _____ it already.

A. saw B. have seen C. see D. will see

( )22. ----____ you ever ____ to the US? --- Yes, twice.

A. Have, gone B. Have, been C, Do, go D. were, going

( )23. Look! What a clean room! Who ______ it?

A. has tidied B. is tidying C. will tidy D. tidied

( )24. The EXPO(世博园) ________hundreds of millions of visitors since it opened.

A. attracted B. attracts C. has attracted D. will attract

( )25. ----How is your grandma? I _____her for long. ----She’s fine, but busy.

A. missed B. have met C. haven’t seen D. didn’t see

( )26. ---What are you going to do this weekend? --- I ____ yet.

A. haven’t decided B. didn’t decide C. have decided D. didn’t decide

( )27. ---- _____ you ______ your lunch? --- Yes. I _______ it at 1:00 pm.

A. Did, have B. Have, had C. Are, having D. were, having

( )28. Everyone _______ the Great Wall before.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in D. have been to

( )29. We have lived here ________ 5 years ago.

A. for B. since C. in D. before

( )30. ---Where have you _______ these days? --- I have _____ to Dalian with my family.

A. been, gone B. been, been C. gone, been D. gone, gone


( )31. How long have you _____ this book?(哈尔滨)

A. bought B. borrowed C. had D. lent

( )32. ---- Where’s Peter? --- He ______ to Nanjing. (沈阳)

A. is going B. has been C. has gone D. went

( ) 33. You’ve never seen such a wonderful film before, ________?

A. haven’t you B. have you C. do you D. don’t you

( )34. ---I have watched the game. ---When _____ you _____ it?

A. have, watched B. do, watch C. did, watch D. will, watch

( )35.The old ________ lonely at all since we began to visit them once a week.

A. don’t feel B. hasn’t felt C. haven’t felt D. didn’t feel

( )36.His sister ______ her hometown for three years. She’ll return next year.

A. left B. has left C. has been away D. has been away from

( )37.I ______ to Canada twice. It’s so beautiful.

A. won’t go B. have gone C. don’t go D. have been

( )38. Peter says that the whites are on holiday, but no one knows _______.

A. where they have been B. they went where

C. where are they from D. where they have gone

( )39. --- How long have you -______ the book? --- For several weeks

A. bought B. borrowed C. lent D. kept

( )40 . ---Has the match started? --- Started? Finished! Guo Yue ______.

A. is winning B. wins C. will win D. has won



( )1. It ______ 3 years since he left us.

A. is B. has been C. was D. were

( ) 2. 15 years ________ since I became a teacher.

A. passed B. has past C. have passed D. has passed

( )3. They told us that they ________ three hundred trees by the time the workers got there.

A. have planted B. planted C. had planted D. were planting

( )4. My daughter won’t go to sleep until I _______ back.

A. go B. goes C. have gone D. will go

( )5. Kitty ________ games while I was cooking.

A. plays B. was playing C. make D. does

( )6. What ______ they doing then on the hill?

A. are B. were C. is D. was

( )7. He ________ his homework this time yesterday.

A. does B. was doing C. is doing D. is

( )8.The letter _______ a week ago and it______ yesterday.

A. posted; arrived B. was posted; arrived

C. is posted; arrived D. has posted; has arrived

( )9.They ________ friends since they met in Shanghai.

A. have made B. have become C. have been D. have turned

( )10. The workers __________ many toys in the factory last year.

A. invent B. invented C. invention D. inventing

( )11. Neither you nor he ________ New York city.

A. has gone to B. have gone to C. have been to D. has been to

( )12. By ten o’clock yesterday they _______ at the airport.

A. had arrived B. have arrived C. shall arrive D. arrive

( )13. I got up very late this morning. There _______ no time to have breakfast.

A. had B. has C. was D. is

( )14. So far we ________ the moon.

A. gets to B. arrived C. have reached D. have arrived

( )15. I _______ for them at the school gate ______ it began to rain.

A. didn’t wait, until B. didn’t wait, when C. waited, until D. waited, because

( )16. He said a new school _________ in two weeks.

A. will be built B. would be built C. had built D. was being built

( )17. Two-thirds of the work __________ by the computer last week.

A. are done B. is done C. were done D. was done

( )18. He ________ his bag in the library this morning.

A. forgot B. lost C. had left D. left

( )19. My brother ______ while he _______ his bicycle and hurt himself.

A. fell, was riding B. fell, were riding C. had fallen, rode D. had fallen, was riding

( )20. “ Did you catch the bus?” “No, when I ______ there, the bus ________.”

A. gets, has left B. got, left C. got, had left D. had got, left

( )21. --- She hasn’t washed the car, has she?

--- No, she hasn’t. But she said she ______ it after supper.

