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新版外研 Module8 accidents unit2

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Unit2 I was trying to pick up when it bit me again.

Learning aims :
1.Knowledge aims: Key words and phrases:

bite, hurt, chest, pick up, bite sb. on...
save one's life...

2.Ability aims:
(1) To predict the main content of the passage.

(2)To read for specific information.
(3)To improve the reading&writing ability.

3.Emotion aims:How to deal with emergencies.

What can you use a mobile phone to do?

If I have a mobile phone, I can …

make a phone call send messages listen to music take photos send emails take videos go online play games read novels

Do you know that a mobile phone can save a person’s life?

What is the man’s job?
A cook.

Where’s he?
In a restaurant kitchen.

Where’s the snake?
In the fridge.

What’s the man doing?
He is taking a photo of the snake .

Read the passage quickly and match the words with the pictures and phrases.
1 5









give others some ideas




to come into sight, you can see


Read paragraph 1&2, and answer the questions ? 1. Who gives this surprising advice ? A British cook / Henry Jackson ? 2. What did he do when a snake appeared?
He picked up a dish from the table. ? 3. Where did the snake bite him? The snake bit him on his hand.

Read Paragraphs 3 & 4 , and choose the best answer
1. When and where did the snake come? A) A week ago; Africa B) A few days earlier; Asia 2.Where did the snake hide ? A) It hid under the dish. B) It hid under a box of bananas . 3.Mr. Jackson threw the snake across the kitchen probably because____ A) his chest began to hurt B) he was surprised

Read Paragraphs 5 & 6 , and tell the sentences T or F
1. Soon his hand began to ache and then his arm began to hurt. ( F ) chest couldn’t 2.At first , doctors could say what was wrong and knew what kind of snake it was.( F )
3.When the doctor knew the kind of snake , they couldn’t give Mr. Jackson the right medicine . could ( F )

Read the last paragraph and fill in the blanks .

pick up bites “If a snake _______you , _____ ___ its your phone . Take ____photo first and show to then _____the photo ______the doctors.” suggests Mr. Jackson .





working in the kitchen picked up

came to, hid appeared, bit under the dish





stayed cool and took a photo

went to hospital

showed … to … saved his life

One day… Suddenly…A few days earlier… Anyway… Soon…Then…Finally…

Write a short story about how a mobile
phone saved someone’s life.

found a man robbing (抢劫) Tom, called the police, saved his life

found a boy bitten by a dog, called for help, saw the doctor, took some medicine

One day I was walking alone in the city, late at night ,hold on my mobile phone. Suddenly…

? 1.Learn and master the new words of this unit . bite appear hide cool chest hurt suggest save one’s life ? 2.Understand the contents of the passage by reading . ? 3.Learn to write a short passage .

If you are in danger / trouble, stay cool. Use the technology , it may help you.

Act out a situation how a mobile phone helped you get out of trouble.

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