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1(对某人来说)做某事是 It’s necessary (for sb) to do sth


be necessary for + n . force sb (not) to do sth be surprised at sth be surprised to do sth to one’s surprise

4对……感到惊讶 5对做……感到惊讶 6令某人感到惊讶的

do harm to sth = harm sth 7 对……有害(2) adj 可能的 impossible 8possible的词性,词意,反义 possibly 词和副词 as + adj \adv +as possible =as


+adj\ adv + sb can

10 要求某人(不)做某事

ask sb (not ) to do sth

11 放弃做某事
12 看起来累

give up (doing) sth
look tired

13 怎么了?
14 熬夜(2) 15 吃的太多 16不吃早餐上学 17 把……放到…….中 18 乱扔…… 19 做早操

What caused it ?= What’s up ?= What’s happening ?
stay up (late)= sit up (late ) eat too much go to school without breakfast put … into … throw … around \ about do morning exercises

20 must 的用法

1)Model.v + v

2) 表示命令“必须” , 表示十分肯定的判断 “一定” ,否定表示绝对 禁止“千万不要”.3) 肯 定回答用must 否定回答 用needn’t \ don’t have 21晚起床对我们的健康好还是坏 to
22最好(不)做某事 23 在阳光下 24 在报纸上 25 even 的用法 Is getting up late good or bad for our health ? had better (not ) do sth in the newspaper 甚至 放v 或 adj\ adv 比

say 26 书面材料| 文字记载的说 cause cancer 27 导致癌症 show sb sth = show sth to sb 28 把某物展示给某人看(2) borrow sth from sb 29 从某人那借某物 lend sb sth = lend sth to sb 30 借给某人某物(2) keep 31 借多长时间用 show sb around sp 32 带领某人参观某地 during the day = in the daytime 33 在一天中(2) take a walk 34 散步 on the weekends 35 在周末 be careful not to do sth 36 小心不要做某事 a healthy drink 37 一种健康饮品 a glass of milk 38 一杯奶 be always doing sth 39 总是做某事 during Michael’s childhood 40 在迈克尔的童年时代 once 41 曾经, 一旦

41 一……就……

as soon as

42 使某人做某事
43 变疯

make sb do sth
get mad

44 偶然地
45 肉炒饭

by chance
rice with meat

adj 危险的 more dangerous danger

46 洗澡
47 多余 48 被称为二手烟 49 不仅……而且 50 用……做……

take a shower \ bath
more than = over be called “second – hand smoke” not only … but (also ) ( ) use sth to do sth

51 dangerours词性,词意,比较

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