A. had washed B. washes C. will wash D. was going to wash

( )22. --- _____ will you finish writing the article?

--- In two days.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How fast

( )23. Someone _____ at he door when she was cooking in the kitchen.

A. had knocked B. has knocked C. knocked D. was knocking

( )24. ---- Where is Teddy now? --- He ____ his bike in the yard.

A. fixes up B. fixing up C. is fixing D. fixed

( )25. Noddy ________ a film if he’s free next Sunday.

A. see B. saw C. has seen D. will see

( )26. The photo ________ nice.

A. looks B. is looked C. look D. is looking

( )27. Great changes ______ in Shenyang during the past ten years.

A. have happened B. have been happened C. happened D. was happened

( )28. The film _________ for five minutes.

A. has been B. has been on C. began D. has begun

( )29. Hurry! We _____ the train.

A. will miss B. miss C. missed D. have missed

( )30. Unless it ________tomorrow, I’ll go on foot.

A. doesn’t rain B. rains C. will rain D. won’t rain

( )31. _____ Mr White ___ the doctor the day before yesterday?

A. Does, see B. Has, seen C. Will, see D. Did, see

( )32. I’ll visit my teacher when she ________.

A. will return B. return C. returns D. returned

( )33. ---What were they talking about when you ______ them?

--- About Yao Ming.

A. see B. had seen C. saw D. were seeing

( )34.One of my classmates___ for England this Friday.Shall we go to see her off at the airport?

A. are leaving B. is left C. is leaving D. goes

( )35. Be quiet! Your father ________.

A. sleeps B. sleeping C. is thinking D. was working.

( )36. Everyone except Tom and Johnny ____ there when the meeting began.

A. is B. was C. are D. were

( )37. What does the sentence “ Don’t trouble trouble till trouble _____ you.” mean?

A. trouble B. troubles C. will trouble D. troubled

( )38. ---I hear your father ____ to Japan once.

---Yes, he_______ there last year.

A. went, has been B. has gone, went C. has been, went D. had gone, has been

( )39. ---Could you go to buy some salt for me? ---Sorry, mum. I ____ my homework.

A. am doing B. do C. will finish D. have finished

( )40. --- What ______ under the bed, Tim? --- Oh, Where 's my other sock, dad?

A. do you do B. are you doing C. have you done D. did you do

II 用适当的动词形式填空。

1. She kept the radio when she ______(do) homework.

2. –She was reading newspapers.

--What __you ___(do) ?

3 Lao Wang told the policeman that he _____(listen) to the radio at that time.

4. I ______(use)to be a teacher but now ______(be) a manager.

5 While I ______(run)along. A dog suddenly ______(run) across the road.

6 Last night my father _____(read) a book while my mother ______(sew).

7 What _____you _____ (do) the whole Sunday? I ______(go)over my lessons.

8 When I _____ (get)home, the telephone bell _____(ring)

9 It was Sunday and we _________ (sit) at the table when father suddenly _________(smile)

And ___________(say) to us, “ Oh, dear me, I forgot __________(tell) you the good news. There is a letter from Granny. She ___________(come) to see us this afternoon. I ________(meet)

Her at the station, “ with these words he went out.

How happy we _________(be)! We ___________(not see ) Granny for half a year and

____________(miss) her very much. After lunch my mother and I ___________(go) shopping. We ___________(buy) a lot of food that Granny liked. My sister __________(clean) the house. It

___________(be) four o’clock when we ____________(finish) and we ___________(sit) around

the table, ____________(wait) for Granny. At last the door __________(open) and in came my father, alone. “Where _________(be) Granny? “ We ___________(ask). Father _________(laugh)

and ___________(say), “ April Fools !” “ Today ___________(be) April 1st. April Fool’s Day.”



1-5BAACB 6-10BABAB 11-15AABBB 16-20 BCDBC

21-25 BBBAC 26-30 CCBAC 31-35 AAABC 36-39 AACB


1-5 BBBCB 6-10 CBDBD 11-13 AAA


1-5 CABAC 6-10 BADCA 11-15 BBCBD


1-5 DCCBC 6-10 DACBB 11-15 BBDCC 16-20 BDCBA

21-25 BBACC 26-30 ABABB 31-35 CCBCC 36-40 DDDDD


I、 1-5 ADCAB 6-10 BBBCB 11-15 DACCC 16-20 BDDAC

21-25 DBCCD 26-30 AABAB 31-35 DCCCC 36-40 BBCAB


1. was doing 2. were doing 3. was listening 4. used , am

5. was running, ran 6. was reading , was sewing 7. were doing,

was going 8. got, was ringing 9. were sitting , smile , said, to tell, is coming, am going to meet, were , hadn’t seen ,

missed, went, bought, cleaned, was, finished, sat, waiting, opened, is,, asked, laughed, said, is

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