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做题要求:写出考点和分析步骤,例如第一题考点:名次复数形式;分析步骤:huge amounts of 仅表示数量巨大的……后面可以用可数和不可数,这里用的是there is,关键在is所以选择D——food。

1. There is huge amounts of _________in the fridge.

a. eggs b. apples c. vegetables d. food

2. The ________teachers and __________students have meeting on Children’s Day. a. women , girl b. woman, girl c. women , girls d. woman , girls

3. _________ that pair of _________a little cheaper?

a. Is, shoes b. Is, shoe c. Are , shoes D. Are shoe

4. It’s only _______ from my home to the school. There is a _______between two classes. a. ten minute’s walk , ten—minutes break b. ten minutes’ walk ,ten –minute break c. ten-minutes walk , ten minute’s break d. ten-minutes’ walk , ten-minutes break

5. This bicycle doesn’t belong to __________. Maybe it’s __________

a. me, his b. mine, him c. I, he d. my, his

6. There are beautiful trees on _________side of the street.

a. both b. all c. none d. either

7. What __________he gave me !

a. a useful advice b. an useful information

c. an useful news d. a useful message

8. Whose room is this ? It’s ________room.

a. Peter and Jack b. Peter’s and Jack’s

c. Peter and Jack’s d. Peter’s and Jack

9. Alice saw _________ in the sky last night , did she?

a. nothing strange b. few strange thing

c. anything strange d. something strange

10. There are very __________taxi in the street, so I had to wait for a long time .

a. little b. a little c. few d. a few

11.I had _________and a cup of milk for breakfast

a. two loafs if bread b. two loaves of bread

c. two loaf of bread d. two breads

12.______of the two girls likes dancing.

a. Both b. All c. Every d. Neither

13. We have planted _________trees in the center of our city this year.

a. hundred b. hundred of c. hundreds of d. two hundreds

14. What _______ happy life we are living now.

a. a b. an c. the d. /

15. The fish smells __________. Throw it away.

a. nice b. good c. bad d. badly

16. He looks very _____. Now he is looking at me _______.

a. happy, happy b. happily, happily c. happy, happily d. happily, happly

17. Is there anything in your ______ hand?

a. other b. the other c. neither d. another

18. His grandpa ____ for ten years.

a. has died b. was dead c. has dead d. has been dead

19.She studies ___to make great progress.

a. hard enough b. enough hard c. so hard d. hardly enough

20. Her cousin can draw ____ an artist.

a. as well as b. not so well as c. as better as d. as good as

21. The girl was _____ frightened to move when she found a wolf.

a. so b. too c. very d. much

22. Please keep the door ______.

a. open b. opening c. be opened d. opens

23. The story took place ____ night of children’s Day.

a. at b. on the c. in the d. on

24. I watched TV _____ 10 o’clock last night.

a. on b. in c. since d. until

25.______ ten last night, I had finished my homework.

a. At b. By c. Since d. for

26.Cars,buses and bikes _____stop when the traffic lights change to red.

a. need b. must c. may d. can

27.He has _______ shanghai since last night.

a. been to b. gone to c. been in d. gone in

28. My uncle ____ live in the country. Now he ____ the life in the city.

a. used to, is used to b. is used to, used to

c. used to, used to d. is used to ,is used to

29.The child is clever ____ healthy.

a. as soon as b. as good as c. as well as d. as tall as

30.____ it is very cold. ____ they are going to swim in the river.

a. Though, / b. Though, but c. Through, / d. Through, but

31. Team sports are ________sports ___________basketball and football.

a. such….like b. like…../ c. such ….as d. like….as

32.When the teacher talked _______the students, they kept their hands_______their sides a. with ….at b. to ….by c. to ….on d. with…beside

33. My father coughed day and night , when he spoke, he often stopped______ a. coughing b. cough c. to cough d. coughed

34. Our teacher doesn’t ______us _______school.

a. allow…to be late for b. allow …to be late to

c. allow… be late for d. let… to be late for

35. We still remember ______you at Shanghai station the other day

a. meet b. to meet c. to meet d. meeting

36. Mary enjoys the popular dance ―hip-hop‖ but _______her father _________mother likes it .

a. either …or b. neither …nor c. not only …but also d. both …and

37. The weather forecast doesn’t say ____________.

a. if it will rain tomorrow b. when will it rain tomorrow

c. if it would rain tomorrow d. if it rains tomorrow

38. Last year we _________that SARS and the Bird Flu had brought great loss to our country.

a. told b. were told c. have been told d. has been told

39. Chinese is spoken by few people outside China,________?

a. is it b. aren’t they c. are they d. isn’t it

40. An earthquake ___________Xingjiang on February 24, it killed more than 260 people.

a. arrived b. hit c. happened d. took place

41. Internet bars mustn’t let people under 18 in or let anybody __________bad things. a. watch b. to watch c . watching d. watches

42. Sorry, I have kept you __________.

a. waiting b. waits c. waited d. wait

43. A: I like the action movie better than the comedy . What about you ? a. want to b. would prefer to c. hope to d. wish to

44. The _________you practice , the ________you’ll speak.

a. much well b. more, better c. most, best d. much ,good

45. It is very wise _______you to do that.

a. for b. of c. to d. on

46. It is easy _________him to work out this problem.

a. for b. of c. to d. on

47. Could you tell me ________?

a. What is Mary doing ? b. What does Mary do?

c. Mary does what ? d. What Mary doing?

48. When his name was called, I saw him ___________from his seat.

a. rose b. raise c. raised d. rise

49. He doesn’t know ___________to stay or not.

a. weather b. if c. what d. if he will

50. The new boy wanted to know ______________.

a. When will our school sports meeting take place

b. Where was the language lab

c. How he could borrow books from the school library

d. Who will be his deskmate

51. The price of the books _________very________.

a. is, expensive b. is , high c. are , expensive d. are high

52. Tom is a lot taller than ______girl in his class.

a. any b. any other c. any of the other d. all the

53. China is famous ______the Great Wall.

a. in b. on c. for d. from

54. Please tell me where the next Olympic Games________.

a. will hold b. will be held c. is held d. holds

55. _________ is true that cars have brought us a lot convenience.

a. There b. This c. It d. That

56. To every doctor, the most important thing is _______people’s lives

a. save b. saves c. saved d. save

57. The earth is our home , we should __________the land , air and water clean.

a. change b. share c. notice d. keep

58. Did you tell your children _______ throw rubbish on the ground?

a. not to b. don’t c. can’t d. shouldn’t

59. The little boy is wondering _________.

a. What is the spaceship like b. What the spaceship looks like c. How the spaceship looks like d. How does the spaceship look like

60. ―Bob, I won’t let you leave the room_________‖ ,said Mum.

a. if you get everything in order

b. unless you get everything in order

c. as you get everything in order

d. when you get everything in order



1-5 d a a b a 6-10 d d c a c 11-15 b d c a c 16-20 c a d a a 21-25 b a b d b 26-30 b c a c a 31-35 c b a a d 36-40 b a b d b 41-45 a a b b b 46-50 a c d a c 51-55 b a c b c 56-60 d d a b b

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