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人教版七年级英语下unit7How much are these socks SectionB 2a2c

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SectionB (2a-2c)

Miss Chen ’s Clothes Store

A: How much is/are……?

B: It’s/They’re…….




Miss Chen’s Clothes Store



$15 $31



How much do you think these things cost? Match each clothing item with a price. 3. socks ___ 5. shorts __

1. a skirt ___ b

2. a sweater ___ 4. trousers ____ 6. shoes __ eg:I think a skirt is 15 dollars. I think________ is/ are _______ dollars.

a. $3 b. $15

c. $30 d. $20

e. $22 f. $25

Miss Chen’s Clothes Store

I have pink T-shirts. I have T-shirts in pink.

I sell T-shirts in pink.
出售 I have socks ____ blue. in

in ____. I sell socks ____ blue
I have sweaters in green. I sell sweaters in green.

Miss Chen’s Clothes Store

The white T-shirt is 6 dollars. I have white T-shirts for only 6 dollars.

have I _____ black shoes ____ only 19 dollars. for

I _____ purple skirts ____ only 14 dollars. have for

We have……for …

For girls
$22 $13 $1

For boys
$6 $11 $28

用“I have …….for……” 告诉大家。

$15 $21


Come and buy your clothes at our great sale! come and buy 来购买 at one’s great sale 大甩卖

You can buy clothes at a very good price.

= at very good prices.

Great sale!

Read the ad. and fill in the price tags.










Read the ad loudly.

Come and buy your clothes at our great sale! We sell all our clothes at very good prices. Do you like sweaters?We have green sweaters for only $15! Yellow sweaters are only $12! Do you need trousers? For boys, we have black trousers for only $22. And shorts are only $16! For girls, we have skirts in purple for only $20. How much are our jackets ? Only $30! And we have black shoes for only $28. Socks are only $2 for three pairs! Come to Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store now!

Fill in the blanks.
Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store Come ______andbuy your clothesat ___ __our great ____! ____ sale We ___ all our clothes ___ very____ _____. at ___ good prices sell have for Do you ____ sweaters? We ____ green sweaters ____ like only $15! Yellow sweaters are ____ $12! only boys Do you ____trousers? For _____, we have black trousers need ____ only $22. And shorts are only $16! for ____ girls we have skirts ___ purple for only $20. in For ____, How much are our jackets? Only $30! And we _____black shoes ___ ____ $28. Socks are only have for only $2 ____three pairs! for ____ ___Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store now! Come to


Imagine you work at Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store. Complete the conversation. Mr.Cool’s clothes store


Imagine you work at Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store. Complete the conversation.

You: Hello, _______ I help you? can Girl: Yes, please. I need a______. skirt You: How about these purple_______? skirts Girl: Oh, I like this one. How _______is it? much You: It’s only_______ dollars. 20 take Girl: Oh, good. I’

ll ______ it. You: And what do you need? shoes Boy: Well, I need a pair of black ______for school. You: What about this pair? dollars They’re only twenty-eight______. ____ Boy: Great. And do you have shorts, too? You: Yes, our shorts are only ______ dollars. 16 Boy: OK. I’ll take the _______ and the _______. shoes shorts

Group Work A: Hello, can I help you? B: Yes, please. I need ________. A: How about ___________? B: Oh, I like this one. How much is it? A: It’s only_______ dollars. B: Oh, good. I’ll take it. A: And what do you need? C: Well, I need ___________. A: What about this/these? It’s/They’re ______. C: Great. And do you have_______, too? A: Yes, our _____is /are only ______ dollars. C: OK. I’ll take the _______ and the _______.

假设你是文具店售货员,你 的同桌是顾客,请编一组对 话并练习。 A: Hello! Can I help you? C: Yes, please. I need…… A: How /What about …..? C: Oh, I like it/them. How much……? A: It’s/They’re …… yuan/dollars. C: Ok, I’ll take it/them. A: Here you are. C: Thank you. A:You’re welcome.

Level A: Imagine you have a clothes store , write your own ad.

Level B: If you have 50 yuan,what will you buy in the school things’ store? How much are they? Write down the conversation. 假如你现在有50元现金,你会在文具店买什么?他们分别 是多少钱?


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