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First let’s enjoy it.

Do you know what festival it is?

Do you want to know more about Halloween?

Pre-listening Questions:
When is Halloween? On October 31. ? When do people usually have a party to celebrate? On the evening of 31 October.

Fast reading: What do you know about Halloween. Date:

October 31 _______________


dress ______________ up
faces masks wear _______ or paint their__________

pumpkin lanterns Make ____________________
trick or treat Play__________________

party Have a ______________in the evening

Listening: (T/F) questions
1.People in the USA celebrate Halloween in October. 2. Halloween is not much fun for children. F 3. People make lanterns out of oranges.



4. Children play “trick or treat” with their parents on Halloween. F 5. People have a party on the morning of 31 October. F

T 6. People enjoy nice food and drinks on Halloween.

Read carefully and answer

1.What do people give children as a treat?
They usually give the children candy as a treat.

2.Why do children paint their faces?
People don?t know who they are.

3. How do they play the game?
They knock on people?s doors and...

What do you know about Halloween.

celebrate People________Halloween on 31 October.
wear Children dress up and ___________masks.

paint Sometimes they ________their faces.
knock They ________on people’s doors and

shout ___________”trick or treat”.
candy People often give the children some ________
as a treat.

Read after the tape and pay attention to the pronunciation 注意发音.


October 31st Halloween is on ____________. Children _________, wear________and dress up masks faces paint their ___________.Many children ?trick or treat? play a game called____________.They pumpkin lanterns also make _______________. On the evening _________of 31 October, they have a ________. party

Activities at Halloween

dress up, masks, paint,

play ‘trick or treat’, knock on, shout, give a treat, play a trick

pumpkin lanterns, cut out, eyes, nose, teeth

have a party, Oct. 31st, starts, eat, chocolates, candies, nice food and drinks

Talking about Halloween

Homework 1. Look for more information about Halloween in the library or on the Internet. 2. Finish the exercises. 3.Speech:My favourite festival

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