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九年级人教版unit8Grammar focus

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Unit 8

I’ll help clean up the city parks.
Section A
Grammar Focus

由动词加某些介词或副词构成的、起动词 作用的短语叫做短语动词。 短语动词的构成基本有下列几种:

★动词+ 介词 此类短语动词可以用作及物动词,后面必须 接宾语。 Look at the blackboard, please! 请看黑板! 此类短语动词还有listen to, depend on / upon, look for, deal with, look after, take after, wait for等。

★动词+ 副词
此类短语动词既可以用作及物动词,也可 以用作不及物动词。 I get up very early every morning. 我每天早晨都很早起床。

注意: 当此类短语动词用作及物动词时,如果宾语 是名词,可以将其放在短语的后面,也可以放在 动词和副词之间;如果宾语是代词,则必须将 其放在动词和副词之间。 He put on his clothes quickly. = He put his clothes on quickly. 他快速地穿上了衣服。 Please wake me up at five tomorrow morning. 请明天早晨五点钟叫醒我。

clean up, cheer up, give out, eat up, fix up, give up, give away, hand out, help out, put off, put up, take off等。

★动词+ 副词+ 介词 此类短语动词可以用作及物动词。 We’re running out of water.

此类短语动词还有come up with, do well in,

look forward to, look down upon, look out of,
put up with等。

★动词+名词+介词 此类短语动词的意义取决于名词,而不是动词, 修饰时不用副词而用形容词。 We should take good care of our parents. 我们应该好好照顾我们的父母。 此类短语动词还有make use of, take pride in, make friends with, pay attention to等。

根据句意及括号内的汉语提示,用短语的正 确形式填空。 think up 1. Can’t you _______ _______ (想出) a better excuse than that? 2. Your desks are too dirty. You should them up _______ _______ ______ (打扫它们) at once. clean 3. The school has _______ ______ (开办) a set up special class to help poor readers.

cheer her up 4. We should try our best to _____ _____ _____ (使

come up with 5. Who can _______ ______ ______ (想出) a good
idea for our party? put up 6. The teacher _______ ______ (挂起) a Chinese map on the wall of the classroom yesterday. giving out / __________ 7. There are some people __________ handing out (分发) papers at the shopping center every day.

根据汉语意思完成下列句子 1. 这房间太脏了,请把它打扫干净。 This room is too dirty. Please ______ ______ clean it up ______. 2. 让我帮你做家务活吧。 help Let me ________ you ________ your with housework. 3. 露西,你能帮我把地图张贴到墙上吗? put up Lucy, could you help me ______ ______ the map on the wall?

根据句意, 从方框中选择正确的短语, 并用 其正确形式填空。

hang out
take after

write down
fix up

hand out
work out

ask for

run out of


e away from

hang out, write down, hand out, take after, fix up, work out, ask for, run out of, take away from

fix up 1. Don’t worry. I will help you _______
your computer.

2. The problem is too difficult for me to
__________. work out 3. Who is helping the teacher _________ hand out the students’ homework?

hang out, write down, hand out, take after, fix up, work out, ask for, run out of, take away from 4. I have two children. My son looks like takes after me and my daughter _________ her mother.

5. Please wait a minute! I’ll get a pen to
__________ your telephone number. write down

ask for 6. If you have any problems, you can _______

hang out, write down, hand out, take after, fix up, work out, ask for, run out of, take away from be taken away from 7. These books mustn’t ___________________ the library. hanging out / to hang out 8. I like ________________________ with my friends after school. run out of 9. Have you ____________ all of your money?

短语动词 单项选择 1. You are so handsome. I think you might _______ your father. A. look after B. take after C. look up D. look for

2. My pet dog is lost. Could you please help me _______? A. look it for B. look them for C. look for it D. look for them 3. The computer doesn’t work. Let’s _______. A. fix up it B. fix it up C. fix up them D. fix them up

4. Bob can’t buy any new books because he has _______ his money. A. run out B. run out of C. ran out D. ran out of 5. The tree is very tall. I can’t _______ now. A. get down B. turn down C. get out D. turn off

6. I’m going on vacation. Could you please _______ my dog while I am away?
A. take care C. took care B. take care of D. took care of

7. You must pay attention _______ your pronunciation. A. at B. with C. to D. in
8. I think parents should be strict _______ their children. A. is B. about C. of D. with

【2011山东济宁】18. -Could you please provide us ______ some information about the students’ health ? -Of course, it’s my pleasure. A. to B. of C. from D. with

答案:D 【解析】介词的用法。provide sb. with sth.意为 “向某人提供某物”,为固定短语。故选D。

【2012 福建福州】 It was such a funny show that people couldn't help _______ again and again. A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughing 【解析】考查固定搭配。can’t help doing sth. 意为“禁不住做某事”,此处句意为: 这是一场如此有趣的表演,以至于人们忍 不住笑了一次又一次。故选C。

【2012贵州贵阳】 When you leave the reading room, you should remember to ______ the lights. A. turn on B. turn down C. turn off 【解析】考查动词短语的用法。turn on 意为“打开”;turn down意为“关小”; turn off意为“关上”。根据句意:当你 离开阅览室时,你应该记住把灯关上。故 选C。

【2012安徽省】--- Smoking is bad for your health. ---You're right. I decide to_________. A. take it down B. find it out C.

turn it off D. give it up 【答案】D 【2012 甘肃鸡西市】 My grandpa is sleeping. Will you please _____ the radio? A. turn down B. turn up C. turn on 【答案】A

【2012 湖北黄石】We should learn how to ______ well with people around us. A. get along B. get down C. get to D. get up 【答案】A 【2012· 湖北· 荆州】 — I don’t think we can find a new day to work out the problem. — But we’d better not ________. A. end up B. hand out C. give up D. put out 【答案】C

【2012 浙江杭州】 He failed in the math test and looks sad. Let's ________. A. put him up B. set him up C. cheer him up D. clean him up 【答案】C 【2012 重庆市】 You don’t have to worry about me. I’m old enough to ______ myself. A. look after B. look for C. look up D. look at 【答案】A

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