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下面是一道经典的英语填空题,注意,所有空 格均为同一个单词:
Nothing _________ is greater than God . Nothing _________ is more evil(邪恶的) than the Devil (恶魔). Nothing The poor have ____________ . Nothing The rich need _____________ . Nothing If you eat ________ , you will die .

Choose the nicknames of the following cities .
( ( ( ( (

) 1. London ) 2. Washington ) 3. Oxford ) 4. Venice ) 5. Munich (慕尼黑)

A. the city of music B. the city of beer C. the city of water D. the city of universities E. the city of snow


) 6. Vienna

F. the city of fog

If I go to see my uncle ,I can read his books .It’s in two twos.
A一分为二 ? B一文不名 ? C三心二意 ? D一举两得
? ?


The words he gives on the computer is above my head .
A 一目了然 ? B 终于醒悟 ? C 无法理解 ? D 头脑发昏
? ?


I have cities , but there are not any houses in them .

I have forests , but not any trees in them .
I have rivers , but there is not any water in them .

map What am I ? ___________

1.what room has no walls, no doors, no windows and no one to live in?

2.Where does afternoon always come

before morning?
In the dictionary

3.What has two legs but can not walk.

4.what kind of dog never bite?


If you are facing east and take ten steps forward , then right and take three steps backward , then turn round and take five steps forward , and then turn left , and take two steps forward , which direction are you facing ?


There are three men on a train. Mr A speaks

English and Chinese. Mr B speaks French
and English. Mr C can only talk with Mr A.

What language does Mr C speak?


( C ) 1. What’s the Chinese for “six of one and half a dozen of the other?” A. 六分之一 B. 人云亦云 C.半斤八两 D.见一面分一半

( A ) 2. We don’t want it. It’s “a white elephant.” What is it?
A.一件无用而累的东西 C. 白给的东西 B.一头白象 D. 白色陷阱

( B ) 3.What’s too much for two and just right for one? A. Time B. A secret C. friend D. A room

( A ) 4. What’s the Chinese for “talk big”? A. 吹牛 B. 说谎话 C.骂人 D.很大 ( B ) 5. I know that from A to Z. A.从A到I B.从头到尾 C.字母表 D.距离很远 ( B ) 6.What’s that? That’s a lily I like it very much. A. girl’s name B. flower C. picture D. cup

A candle burns out in sixty minutes , how many minutes will it take five candles burning together ?
A. 300 minutes
C. 100 minutes

B. 200 minute
D. 60 minutes




If a band plays in a thunderstorm , who
is most likely to get hit by lightening?

When is your uncle’s sister not your aunt?
When she is my mother .

Can you show that eight 8's added together add up to 1000?

Who can stop a car with one hand only ?

A police officer had a brother ,but the brother had no brother.How could that be?
The police officer was a lady!

How can you make a

rope shorter without cutting or winding it?
Take a longer rope and compare with it!

Why do giraffes have long neck?
Because their heads are far from their bodies!

Why does a cat look first to one side and then to the other side when it enters a room?
Because it can't see both sides at once.

Mr. Brown has five sons. They are Ted, Tom , Bob, Jack, John. John has no elder brother and he was four years old when his first younger brother was born. Tom is very lucky. The number of his elder brothers is the same as his younger brothers. Jack will be 21 next year, and he is five years older than Bob. Bob is two years younger than Tom. Ted has no younger brother. There is 12 years between him and John. How old are Mr. brown's sons?
24 John ________years old 17 Tom ________ years old 20 Jack _______ years old 15 Bob _______ years old

12 Ted ________ years old

The driver was drunk and drove the doctor's car directly into the deep ditch.

Sandy sniffed sweet smelling sunflower seeds while sitting beside a swift stream.

A snow-white swan swam swiftly to catch a slowlyswimming snake in a lake.

A pleasant peasant keeps a pleasant pheasant and

both the peasant and the pheasant are having a
pleasant time together.



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