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班级___________ 姓名____________ 得分____________

一. 单项选择 (20分,每小题1分)

( )1. Mrs. White isn’t here. She ______ London.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. has gone ( )2. One-child policy has ______ controlling China’s population.

A. did well in B. been good at

C. worked good in D. worked well in

( )3. In our class, about ______ of the students are girls.

A. three fifth B. third fifth C. third fifths D. three fifths ( )4. The weather in summer here is cooler than ______ in Beijing.

A. this B. that C. it D. the one ( )5. Last year, the population of that city ______ 7,120,000.

A. were B. have been C. has D. was ( )6. Jim has been to the Great Wall before, ______ he?

A. has B. does C. hasn’t D. doesn’t ( )7. There are several chemical factories ______ waste water into the river.

A. pouring B. pour C. pours D. poured ( )8. ------ What a nice motorbike! How long have you ______ it? ------ About half a year.

A. had B. receive C. bought D. taken ( )9. ------ He is late for the meeting.

------ ______.

A. So I am B. So am I C. So I do D. So do I ( )10. ------How many people did you see in the meeting room? ------ ______.

A. Nothing B. No one C. None D. A little ( )11. He was ______ in finishing the work.

A. successful B. successfully C. success D. succeed ( )12. ------ Which do you prefer, a glass of water or a cup of tea? ------ ______. Thanks. I’m not thirsty.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None

( )13. ______Mum asked me to close the windows before going to bed, _____ I

forget to do so.

A. Though; / B. Though; but C. Till; / D. Until; then ( )14. He ______ to school by bike, but now he ______ to school on foot.

A. used to going; gets used to go B. used to go; gets used to going

C. used to go; gets used to go D. get used to going; used to go

( )15. ------ Listen! ______.

------ Oh, let’s go to the classroom.

A.There goes the bell. B. There is a bell.

C. There the bell go. D. Goes there the bell.

( )16. Miss Wang told us that the moon ______ around the earth.

A. moves B. moved C. is moving D. had moved ( )17. The policeman prevented us ______ out.

A. from go B. go C. to go D. from going

( )18. Mr. Simth didn’t tell us ______.

A. where does he live B. where he lives

C. where did he live D. where he lived

( )19. I didn’t know what happened ______her last night.

A. to B. on C. about D. with

( )20. He was supposed ______ here yesterday.

A. come B. to come C. coming D. comes III. 完型填空(20分,每小题2分)

The world is divided into two main parts, the poor and the The poor countries “the developing countries”, which have special 饿死). Help should be given by the ’t fresh and the pleasant houses to live in. So something will have to be done about the problems.

41. A. rich B. richer C. good D. poorer

42. A. is called B. are called C. calls D. calling

43. A. friends B. problems C. places D. conditions

44. A. on B. in C. among D. at

45. A. to play with B. to live in C. to eat D. to drink

46. A. already B. also C. either D. too 47. A. very B. too C. really D. so 48. A. to taking B. take C. taking D. takes 49. A. crowd B. crowds C. crowded D. crow 50. A. does B. do C. did D. have IV. 阅读理解(30分,每小题2分)



51. Of the following cities, people live in spend least of their income on food.

A. Mexico City B. Los Angeles

52. Which city has the largest population?

C. Calcutta

D. Bombay

A. New York. B. Moscow. is the same as that of A. Seoul A. London. A. St Paul

B. St. Paul B. Los Angeles. B. Mexico City


C. Tokyo. D. London.

53. The number of the students studying in high schools in Tokyo out of 100 students

C. Calcutta C. New York. C. Bombay

D. Osaka D. Bombay. D. Calcutta

54. In which city do all the houses have water and electricity? 55. It is the most difficult for people in to make a phone call.

Stop. Listen! What do you hear? You may hear many different sounds. Some of those sounds may be noise. Noise is a loud or unwanted sound.

Noise can be caused by many kinds of machines, such as motorcycles, jet planes, farm tractors(拖拉机), rock music is also noise.

What happens to people who live near noisy machines or use them over a period of time? Doctors have found that these people have trouble in sleeping. But, most important, constant(不断的) loud noise can cause a loss of hearing.

Scientists use a unit of measure called decibel(分贝) to measure the loudness of a sound. The sound of a quiet room, for example, measures 35 decibels. Talking measures between 40 and 65 decibels. Sounds from traffic and from some rock bands can measure over 120 decibels. Noise at this high level(层次) causes the great hearing loss.

56. According to the passage, noise is . A. any kind of sound C. all sounds that you can hear 57. A decibel is a .

A. unit that measures sound

B. kind of noise

D. person who hates sound B. stop machines D. kill people

B. rock music isn’t noisy D. some people hate any sound

C. machine that makes loud noise

A. help people to sleep better C. cause a loss of hearing

B. a loud or unwanted sound D. terrible sound

58. According to the passage, loud noise can 59. We can conclude(推断) from the passage that A. noise is a serious problem C. noise is only from traffic

60. Study that diagram below. would be the quietest.

A. Room A B. Room B


Can plants eat people? Probably not, but there are many plants that eat meat. Some of them are big, and they can eat small animals. One famous meat-eating plant is the Venus flytrap(捕蝇草).

The Venus flytrap is a very strange plant. It grows in dry parts of the United States. Its leaves are like the pages of a book. They can open and close very quickly. Inside the leaves, there are three small hairs. If a fly(苍蝇) touches one of the hairs, the fly until it is dead. Then, the plant covers the fly. Slowly, the plant eats the fly.

Why do plants do it? Most plants get what they need from the sun, the air and the ground. In some places, the ground is very poor. It doesn’t have all these important things, especially nitrogen(氮). Animal meat has a lot of nitrogen, so some plants eat meat to get what they need. Let’s hope that some of the bigger plants don’t get the same idea!

61. The Venus flytrap is a kind of .

A. plant B. animal C. food D. meat

62. The Venus flytrap grows in .

A. most parts of the world

63. From the passage, we learn that A. all plants can eat people

C. some plants can eat people

A. 挤压 B. 关上 B. all plants can eat animals D. some plants can eat animals C. 打开 D. 松开 B. some parts of Africa C. dry parts of the United States D. wet parts of England C. Room C D. Room D 64. The underlined word “presses” probably means in Chinese.

65. Why do some plants eat animal meat? Because .

A. plants are dangerous to animals

B. animals are dangerous to plants

C. plants want to get what they need from animal meat

D. Plants want to protect themselves against animals


71. The meeting began 15 minutes ago.(同义句转换)

The meeting has ______ ______ for 15 minutes. (对划线部分提问)

______ ______ have you live in Shanghai?

73. Air pollution is harmful to our health.(同义句转换)

Air pollution ______ ______ to our health.

74. “Have you seen the movie?” Lucy asked me.(改为间接引语)

Lucy asked me _____ I ______ seen the movie.

75. 你和他都是对的。(汉译英)

Not ______ you but also he ______ right.

VII. 书面表达。(15分)

环境污染是当今世界上最令人头痛的问题,你见过哪些污染环境的现象?针对这些现象,我们该如何去做?请以“Saving the Earth”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文。

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