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1. 表示经常发生或习惯性的动作或状态。

如:We often write to each other. 我们时常相互通信。

2. 表示主语现在的性格、特征、能力,如:I like English. We can speak Chinese.

3. 表示现在的状态,如:He is twelve. Kate is in the room。

4. 客观事实,真理。如:Mrs Liu is my mother. Earth runs around the sun.

二.时间状语: 1.often经常 usually通常 sometimes有时 always总是 never从不

2.“every”相关 everyday/everyweek/mohth/year

3.on Sundays on Mondays/weekends……..


1. Be动词在一般现在时中的变化:

I 用am, you 用are; is 用于它,他,她;单数is,复数are。


①非三单(I ,we, you, they ….): V动词原形

直接加 “s”

②三人称单数 辅音+y : study-studies fly-flies, cry-cries

(he, she, it) 殊 have-has do-does go-goes

以s, x, ch, sh结尾pass-passes, miss-misses, watch-watches teach-teaches


1. 一般疑问句句型:①is/are+主语+其他。把is或are提到句首(注:I和 we变 you, am变 are)) ②do/does+主语+动词原形。(在句首加do/does,句子中的动词三单变回原形) ①Mary is a doctor.

? Yes,she is. No.,she isn’t.

① They are students.

Yes,they are. No, they aren’t.

② They often play computer games on weekends.

? yes,they do. /NO, they don’t.

② She likes oranges.

Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t

2.否定句句型:①主语+isn’t/aren’t+其他 (否定句在is或are后直接加not)

②主语+don’t/doesn’t+动词原形 (在动词前加don’t/doesn’t 三单动词还原) ① ----------- Mary ① ------------ They ② -------------We ② to the supermarkets on weekends


Be 动词的一般现在时练习

一. 用be的适当形式填空。

1. ---How____ you? ---I____ fine. 9. Five and three ____ eight

2. I___ David, and my family name___ Green. 10.____your card number 5578

3. ---What color ___ your clock? ---It___ white. 11.Where_____ your pencils?

4. ---What___ this in English?---It___ an apple. 12.Thses sweaters ______ fifty dollars

5. My sister and my brother_____ students. 13.How much ____ his jacket?

6. My brother’s birthday____ December 11th. 14. Look! These ____ apple trees.

7. We____ good students and you____ good teacher. 15.When _____ Kate’s birthday?

8. Toy___ my brother. David____ my brother, too. They ___ my brothers.

二. 将下面的句子变成一般疑问句并作出回答。 三. 将下面的句子变成否定句

1. Dolphins are friendly. 1. My mother is a doctor.

2. The classroom is dirty. 2. They are my parents.

3. Jim and Tom are good friends. 3. The shop is open.

4. My birthday is November 1st. 4. Lions are dangerous.

5. we are hungry now. 5. Beijing is a good place to have fun.

四. 对划线部分提问。

2. The girl’s telephone number is

4. September 10th is



1. He often _____________(have) dinner at home.

2. Daniel and Tommy ____________(be) in Class One.

3. We _____________(not watch) TV on Monday.

4. Nick _____________(not go) to the zoo on Sunday.

5. __________ they ___________(like) the World Cup(世界杯)?

6. What ___________they often ___________(do) on Saturdays?

7. ____________ your parents _____________(read) newspapers every day?

8. The girl _______________(teach) us English on Sundays.

9. She and I ______________(take) a walk together(一起)every evening.

10. There ______________(be) some water in the bottle.

11. Mike ____________(like) cooking.


12. They ____________(have) the same(相同的) hobby(业余爱好).

13. My aunt ___________(look) after her baby carefully.

14. You always _____________(do) your homework well.

15. I ____________(be) ill. I’m staying in bed.

16. She ______________(go) to school from Monday to Friday.

17. Liu Tao ___________(do) not like PE.

18. The child often _______________(watch) TV in the evening.

19. Su Hai and Su Yang ______________(have) eight lessons this term.

20. -What day _____________(be) it today? - It’s Saturday.

21 We often _________________ (play) on the playground.

22. He ____________ (get) up at six o'clock.

23. __________ you __________ (brush)(刷) your teeth(牙) every morning?

24. What _____________(do) he usually ___________ (do) after school?

25. Danny _____________ (study) English, Chinese, math, science and art at school.

26. Mike sometimes __________ (go) to the park with his sister.

27. At eight at night, she ____________ (watch) TV with her parents.

28. __________ Mike __________ (read) English every day?

29. How many lessons __________ your classmate __________ (have) on Monday?

30.What time ___________ his mother __________ (do) the housework?

31. My father always __________(come) back from work very late.

32. The teacher is busy. He __________ (sleep) six hours a day.

33. Listen! Joan __________(sing) in the classroom. She often __________ (sing) there.

34. __________ your brother __________(know) Japanese?

35. Where __________ you __________ (have) lunch every day?

36. The girl __________(like) wearing a skirt. Look! She __________(wear) a red skirt today.

37.Fang Ming _____________(not like )rice at all.


1. Jerry works in that hospital.

2. Maria likes reading newspapers very much.

3. He plays Ping-pang every day.

4. Teachers always teacher us many study skills.

5. Mr. Wang often buys lots of things.

6. Jenney and Mary go to school at 7:30.

7. I do my homework every day.




8 she is surprised at his news.

9. Lions usually eat meat.

10. Listening to music after class makes us feel relaxed.

11. She lives in a small town near New York.


12. She can play the piano.

13. Doctors always wear uniforms.

15. He wants to be a policeman.

16. Ruth studies very hard.

17. The girl has an egg for breakfast.

18. My teacher knows my name.

19. It sounds very interesting.

20. Mike always swims in sumer.

三:对划线部分提问 _______________________________________ ____________________________________

3. Mr. Gao’ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 12. The girl’s telephone number is is Teachers’ Day. ___________________________________


1. Is your brother speak English? _____________

2. Does he likes going fishing? _____________

3. He likes play games after class. _____________

4. Mr. Wu teach us English. _____________

5. She don’t do her homework on Sundays. __________

6. Tom can play the violin good. __________

7. I want go to a movie. ______________

8. I love to listen to he. ______________

9. My birthday is in September 10th. ___________

10. Can you help me on my English? __________


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