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Unit 3 知识点

2. allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事(主动语态)如:

allow doing sth. 允许做某事

be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事(被动语态)如:

3. get their ears pierced 穿耳洞

让/使(别人)做某事 get sth. done(过去分词) / have sth. done

4. enough 足够 名前形后 enough to 足够…去做…

5. stop doing sth. 停止做某事 Please stop speaking.请停止说话。

stop to do sth. 停止下来去做某事 Please stop to speak. 请停下来说话。

6. 看起来好像…sb. seem to do sth. = It seems that +从句

He seems to feel very sad.

It seems that he feels very sad. 他看起来好像很伤心。


由so+助动词(be/do/will/have)/情态动词+主语 意为:…也是一样

Neither/Nor + be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语(前为否定)表示否定一致.

9. stay up 熬夜如:I often stay up until 12:00pm.我经常熬夜到12点。

10. clean up 打扫 整理

11. 程度副词:

always总是 usually经常 sometimes有时 never从不

12. on school nights 在上学期间的每个晚上

13. go shopping(去购物), go fishing(去钓鱼)

go swimming(去游泳), go boating(去划船)

go hiking(去登山), go trekking(去徒步)

14. .be strict with+人. be strict in+事物.

15. take the test 参加考试

pass the test 通过考试 fail a test 考试失败

16. the other day前几天,不久前的一天.(用于过去时)

17. agree 同意 反义词 disagree不同意 动词

agreement 同意 反义词 disagreement 不同意 名词

18. keep sb/ sth. +形容词 使某人/某物保持…. 如:

We should keep our city clean.(cleaningⅹ)我们应该保持我们的城市干净。 Don’t keep me waiting for a long time.别让我等得太久。

19.both a.行前be后 b.both of+n/代词 c.both…and… +动词复数形式

20. learn (sth.) from sb. 向谁学习(什么) 如:

21. have an opportunity/a chance to do sth. 有机会做某事

Have an opportunity/ a chance of doing sth. 有机会做某事

22. at present 目前 23.at least 最少 at most 最多

24. get in the way of 碍事,妨碍

26. reply to 答复某人 如:She replayed to MrGreen.

27. success n. succeed v. successful adj. successfully adv.

28. at that age 在那个年龄段 at the age of 表几岁

29. be good for 对…有益 be good at 擅长于 be good to 对某人很友好

30. all my classmates 我所有的同学

31. concentrate on 全神贯注于

32. in groups 成群的,按组的

33. get noisy 吵闹(系表结构)

34. learn from sb.向某人学习

35.English-English dictionary 英英词典

36.eight hours’ sleep a night 每晚8小时的睡眠

37. an old people’s home 敬老院

38. take time to do sth 花费时间干…

39. primary schools 小学

40. have…off 放假,休息

41. reply to 回答,答复

42. get in the way of 妨碍

43. a professional athlete 职业运动员

44. achieve one’s dreams 实现梦想

45. think about 思考,考虑

46. in the end 最后,终于

47. be serious about 对…热忠/极感兴趣

48. care about 关心,担心,在乎 49 agree with sb同意… agree to do sth.

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